Miss Philippines is Miss Earth 2015 (Complete Review)




Angelia Ong from The Philippines won the crown at the Miss Earth contest giving it a back to back for the Philippines, the first in Miss Earth history and the third Filipino to win the crown. She won the crown over many favourites such as Panama, Myanmar, USA, Thailand, Mongolia, Australia etc. Angelia is a beautiful woman with a likable personality, but I wasn’t expecting her to win since, in my opinion, I had my favourites whom I thought were much better and last year winner was from the Philippines, so it would be very difficult for her to win the crown. But in the end the distinguished judges decided to choose her. Whether one likes it or not, one has to move on. I am moving on too by writing the review of the contest which I love doing.


The show started with last year winner, Jamie Harrell, welcoming the viewers in a pre-taped video giving a message on protecting Mother Earth and  each contestant of Miss Earth 2015 joined her who said few lines or words about conservation, protecting, awareness, etc, of Mother Earth. That was a fantastic way to open the contest and we got to see a glimpse of each contestant. I truly find this unique and a great way to showcase its motto. Once it was over, the actual live started and Jamie Harrell came on stage wearing a white gown with shiny silver linings and gems on the gown. She looked so regal and it looked like she was one of the contestants shining like a star. The contestants wearing a white shirt and red short pants joined her on stage dancing to a very upbeat music for the introduction round. In the introduction segment, some contestants left me spellbound. They were Misses Australia, Chile, Ghana, Mongolia, Panama, Thailand and USA. Some contestant beautifully described their country like Miss Belize said she was the from the land of Earth’s best kept secret, Ghana was the gateway to the West Africa, Guadalupe – an island of butterflies. Miss Crimea had to adjust the microphone; Miss Kosovo checked the microphone twice if it worked or not before introducing herself. Love the way Miss Hungary strongly emphasized the word ‘Beautiful’ twice to her country name.

Oli Pettigrew and Joey Mead King.
Oli Pettigrew and Joey Mead King.

The hosts of the night were Oli Pettigrew, Katia Wagner and Joey Mead King. Oli Pettigrew and Joey Mead King took to the centre stage most of the time while Katia Wagner Miss Earth Air 2013 interacted with the audience most of the time. Oli and Joey were just fabulous. What a fantastic hosts. Such an amazing chemistry. Oli, particularly, was so lively and animated with a little bit a drama. It was delightful to watch her. Oli and Joey reminded me of the time Megan Young and Frankie Cena hosted Mr. World and Miss World contest. I was missing them both a lot. Not many can crack chemistry like theirs. Now, Oli and Joey will definitely be one of the best hosts in pageant history. Katia also did a wonderful job as a host. It might have been nerve wrecking for her as well. but she did fine and gave a good supporting role to the Oli and Joey.

Back to the contest, one major glitch was the break timings. During the break, they would show pre-activities of Miss Earth 2015 but ended so soon and it goes directly live to the hosts which caught the host off guard a few times. I guess it was the poor timing of the breaks.  Anyway, the hosts always entertained with their wits and homours. It was time for the top 16 announcements. That was fast! But before that, the top 4 of Miss Eco Award were announced and they were Misses Belgium, France, Mongolia and USA. I especially like the video of Mongolia and USA. Thought Mongolia would win this award, instead, USA was chosen as the winner of Miss Eco.

Top 16 were announced and they were Misses Hungary, USA, Ukraine, Australia, Czech Republic, Brazil, Mongolia, Philippines, Mauritius, Scotland, Austria, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, France and Guam. What a surprise top 16. Seriously, I was thinking continuously how Panama, Thailand and Myanmar could be left out of the top 16. There was a continuous questioning about where did they go wrong. Panama was the one I kept thinking of. To move forward, it was pretty interesting how the hosts – Oli and Joey, described the country who made it to the top 16 before actually calling them just to entertain us and keep us guessing the country names. They were smart and intelligent. Actually I was beginning to enjoy their part more than the other activities.

The top 16 competed in the swimsuit round. “Sparks” by Hilary Duff, used as the background, was just amazing. I love every beat of the music and it’s perfect for a swimsuit round. Some contestants really match up to the beat of the song and set the stage on fire. Hungary was the first to start and she gave a decent performance to start the round. Her flat abs was to die for, but the bottom part looked a bit heavy and she bounces a lot. USA was next. She almost tripped. Her sweet smile and amazing stage presence made her looked like a star. Ukraine followed. Such a beautiful face and she seemed to be having fun. Love the smile but her catwalk lacked the punch. Australia was just outstanding. Gorgeous and such a bubbly personality, she has an impeccable stage presence. One of the best of the night. Czech Republic looked so fresh. Her straight hair looked so silky and love the way she let it fall straight in front. Great body with a beautiful face. Brazil has got the move, the body and the presence to charm you. They always do. I think they are born with it. Mongolia looked great. She got a loud cheer from the audience. She is so sweet and unconventionally beautiful with a well-toned body. That makes her unique. The crowd favourite was next – Philippines. She might not be facially pretty, but she has got a body that is perfect for swimsuit competition and a sweet persona. But somehow her overall energy in this round was lacking. Mauritius looked pretty and very natural, but she was so stiff when she walked and turned. This is a big achievement for Mauritius considering it hardly gets into the semis in any pageants. I think this will be a big boost for her and countrymen. Scotland looked so angelic but sadly she had a not so good body for this round and she was a bit slow in her catwalk. The home town girl was next. Austria was just so beautiful. The crowds were rooting for her and she seemed to be enjoying that attention. She had one of the best bodies, but her catwalk was so bad. She also almost tripped. Chile was so natural and charming. Her catwalk was good too. She knows how to project herself in front of the camera. The way she looked at the camera when she posed, it was so bewitching. Colombia looked big and voluptuous nevertheless she had a toned body and worked the stage really well. You can never go wrong with Venezuela. They always have a presence and charisma on stage that catches everyone’s attention. It was the same here. Though she doesn’t have a great body plus she was smiling too much like she remembered some funny moments. France was very lovely and she had the body to work the stage. I wonder how she was excluded from top 8. She has charming aura too. Guam – the shortest of all was a surprise. She was sweet and beautiful, but her body was the least attractive among the top 16. It’s nice to see sometimes some small or weak sash nations making it to the top.

