Mister Year Winner Estonia 2015 (20th anniversary of male-pageants in Estonia)

To celebrate 20th years anniversary of male-pageantry in Estonia, the organiser of Estonian Mister pageant decided to organise a contest for its previous winners and they chose the 20 best year winners and let people decide the winner by way of voting. But how did they choose the […]


Daniel Christian Ortiz from Puerto Rico wins Mister Universal Ambassador 2015

A contest that seeks to search for ‘A captivating role model’ and ‘A handsome man with a mission’, came to an end with Christian Daniel from Puerto Rico winning the first edition of Mister Universal Ambassador 2015 contest held in Surabaya – Indonesia. Brett Stratton from Oceania Federation was 1st […]

Our beauty comes from our hearts through our actions in our beauty with a purpose projects: Miss World Brazil – Catharina Choi Nunes (Interview)

The first time I saw Catharina Choi Nunes was at the Miss Earth Contest in 2013. I was completely mesmerized  by her beauty. At that time, I didn’t know she was also a Brazilian. I was more than happy to see such a stunning Korean woman in beauty pageants […]

Be Creative, Think Big and do not be afraid to start small: Mister Africa International 2015, Arnaldo Jose (Interview)

Mister Africa International contest is already in its 3rd edition and I never knew about its existence before. I am glad that I know about it now. Being a fan of African pageants and its people, I’ve always felt Africa is under-represented in any pageant and they deserve a […]

Meet the Man behind Mister International Estonia and Nordic Beauty pageants: Leo-Sergei Täht (Interview)

Last week, while searching for Mister International 2015 candidates, I came across Misters of Estonia Year which I thought was a unique contest. I ended up searching about it instead. Through this searched on the internet, I got to know about the man behind this concept -Leo-Sergei Täht. […]

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