Mr. Chile is Mr Real Universe 2015

real universe winner

The 2nd edition of Mr Real Universe 2015 held at Plaza Rodolfo Baquerizo Moreno in Guayaquil, Ecuador, was won by the handsome and suave, Mr Chile, Cristobal Alvarez. Cristobal beat 25 other contestants to win the title. Previously, he had represented Chile at Mister Global 2015 where he was among the top 13 finalists. Ever since Mr. Real Universe contest started, Cristobal was the favorite of many to win the contest. He deserves the title. Another favorite, Mr. Honduras failed to make it to top 13. Continue reading “Mr. Chile is Mr Real Universe 2015”


IAWP’s Top Choice for Miss World Philippines 2015

philippines candidates

Miss World Philippines 2015 will be held on 18th October which is just two days away from now. 26 contestants will vie for the top prize to represent The Philippines at Miss World 2015 to be held in December in Sanya, China. Among the contestants, there are familiar faces who have competed in other well-known beauty pageants in the Philippines. Those familiar faces have become favorites for the fans and followers while others are slowly climbing up the fans favorite lists after official presentations. Continue reading “IAWP’s Top Choice for Miss World Philippines 2015”

America’s Next Top Model to end after season 22.


The show that we loved to watch and redefine model hunt to a whole new level i.e. America’s Next Top Model  will end its run after 12 years and 22 seasons spread between two networks. The show creator and presenter of the show, Tyra Banks, tweeted on her official twitter accounts about ending it after the current season 22. Here’s what she tweeted. Continue reading “America’s Next Top Model to end after season 22.”

India selects its representative for Miss Universe


Urvashi Rautela is the winner of Miss Diva 2015 contest held in Mumbai, India. 1st runner up was Natasha Assadi while 2nd runner was Naveli Deshmukh. Urvashi will now represent India at the prestigious Miss Universe contest to be held later in December. Urvashi beats 16 other contestants to be crowned as Miss Diva. Ever since she auditioned for Miss Diva, fans have been going crazy and she has been fans favourite. A bollywood actress, winner of various international beauty pageants, trained in seven dance forms — Bharatanatyam, Kathak, jazz, ballet, belly dancing, contemporary and hip-hop, there is no reason why she shouldn’t win the contest. Continue reading “India selects its representative for Miss Universe”

Sri Lankan Teen wins the first edition of Mister Global Teen 2015


The first edition of Mister Global Teen, 2015 which took place in Bangkok, Thailand, on October 10th was won by Mister Teen Sri Lanka, Daham Dias. Second place went to Mister Teen Brazil, Kaio Juliani, while Mister Teen Indonesia, Ryandi Anugrah Putra, ranked 3rd. Eight contestants took part in the first edition of the contest including Misters Teen Australia, India, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.  Continue reading “Sri Lankan Teen wins the first edition of Mister Global Teen 2015”

Who will win Miss Diva 2015? Here’s my top 5 choice.


On 14th October, Miss Diva winner will be selected who will represent India at Miss Universe contest in December. 16 girls competed to become Miss Diva and only 1 girl will walk away with the title. Here is my top 5 Girl who I think has the best chance to win Miss Diva and can be a great representative for India. Continue reading “Who will win Miss Diva 2015? Here’s my top 5 choice.”

Gloria Tep – the exotic beauty with a fabulous personality.


I had wanted Gloria Tep to win the contest and in my last post predicted she might walk away with the title. I was torn between Danielle and Gloria. But somehow I knew that Danielle had a better chance of winning. It wasn’t expected that Gloria would come third. My heart bleeds to see Gloria in 3rd place. I thought she should atleast come second. No doubt Danielle deserved to Continue reading “Gloria Tep – the exotic beauty with a fabulous personality.”

Danielle Canute is India’s Next Top Model Winner


Finally, we got to see the winner of India’s Next Top Model contest. Danielle Canute has emerged as the winner over Gloria Tep and Rushali Rai. The 18 yr aspiring model was the youngest contestants of the show and who initially underestimated herself but when it was time to prove her worth, she did it with aplomb. It is her patience, willingness to learn and hard work that have paid off in the end. Continue reading “Danielle Canute is India’s Next Top Model Winner”

Linor Abargil : The voice for voiceless


It was the year 1998, I was watching Miss World with my family and was rooting for India. Then India didn’t make it to the top 10, we were sad, but the show has to go on irrespective of the result. Somehow our disappointment was covered up by the inclusion of Israel and Malaysia. Particularly Israel, because of my Jews lineage. Miss Israel, Linor Abargil was so fresh and angelic in her royal white ball gown. Loved her presence on stage. Continue reading “Linor Abargil : The voice for voiceless”

My Fav to win India’s Next Top Model

India's Next Top Model

After long nationwide search and after 9 episodes, the popular reality Tv show, India’s Next Top Model, has chosen its Top 3 finalists. It all started with 13 contestants vying for the top spot where 3 contestants were eliminated in the first episode. Then one by one girl were eliminated. From the first episodes itself fans had made their choices for top 3 but somewhat confuse about who should be the winner. Continue reading “My Fav to win India’s Next Top Model”

Lara Dutta: A rare beauty queen and the best Miss Universe for me.


She rules our heart and makes us fall in love with her again and again. She gave us hope and confidence in her that we can bring back the Miss Universe title. Everyone is already in awe with her wit and intelligence. She is a woman who is in complete control of herself and shows us if we have faith and determination to win, we will succeed and that makes us beautiful inside out. She is Lara Dutta. Continue reading “Lara Dutta: A rare beauty queen and the best Miss Universe for me.”

My favourite movies based on beauty pageant


We all love beauty pageants and we love everything that is associated with beauty pageants. Example would be a movie based on beauty pageants. I would watch movie based on it and watch it like I was watching the real one. Most of them tend to be comedy or romantic comedy or dark comedy movie. I try to watch every movie of it. Some were exceptionally good while some were really bad. Some of my favourite beauty pageant movies are: Continue reading “My favourite movies based on beauty pageant”

Priyanka Chopra – Her fairy tale journey from a small town girl to a Global star


FotorCreated priyanka chopra

If Superman cousin Supergirl was an Indian actress, it definitely would be Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka Chopra is tough, strong, diligent, persevering etc. She has every quality of a super hero. That is why every person she has worked with is in awe of her hard-working nature and never give up attitude. As for a fan like you and me, it is there to be seen through the kind of Continue reading “Priyanka Chopra – Her fairy tale journey from a small town girl to a Global star”

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