Before the top 16 competed again in the evening gown round, the host, Katia spoke with Catharina Svensson from Denmark, the 1st Miss Earth winner. Eric Papilaya performed a soulful rendition of his songs ‘Here I am’

Earth 2

Onto the Evening gown competition with the background score of “Lean on” by major lazer and dj snake. Hungary started the competition wearing a long sleeve green gown pleated on the bottom. She looked cool and calm, but her performance didn’t do full justice to her overall beauty. USA made everything in this so simple. Her gown was simple and combined it with a simple look; it was more classy, chic and elegant. Love the bun hair style of hers. Ukraine was very eye-catching in the bold red gown. Wish she had brought in more energy. Australia looked every bit of a regal queen and the shiny gold colour gown made her look even more stunning. She presented herself so well. As always, very bubbly personality. Czech Republic was bright and beautiful in a pink ball gown number. It was simple, but she looked stunning. Those flower beads on the gown were distracting actually. Brazil screamed elegance on seeing her in a white embroidered gown. She carried it so well. And the look she had a calm and warm. Mongolia – I just can’t stop looking at her. Though the gown was a safe choice, she carried it confidently and graciously. Love the way she started her walked by raising her right hand, pointing her fingers just on the face looking at it and dropping it only to look back at the camera, that was very theatrical. She resembles the beautiful and strong Disney’s princess ‘Fa Mulan’ from Mulan movie. Philippines was simply beautiful in her long flowing gown. The upper part of the gown was so appealing. The thin strip of strap on her shoulders with some artistic work on it and the upper gown made the simple gown look exquisite. The gown also highlighted her lean body too. She was calm and composed. And did better than in the swimsuit round. Mauritius gown didn’t impress at all. Couldn’t understand the colour combination of the gown. She did try to work around with the gown. That was nice. Scotland looked red hot in a bold red gown. The red lipstick complimented the gown and balanced it well. Austria looked so classy and supermodel in the shining white gown. I like her performance in this round more than in the swimsuit round. Chile wore a strapless gown. She bounces so sexily and she has got that look which is so sexy. Colombia was the best in this round. She worked the gown so well and carried it elegantly. When she raised her hands and turned around spreading the see-through poncho or cape that was a fabulous performance. Venezuela gown had silver symmetrical lines running on it which was very artistic, but the frills at the bottom made the gown unattractive. Thankfully, we didn’t get to see the full length of the gown. She carried it with style. France in a red number looked very beautiful and there’s something very charming about her. She might not be stunningly beautiful, but she does carry some class and beauty which makes her very appealing. Guam had a gown which makes her even shorter and heavy. I think it was the fabric of the gown. She was sweet and pretty, though.

Up next was the top 8 announcement and those who made it had to face question and answer round. The exclusion of Mongolia surprised me more than ever. It really upset me to see her out of the game. She is striking and intelligent. Had she been in the top 8, she would have given a tough competition to rest of the contestants. I would love to see her back in other big pageants. Hopefully, she will try for pageants again but the bigger one.

The Top 8 Question and Answer  round:

If you were selected Miss Earth 2015 and you were given a chance to speak to President Obama, What would you ask him regarding climate change?

First of all, I would have to sit him down and tell him that  it’s not just about him, it’s about our country because as Miss Earth it’s including being the voice, it’s influencing and reaching out to every single person. So I would sit him down and make sure that we include every single person.

Do you have any environmental hero and why?

I am from the land ‘Down Under’ Australia and Steve Irwin has been an incredible hero to me. I am sure all of you know he is an incredible activists, conservationists and lovers of animals. And I have aspired to be just like him. I believe that he was one person that inspired millions of people, children, adults with his humour, with his informative documentaries and that is what I strive to do as Miss Earth as well because I believe that knowledge can create change and when people are inspired with passion, they will act and that is what I love about Steve Owen.

When you come home from this pageant, what will you do in your country for the environment?

The First thing I would like to do is thank God for being here today and I would like to talk to my people because they don’t know how serious the situation is. In my country, the problem is education, our children don’t have education, we are going through a hard time right now and what I would is to tell the children that climate change is very dangerous and what’s going on right now is because of it.

The slogan for Miss Earth for the last 15 years is ‘Beauty with a Cause’ if you were asked to propose a slogan for the next fifteen years, what would it be?

If I were to make a slogan for the next 15 years for Miss Earth that would be “We will because we can.” I want to let everybody know that all things are possible and all things are feasible if we work together. We will because we can

Compare to our parents generations to our generations, do you think that this generation is friendlier or less friendly to the environment?

I think this generation is friendlier to our environment. I think we have to teach our kids how to live a healthy life and to save our Mother Earth.

If you would become Miss Earth tonight, what would be your first project in your country?

The social project that we are already running in Chile is recycling. With that, we help people with less money and people who are vulnerable. Right now, we are working in a project in the whole of Chile with the Flora and Fauna Ministry.

If you become the female president of your country, what would you change?

I think our current President is making a great labor. As a President, I would impose taking care of the environment to create a green Earth. I will take care of the education and culture of the youngest people to understand that it is easier to have and we have to give them back something.

There seems to be a lot of problem in your country. If you were in charge, what would be the first thing you would like to change?

The first thing that I will change will be education and I will implement the love to environment and the contribution to the same environment. Right now, in my county, I won’t say this is a problem, this is not taking care of it right now, but we have to make the change to help the environment and save our planet. Whichever way, give love to children.

If I have to pick my winner, it would be Australia followed by USA, Philippines and Chile. I wished the contestants were provided with a better translator. Australia delivered a great answer with a personal touch. She was so cheerful while answering her question. Philippines got a bit serious and emotional. I thought she was actually running for some campaign for a Presidency but the way she ended her speech gesturing her hands, nodding ‘We will because we can’ was worth seeing. USA, I thought, was more candid and honest in her answer without being too philosophical. I feel bad for the girls who spoke in their native language. They spoke so well but when it was translated it turned out something else. I am sure the ladies know it too. But it was so cool of them to go on answering without any disapproval. I think Miss Earth Org can do a lot better with a better translator. That’s something we have been seeing at Miss Earth.

Earth 4

Time for the winner announcement. When Miss Brazil was announced as Miss Earth Fire, I wasn’t surprised at all since Misses USA, Venezuela and Chile were still in the competition, I didn’t think too much about it. Then Miss USA was named Miss Earth Water who I thought might end up with the title of Miss Earth Air. Then, Miss Australia was named Miss Earth Air. Now I was surprised. The one who gave the best answer came 2nd. What just happened? Something wasn’t right. I started questioning my intuition. Philippines could just walk away with the title. I imagined the backlash Miss Earth would be getting. Miss Philippines was the only one left who gave a proper answer. I had her as one the elemental title winners in my favourites list. It was just that I never had expected her to win. Then the unexpected happen. Miss Philippines – Angelia Ong was announced as Miss Earth 2015. I didn’t know what to say! Well, it was in her destiny to win Miss Earth. So here she is now. She won. Nobody can change other’s destiny. Surprises are always there in pageants. Can’t do anything when it happens. The judges made the decision. I can only feel bad and pray for the best for my favourites who couldn’t make it to the semi-final or win. To look at the brighter side, I could feel her winning emotions  because she had a lot of responsibilities and pressure to win not just because last year winner was from Philippines but also because which I think she is aware of what she would be facing. The one who isn’t afraid to face their biggest fear and accept challenges stands tall. The road ahead for Angelia might be tough but she has already faced them and came out stronger and conquering the impossible. So I don’t have any doubt that she will become a great Miss Earth Ambassador. She has the personality and the charm to impress and wins people heart. Wishing her all the best on her journey as Miss Earth.


Nyle DiMarco is the winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22


The last and final season of America’s Next Top Model came to an end with Nyle DiMarco winning the contest over Lacey, Mamé, and Mikey. Nyle took home the coveted modeling contract and Nylon magazine spread.

Nyle, 25, is the first and only deaf contestant on America’s Next Top Model and the second male to win the series following Keith Carlos, who won cycle 21. From the beginning of the cycle 22, the blue-eyed man became fans favourite for his killer abs, good looks and charming personality besides delivering an exceptionally good photo every week.

Things didn’t come easy for him in the competitions. The judges and the other contestants were sceptical about him and due to his hearing issues, he seems to be left out most of the time. Anyone who has seen the episodes can vouch for it. But that didn’t deter him. It was, in fact, an added advantage for him since he could stay out of all the dramas and gossips. He could concentrate on his photo shoots. And he did deliver in every challenge. Nyle became fans favourite instantly.

Throughout the competition, Nyle won two elimination challenges and only landing in the bottom two once. In the end, the one who is the strongest and the most hardworking person wins the competition. The winner takes it all. I am really happy and excited for Nyle since I am a fan of him. Though I couldn’t watch this season episodes regularly, whatever I had watched and seen, Nyle has been my favourite along with Mame in terms of his performances. Nyle is an inspiration and role model for people who wants to make it big irrespective of whatever profession they choose to be in. He turns his disadvantage into an advantage and opportunity. See, where he is now. One thing I learn from him is to never stop believing in yourself and never underestimate yourself. Just go out there and do your best.

Being a fan of America’s Next Top Model, it’s hard to accept the show is finally coming to an end. I am really going to miss Tyra’s quotes like “Wanna be on Top”, “Congratulations. You’re still in the running to become America’s Next Top Model”, “I have two beautiful ladies standing before me, but I have only one photo in my hand and this photo represents the one of you that will still be in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model. I will only call one name and the girl that I do not call must immediately return to your loft/apartment/hotel here, pack her belongings and go home” etc.

Nyle 2

Nyle 3

Nyle 4

Nyle 6

Nyle 7


Pictures credit: America Next Top Model/The CW

Miss Paraguay, Stephanie Vasquez Stegman crowned Miss Supranational 2015 (Complete Review)



The show opened with a parade of the nations introduced by the two host hosts of the night and the contestants danced to the song of LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock. I thought it was brilliant. The girls dancing to the groove of the music in their national costume was fun to watch and they seemed to enjoy themselves so much without thinking about the competitions. It was great to see them having a light-hearted moment through that song. The girls were introduced continental-wise. The choreography was great without being too loud, but the introduction of the contestants after each continent could have been done better like they should have directly zoomed into the next continent instead of the two hosts – a former beauty queen, Davina Reeves and Polish journalist Maciej Dowbor, taking some extra seconds to introduce the girls from the next continent. It kills the excitement somehow. Nevertheless, once the girls were introduced again, the excitement level was up because of the good choreography and the excellent choice of the song. If the girl had introduced themselves that would have been better.

Some impressions of mine from the introduction round were: I am not too familiar with Belgium cultures though I try my best to keep updated with world cultures. I love the satanic costumes of Miss Belgium. It reminds me of Mister Belgium costumes at Mister International 2015. I don’t know the significance of the costumes but time to add some more knowledge about Belgium. I think I will love it. Gibraltar’s Pirate costume made me miss the movie ‘The Pirate’s of the Carribean.’ Norway had a Viking costume which made her looked a strong feminine character from a superhero movie. Georgia was lovely. She looked every bit of a beautiful Prince. Estonia looked so gorgeous. Most of the candidates from Europe impressed me the most.

The hosts - Maciej Dowbor and Davina Reeves
The hosts – Maciej Dowbor and Davina Reeves

After the break, the popular Polish rock band, Golec uOrkiestra performed their original song ‘Crazy is my life’. The song was very energetic and a performance worth watching. While the band was performing on stage, we saw the girl enjoying and dancing to the performance backstage. Next was swimsuit round. The contestants wore a two piece swimsuit in different colours, some were in pink swimsuit covered with a same coloured sarong, some were in green, some were in yellow and some were in a mix and match colour swimsuit like Pink swimsuit with a blue sarong. All the contestants took the centre stage walking the ramp to the background score of Taylor Swift – Shake It Off. Again, another great song choice for the background score. I thought each girl will be introduced again or they will walk on stage individually after some time but that didn’t happen. Some funny thought came to my mind. Every time I see yellow colour in beauty pageants, I am reminded of the Jeannie Mai who popularised ‘Yellow is the colour of Joy.’ This time too, I was laughing on seeing the yellow swimsuit while thinking of her. I love Jeannie Mai. It would have been cool to have her here in Miss Supranational.

We got to see another performance by Mirami singing ‘The Party’ll never end’ in between the rounds, good song and a lively performance but by this time, I thought it was getting a bit too much for a pageant. And it looked like some Music Award night.

Then, Indonesia, Mexico, Estonia and Spain who were winners of the pre-event special awards, were on stage. Mexico was the winner of Miss Fashion City. She was asked what was her impression about the contest. She said that it was amazing and a great beginning for all of them as it was the first time they were on stage at Miss Supra National contest. Indonesia who won Best in national costume was asked about the snow which she never had seen before and whether she tasted it. She replied she was excited to see the snow since there are only two weather i.e. hot and rainy weather in Indonesia. Estonia had won Miss Moto and was asked if it was the first time she had seen a fast car. She replied in affirmative and added that it would be cool to see a fast car combined with snow in her country. Spain was asked what it meant to have won Miss Warsaw expo. She said she was honoured to be Miss Warsaw.

Another show again. It was cocktail round and this time all the beautiful contestants walked the stage in their cocktail dress to the song of Christina Aguilera’s ‘CandyMan’,  Misses Indonesia, Estonia, Mexico and Spain who were already on stage in their cocktail dresses opened this round. And were joined by the rest of the contestants. Some of the girls who stood out for me in terms of their presence, catwalks skills or how they work out their dress though some had not so good cocktail dress were Mexico, Estonia, Spain, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Panama, Paraguay, US, Ghana, India, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Albania, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Georgia, Iceland, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Slovak Republic and last but not the least Ukraine.

It was time for the top 20 announcement. Those who made it to the list were Australia, Paraguay, Iceland, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Slovak Republic, India, Malaysia, Japan, Czech Republic, Philippines, Belgium, Rwanda, Poland, Jamaica, US, Kenya and Myanmar. A good top 20 I would say without any surprised. I wasn’t surprised at all. All these beautiful ladies deserved their placement.

Supra 18

Supra 17

The top 20 finalists now moved on to the next round called Black and White. I wonder what it would be. Thought it will be a gown segment but was surprised to see them in swimsuit performing cabaret style to a song ‘Let me think about it’ by Wild Child. They all looked smoking hot.  After this round, we saw a Polish singer Margeret singing ‘Heart Beat.’ Once that was over the top 20 were up for another round ‘Red dress show.’ The host Davina interacted with few of the contestants backstage. I love when she told them 10 more girls will be joining which means that top 20 will be cut down to top 10. The way she said it was pretty funny though it might look harsh and a bitter truth but I thought there was humour in it. For the next Red themed round, each contestant got to have some extra seconds coverage walking on stage in her red dress. Australia was just amazing. Belgium looked gorgeous. Canada: a goddess with a killer look. She had one the best face in the competition. Columbia looked good but lacked energy, didn’t quite live upto expectation. Czech Republic had a presence and she got the moved too. Iceland shined like an angel and she can thank her beautiful face for it. India was so full of life on stage. Such a strong personality she had. Jamaica was so fun to watch. Tall and beautiful, she carried herself well. Japan came across as cold and looked heavy. She almost tripped in this round. Kenya followed next. So glad that she made it to this round but she was pretty much ok for me. Neither outstanding nor the worst. Malaysia looked sexy and she made the background song like it was for her only. Mexico cheery attitude was what I like about her – a beautiful, sensual woman. Myanmar was all about fun on stage. She was appealing to watch. Panama – one of the favourites, was full oozing with confidence. Paraguay – she had an impeccable presence and a queenly aura. Philippines did justice to her sash. She gave a good performance but it wasn’t exceptional. Poland, one of my favourites, was sweet and beautiful but didn’t live upto my expectations. Rwanda – I was so happy to see her in the top 20. I really like her. Slovak Republic looked angelic and calm. US was good in both the rounds though I didn’t expect her to move further.

The top 20 were cut down to the top 10. Australia, Canada, Colombia, Iceland, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Slovak Republic made it to the top 10. The 10 finalists had to compete for evening gown round. The background music used in this round was Chandelier by Sia. The song choices for different were excellent. Australia started the round in her pink gown. Canada reminds me of Natalie Glebova. She was stunningly beautiful and so vivacious. Colombia had a very high energy but her catwalk wasn’t impressive. Iceland wore a ball gown which looked so great on her. I love that gown. India chose to wear a golden gown. It looked similar to what Miss Grand India, Vartika Singh had worn in the evening gown. Malaysia had blue and black combination gown. She carried it so well but I didn’t like the gown especially the colour combination. Mexico was simply outstanding. Such a beautiful woman with a strong personality yet very soft. It’s so pleasing to watch her. Panama was more like she was walking for a fashion week. She looked every bit of a supermodel. Paraguay wasn’t to be left behind. She had such a strong presence and such a queenly aura that only the crown was missing on her head. While going back, she almost tripped. Slovak Republic wore a red gown and she looked red hot. She carried it in style.

Supra gown

For the first time in Miss Supranational History, there was a question and answer round. I did look forward to this round but I didn’t know it was going to be some short of a disappointment. Anyway, let’s look at the question and answers. The question was common to all and the question was, “What would you do if you were crowned Miss Supranational 2015?”

Slovak Republic: I’ll to do my best but first of all, I’ll run to my boyfriend.

Paraguay: Really relieved. I will eat chocolate all day.

Panama: If I win, I will stay in Poland to become a top model and work hard.

Mexico: I would be the happiest woman in the world.

Malaysia: The first thing I would do is scream out loud, go crazy and jump out of the stage.

India: I’ll do a massive Bollywood dance with one billion people back home and all of you here at Miss Supranational.

Iceland: I would be really happy and I’ll spread love and education across the world.

Colombia: I would talk about values and qualities fo a woman and this pageant is not only about beauty.

Canada: I would show to people that being a title holder is about being a leader both nationally, internationally and not just pageantry, but with everyday life.

Australia: I would do my best to be a good role model around the world. But first, Pizza.

Listening to their answers, I thought it was just about having a fun and honest conversation just like what the show was about. Almost all the contestants gave a short and their own individuality answer which was good. All were spontaneous and they in turn made the contest looked so easy and light-hearted.  Canada, Iceland and Australia gave an answer that everyone expected to hear like the 90’s answer. I have no doubt that they will do it had they won. Love the way Miss Australia ended her philosophical answer with a humorous touch – Pizza. Miss Paraguay chocolate answered was just like Miss Universe 1997 Brooke Lee. Miss Slovak Republic was fun too. When I heard the word ‘run to’, I thought she would say her family, but she instead chose her boyfriend. That was very honest and loved it. Malaysia would have really done the same through her winning reactions.

For the Continental Awards, it was so cool to see Mister Poland International  2015, Rafal Jonkisz on stage and giving away the awards.

Supra 5

Miss Supranational America: Angie Keith of Panama
Miss Supranational Asia: Aafreen Vaz of India
Miss Supranational Europe: Petra Denkova of Slovak Republic
Miss Supranational Africa: Sonia Gisa of Rwanda

Miss Supranational 2015 – Miss Paraguay, Stephanie Vasquez Stegman
1st runner up – Miss Canada
2nd runner up – Miss Columbia
3rd runner up – Miss Iceland
4th runner up – Miss Mexico.



Along with the prestigious crown the contestants also competed for the various sub contests. The winners of the Miss Supranational 2015 sub contests are as follows.

Top Model: Monica Castano, Colombia
Best Body: Angie Keith, Panama
Miss Photogenic: Tatana Makarenko, Czech Republic
Miss Internet: Bawk Nu, Myanmar
Miss Friendship: Helena Desmarais, Mauritius
Miss Elegance: Natalia Nunez, Gibraltar
Miss Personality: Maria Antonia Nach Teruel, Equatorial Guinea
Best National Costume: Gresya Amanda Maaliwuga, Indonesia
Miss Warsaw Expo: Raquel Bonilla, Spain
Miss Moto Show: Madli Vilsar, Estonia
Miss Fashion City: Karina Martin, Mexico
Most Beautiful Evening Gown: Bawk Nu, Myanmar
Best Social Media: Le Quyen, Vietnam
Global Beauties´Woman of Substance: Sierra Bearchell, Canada

Congratulations to all the gorgeous winners.

Pictures Credits: Miss Supranational

Mpule Kwelagobe, Miss Universe 1999: When beauty is more than just winning a crown



Miss Universe 2015 has already started and I look back at the previous winners, Mpule Kwelagobe came to my mind instantly. It was the scene in Miss Universe 2000 contest during the introduction round where Mpule (assuming the role of a Goddess Aphrodite) sitting on a rock in the centre stage, was surrounded the by the contestants of Miss Universe 2000 with glow balls in their hands like they were paying tributes to the Goddess Aphrodite. Mpule looked every bit of a goddess Aphrodite. I just love that opening act. One of the best act of Miss Universe contest.


It isn’t just for that act I like Mpule Kwelagobe. There is more to her that I really love about her. She remains to these days someone who touched my heart from the first time I watched her at Miss Universe contest to these days. I couldn’t watch Miss Universe 1999 because in India there was no live telecast of Miss Universe then. Got to know about Mpule win from the newspaper. It was only after some months that I got to see the contest and thanks to Youtube I can watch it again.

She was terrific in Miss Universe contest. She was competing with so many favourites but in the end she charmed everyone with her splendid performance and by the end of the night the audience were enchanted by her subtle performance. Her reaction when she was called on stage as one of the top 10 finalists was epic. That was very spontaneous and she looked very much surprised to make it to the top 10 considering she was unplaced at Miss World 1997 contest. She couldn’t stop smiling.The look on her face was priceless. Next was interview round. In one of the activities – World Tour, she was paired with Miss Brazil and was asked about what she learnt from her. Here’s the interview questions and answers:

Your favourite place in Botswana is described as Africa’s last Eden. Where is Brazil’s last Eden, would you say?

I think the place where Brazil has, which is a natural history has to be the Amazon jungle. The reason why I chose Okavango delta as my favourite place is because it is very natural and undestroyed. And I think Amazon jungle has the same thing.

If you wanna bring more tourism to Botswana, what tips would you pick up from Brazil?

I’ll tell them about the beauty of the place. Botswana is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s very peaceful, it’s very relaxing, we when we’re there, we really feel secure and in paradise.

What do you do for fun (In Botswana)?

We go there to a cattle post. It is known that in Amazons, everyone has full of cattle post, full of cattle. So that’s where we go.

Boy! What a fun person she was. Such a bubbly personality and she had such a youthful charm. Her intelligence and exuberant nature were to die for. She was smart too. When she was asked about bringing in more tourism, she couldn’t understand for a moment and the host explained it to her. There was grace in her manner and her frank talk gave her an engaging charmed. She made it looked so cool. I just couldn’t stop admiring her for intelligence. What she did for fun resonate well with me. I used to play with cattle too back in my village. Someone who comes from a small town or village will understand this. She got 9.05 and came fifth in this round. I thought her rank could have been better.

In the swimsuit round, she brought out her youthful charm again and when she walked, she was sassy and full of energy. When she put her hands on her hips along with the slow, easy sway of her hips, she was very much in rhythm and in tune with the energetic and lively Limbo fire dancers. Next was the evening gown. In a gold ball gown embroidered on top, she looked serene and a true royal princess who was ready to wear a crown to become a queen that was only meant for her. From a spunky and very energetic person, she changed into a calm and composed woman who was at ease with herself in this round. It wasn’t surprising to see her in the top 5. And this time, she didn’t look surprised. No spontaneous reaction. Maybe, she was confident enough to be in the top 5 once she made it to the top 10. Nevertheless, she must have been nervous as hell. She had to face another interview again.

You’re the first in the history of Miss Universe from Botswana now Aside from that how would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as a pioneer for young women. I was also the only girl in my class in Electronics and I want to be remembered in this field as a pioneer that I pave a way for young women both in my country and throughout the world.

You said you would like to be the first female president of your country. What would you do differently as  the President of United States?

A lot. First thing is If I was the President of United States, I would definitely make education compulsory especially in my country when you get into rural areas, some people are not going to school. They started school late and I think If I was the president, I would make it compulsory, but I think even the President of United states is capable of that as well.

Mpule really knows what she wants for herself and what her goals would be in the future. She was amazing and spoke so eloquently and articulately that you are convinced that she really meant what she said. It was like she was speaking in some international forum. Did you notice how she balanced her personality with her answers? Her questions were political and social, but she answered it so precisely to the point which was powerful enough to make us believed in her. Despite answering to relevant political and social issues questions, she was able to project her cheerfulness and vibrant personality.

From five finalists to the top 3, she was the last one to be called and it was such a huge relief for her. The crowd went crazy and was rooting her by now. The common question asked was “If Miss Universe becomes pregnant during her reign should she be allowed to continue as Miss Universe?” She replied, “Personally, I think, Miss Universe is a symbol of woman as well as she is celebrating her femininity. And I believe that if she should fall pregnant and it will not in any way interrupt her duties, I believe that as a woman she should celebrate her femininity.”

She was the only one who spoke so confidently without hesitation. Such a controversy question and her answer made us believed she was the representative of Miss Universe who was actually answering a real life situation. Of course, Miss Universe Org will never allow a Miss Universe to keep her title if she was pregnant. But Mpule was confident and boldly spoke her mind and heart. That was powerful enough and she delivered what was needed. I am sure she knew she gave her best but being the last one to be called and not being able to hear what the other two contestants were saying, it must have been nerve wrecking and tensed for her. Finally, when she was announced as Miss Universe, she gave a winning reaction which I would never forget. Just like we saw her in the top 10 announcements, that reaction was spontaneous, overwhelming and eccentric but one of the best reactions and/or lovely and priceless moment indeed. To this day, every time I see someone winning a crown, her reactions always flashes in my mind.

One of the best winning reactions and a treasured moment to cherish
One of the best winning reactions and a treasured moment to cherish.

After winning Miss Universe, she was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations, focusing on youth and HIV/AIDS. She has addressed the United States Congress (the United States House of Representatives Committee on Banking and Financial Services. Mpule has continuously and strongly spoken about the socio-economic impact of AIDS in Africa and proposed a bill to set up a World Bank AIDS prevention trust fund). Even after her reign as Miss Universe, she continued working with many international organizations that addressed International relations and world issues in general.


In 2001, during Lions Day at the United Nations Mpule was awarded the highest honour by the Lions Club International for her work as a member of the Leo Club (junior Lions) in Lobatse, Botswana. Before this award, she was honoured by the Lions Club UK and the Lions Club Botswana in 1997. In recognition of her accomplishments and academic goals, the Government of Botswana in 2002 granted her a full scholarship to attend any university of her choice around the world. She graduated from Ivy League institution, Columbia University in the City of New York, in 2006 with a degree in International Political Economy. In 2003, she was selected as a Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum, which also selected her as a Young Global Leader in 2006. And her other notable works include attending and addressing.

• The 4th United Nations World Youth Summit (Dakar, Senegal),

• The United Nations General Assembly (New York, USA),

• The World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg, South Africa),

• The 3rd United Nations Least Developed Countries Conference (Brussels, Belgium)

• Moderated an AIDS panel during the Congressional Black Caucus at the invitation of Congresswoman Barbara Lee.


True to what she said at Miss Universe contest, she is a living example of beauty queens who believe in the purpose of being given such a rare platform and opportunity.  Working relentlessly for what she believes in, she is a champion for everyone who believes in their dreams and goals. Like she said she wanted to be a pioneer who paved the way for people across the world, she uses her fame, status and beauty for that defined the new modern African woman who are very much part of the contribution that Africans played for their nation building and the whole continent. She is also into politics not merely for power but for the woman of Africa to give them a voice and opportunity. Mpule is a co-founder of Project Leverage, a women-led, women-owned agriculture accelerator fund that invests in youth entrepreneurs in Africa. Project Leverage combines finance, technology, innovation and business acumen to unleash agricultural productivity and entrepreneurship.


From becoming the first black African woman to win an international beauty pageant title to becoming a role model that everyone can look up to irrespective of where they come from, Mpule has been recognized and honoured as a human health rights activist, especially for her fight against HIV/AIDS and advocacy for youth and women. When she speaks, you are convinced that she meant whatever she said and she is going to prove it. That is because she is outspoken, determined and honest to herself and her work. She is one of the most eloquent Miss Universe and the fact that she continued to work for the masses shows the beautiful woman that she is – Radiant, classy, an achiever and a passionate person who believes in her dreams and dreams of others to realize their potential and be what they are supposed to be.

Mister Switzerland – Pedro Mendes Wins Mister International 2015 (Complete review)


So the show started late but waiting patiently paid off in the end though there were surprises as expected. But some surprise almost gave me a heart attack. But in the end a well deserving candidate and one of my favourites won the contest. The show was a success.  It was a great show indeed.

The show started with a pre-taped video of the 36 contestants in their National Costumes and introducing themselves. What an opening number! Once it was over, the actual live performance began with performers waving the flags of the 36 participating countries and the others dancing in different costumes. I thought that was a nice way to show Philippines cultures and diversity too. Then again, the 36 handsome men came to the stage introducing themselves again. Venezuela was just awesome and love the way he spreads the wings of his costume and ended it.  Mister International 2014, Neil Perez appeared on stage and danced along with the contestants.

The stage was simple and perfect without being too extravagant or over the top. The background score used during the opening act was very melodious and had a feel good sound to it. The host Ryan and Stephanie were very professional and did great as hosts of the evening. It was time for a break. A video of contestants in their National costumes was showed during the break and they explained little bit about their costumes. I love the way they used the break portion and showed the pre-activities of the contest. The song “Timber” by Keisha and Pitbull used in one of the videos was so very much in tune with the screaming fans and the haste and busy activities of the contestants.


Before the top 15 was announced, all the 36 handsome men walked the ramp in Formal Wear collection by Francis Libirana.  Australia looked so cool. Belgium was all about styles and confidently walking. Brazil was all smiling flirtatiously. He has the spark to charm everyone with his smiles. Bolivia was not in the zone but he is a great speaker. Cambodia lacked the punch. China was a silent killer. Colombia walked like a true professional model. Costa Rica has a presence you just cannot ignore. Czech Republic commands your attention with his alpha male look. Dominican Republic looked so cool. France was so handsome in his clean and trim look. Georgia also looked so cool. Guam looked naturally handsome. India was calm and composed in his walk. Indonesia always managed to look so fresh. He is cute too. Italy had a new hairstyle which looks good on him like always. But I miss the old hairstyle. Korea looked bulky to me. Lebanon has such a sexy smile with a strong presence. Malaysia was fine but lacked energy. Mexico has such a raw appeal and striking face. Myanmar smiles and cheerful personality was impressive. Netherlands looked suave. Panama always a dark horse, was so good in the formal wear. Philippines had a cool and calm presence. Poland always stands out because of his striking face. Puerto Rico looked very elegant. Singapore –  personality speaks for him. Spain was charismatic and love everytime he smiles. Sri Lanka had the face to impress. Sweden looked fierce. Switzerland – you just cannot take your eyes away from him. He is so charismatic. Thailand was good but lacked the spark. USA looked so much better than before. Venezuela has such a bubbly personality and was very much visible on stage.

The music in the Formal Wear round segment was out of sync. While all the 36 handsome men choose to walk in a slow, calm n composed manner, the very energetic and upbeat track kill the excitement. The top 15 was announced. Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Sweden, Panama, Indonesia, Brazil, Lebanon, China, Mexico, Philippines, Czech Republic, Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Australia were the top 15 finalists. I felt so heartbroken for Belgium, India and Italy. I was surprised by the inclusion of China and Korea. I really wanted to see them in the top 15. The competition had to move on irrespective of the result. The top 15 finalists competed in Swimwear

Puerto Rico had such a sculpted body and a presence that he was shining like a star. Venezuela’s personality is to die for. His personality makes him so attractive and appealing. Sweden looked so fierce because of his edgy look. But it was nice to see him smiling in between that brings out his softer side. Panama is totally a dark horse. He has one of the best bodies and is naturally charming. Indonesia’s cute boy image and his fresh look make him very likeable. Brazil smile is so flirtatious and he was very much in rhythm. I love the lean athletic body of Lebanon. His smile is so sexy. China – never expected him to make it this far. He silently did his job and silently walked away letting his performance speak for itself. That’s what happened today. In the preliminary round too, it was the same. Mexico looked so natural and desirable. Philippines had a cool and calm aura and looked so self-assured. Czech Republic – the alpha male, commands attention when he walked because of his good looks and robust quality. Korea did have a presence. Spain was all about simplicity yet it made him very striking and appealing. Switzerland – the face of the competition and he walked like a star and like the stage is his. Australia had such a cool vibe and I love the free spirited nature of his.

The top 10 was announced. Venezuela, Czech Republic, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Switzerland, Panama, Korea, Puerto Rico and Philippines made it to the top 10. This time, Spain exclusion really surprised me. I kept question myself where did he go wrong and what made the judges choose others over him? The top 10 were to compete in Evening wear round.

12321635_1646127935660321_1280557068737722565_n (1)

The music score this time was much better. The top 10 men walked on stage to the song ‘Playing with Fire by Andreya Triyana’ playing in the background. Venezuela reminds me Dayana Mendoza during the evening gown round in Miss Universe contest. They both had such lovely personality – so vibrant and lively. Czech Republic looked dashing and smart in his formal wear. Brazil was all about being calm and composed. He never leaves his signature smile. Australia didn’t look good in a white formal dress. It didn’t do justice to his pleasant personality. Indonesia looked so graceful and stylish in his appearance. Switzerland was dashing and spectacular and remarkably handsome. Panama slowly gets your attention with his soft persona. There’s something about him that get’s your attraction. Korea looked better in a white suit than Australia. Puerto Rico walked with an attitude that was unmatchable and he did it extremely well. Philippines was one of the best in this round and he looked very dapper in dark formal suit.

During the break, they played the blooper of the pre-taped videos and it was really fun to watch it. It did take away the tension of thinking about who will make it to the top 5.  Once the break was over, three special awards were given:


Mr Congeniality: Mr. Singapore.  Edwin Aw

Mr. Photogenic: Mr. Mexico, Alejandro Ruiz

Best in National Costume: Mr. Philippines, Reniel Villareal

Then the top 5 were announced: Panama, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Brazil and Korea were the last 5 men standing. The exclusion of Puerto Rico and Venezuela surprised me more than ever. I love surprises but that kind of surprised isn’t something I would like to get. Only if Puerto Rico and Venezuela were there, they would have nailed the question and answer round.


Panama was asked about his opinions of same-sex marriage. He said everyone needed to respect everyone opinion but for him he supported the idea. Czech Republic was asked how we would promote a healthy lifestyle in the best possible way. He talked about promoting it through an example of himself of what can be achieved – mentally and not just through physically. Switzerland was asked if a world leader, what difference would he like to make. He was so engaging and I love that about him. It was pretty cool of him to accept his flaws in English. His answer was pretty simple and that is to be the best they can be. Brazil was asked if he could live again, what changes would he like to make.  He said he had worked so hard and with his busy scheduled he couldn’t be with his family most of the time and he would like to change that. The most interesting answer and he was the best. He spoke so confidently. Korea had to be asked the question again and again because of his judge. He was asked what the essence of winning Mister International pageant was. He replied the essence of winning the pageant was to be a good example to people, to be an inspiration and to be a role model for the world.

If winner were to be chosen based on question and answer round alone then Brazil would definitely be the one but the winner had to be decided based on the every segment of the competition. Switzerland was my choice. Then winners were announced and without any surprise, Switzerland walked away with the title.

Mister International 2015: Mister Switzerland, Pedro Mendes

1st Runner up: Mister Brazil, Anderson Tomazini

2nd Runner up: Mister Korea, Sang-Jin Lee

3rd Runner up: Mister Panama, Julian Torres

4th Runner up: Mister Czech Republic, Jakub Kraus



Congratulation to the winners and congratulation to Pedro Mendes. You are now the Distinctively Handsome Man!

Images Credits: Mister International facebook page, Event2images, Missosology, Amazing Misters by JobertMetiam and Normannorman.

Excerpts from twitter live chat with Miss Diva 2015 (Miss Universe India)- Urvashi Rautela


I woke up to see this #chatwithurvashirautela on twitter. It was time for me to ask questions again. I waited excitedly for an answer. By the way, I asked her about her preparations and her finale gown. But it was unanswered. Maybe, this will be a surprise for us. Now I am more than excited to see her rocking the stage in evening gown which everyone is anticipating. I was more than to see another favourite questions of mine which my friend from The Kaleidoscope of Indian Pageantry asked and she answered it. That was so cool. She is such a diva. Just love every bit of the answer. Another favourite questions asked to her was about her life partner. The answer was pretty amazing. It thoroughly enjoyed it. She is fun, vibrant and dynamic.

Advice for Miss Universe aspirants:

The Marriage proposal:

Working experience with Kannada superstar:

The inevitable question about Salman Khan:

My favourite question:

She believes in being Discipline:

The secret of her beauty:

Messi or Ronaldo?

Question from our neighbour, Pakistan:

I just love the answer to this question:

Working with Yo Yo Honey Singh:

Special thanks to Femina Miss India team, Miss Diva -Urvashi Rautela and twitter for this live chat session. Wish you all the best, Miss India! Make us proud.



My favourites for Mister International 2015.

Untitled-1 copy

This year, Mister International 2015 is so exciting and it is so fun to watch the pre-activities of the contest. In its 10 years, Mister International org. is leaving no stone unturned to make it a success and we are already seeing the grand celebration of this anniversary, the contestants are enjoying it to the fullest. Soon, this celebration will come to an end with one distinct handsome man walking away with the title of Mister International 2015. I have already made up my mind about my favourites, who are worthy of the title and who will give a tough fight to the title contenders and who could be a surprise.  Though a preliminary contest is on 27th Nov., I think some contestants have been consistent enough to remain in my favourites and some did surprise me with their amazing performance through the competition. And they will remain my favourites irrespective of the preliminary contest. So take a look at my favourites(in alphabetical order):



Italy fotor copy

Puerto Rico Fotor copy

Spain Fotor copy

Switzerland Fotor copy

Venezuela Fotor copy




Czech Republic fotor copy

Dominican Republic fotor copy

India Fotor copy

Lebanon Fotor copy

Mexico Fotor copy

Netherlands Fotor copy

Philippines Fotor copy

Poland Fotor copy


Colombia Fotor copy

Indonesia fotor copy

Panama Fotor copy

Sweden Fotor copy

Pictures credit: Mister International Org. and Missosology.

Agbani Darego – Miss World 2001: A beauty who defied the norms


Miss World 2015 has already started and I am really excited for Miss World since it is being held in China because China always impressed us with its amazing activities and magnificent stage. Now, looking back at the previous year winners, the person that comes to my mind is always Agbani Darego – Miss World 2001. I have been a fan of her and I have been a fan of African beauties.

We all know that Agbani Darego was a semi-finalist at Miss Universe 2001 contest who was the only one to wear a one-piece swimsuit. Not sure if it cost her a spot in the top 5, but I thought irrespective of that she deserved to be there and would have loved to hear her speak. Then she would have been one of the main contenders for the crown. She is intelligent and would have nailed this round. In both the swimsuit and Evening gown round, she was classy, elegant and had this queenly aura. Everything happens for a reason. Had she been in the top 5 and became one of the runners-up, it would have made her participation more difficult in Miss World which she was destined to win.

Albani Fotor 1

At the Miss World contest the same year, she was still the same Agbani we saw at Miss Universe contest; tall, elegant, graceful and composed. But if something changed in her, it was for a better. Apart from looking so beautiful and classy, she had this youthful energy and looked so chic. The green gown flowing towards the end combined with her chocolate skin toned made her shine and complimented her cool personality. She looked radiant and every inch a beauty queen. As the final round approached, I was nervous for her since Miss Aruba was also growing on me that night. Loved the cheered and support for Nigeria every time the host called her. She was asked, “In these men’s world, what do you think you can change which men cannot?” She replied,“First of all I entered Miss World competition because I know it is a very charitable organization. In these men’s world If there’s anything I can do and be is to help the less privileged in the society because I really really want to give them as much help I can give. I love helping the needy at whole times and have a great love for humanity that has helped me and promised me to be the best I can be and to help everyone in need.” She was so confident and calmed. Once the question and answer round was over, I was more nervous than ever since Miss Aruba also gave a good answer and did really well in this round and she was lively, bold and full of life. I waited with bated breath and when Miss Aruba was announced as 1st runner up, I was sure it was for Agbani to lose. Then the announcement came, it was such a huge relief and the audience loud cheering made it more exciting. She had won the whole audience by the end of it. She became the first Nigerian and the native black African to win the Miss World Crown.

Post winning the Miss World crown, she became a reason to be celebrated not just in Nigeria but in the whole continent of Africa too. She became a role model overnight. When she returned to Nigeria for her first official visit she met with government ministers and took part in a four-day celebration. She was even made an honorary member of the Council of Chiefs in Lagos, an extraordinary honour for a woman as young as she was and one that made her the country’s youngest chief. During her reign as Miss World, she travelled many countries as an ambassador of Miss World – Beauty with a Purpose project and attended high profile events. She wasn’t just a beauty queen, she had the looks to make her a top model. After her reign as Miss World, she was represented by the London and Paris branches of Next Model Management and landed a three-year contract with L’Oréal, becoming only the second Black model to accomplish this feat after Vanessa Williams, and was photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue. Other brands she has modelled for include Avon, Christian Dior, Sephora, Target, and Macy’s. Darego has also appeared in Elle, Marie Claire, Allure, Trace, Stitch, Cosmopolitan, and Essence magazines, working with numerous designers including Oscar de la Renta, Marc Bouwer, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Gianfranco Ferre. She had always wanted to be a model since her childhood. Ambitious and clearly sorted in her mind about what she wants, she did everything with passion and hard work. And the results followed naturally for her.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that during the whole controversy in Nigeria when it hosted Miss World pageant, she remained calm and dignified. And sailed through this unfortunate event being composed all the time which is really worthy of respect. About her plans for the future, she told Evening Standard’s Garner,””I’m not going to be a model for the rest of my life. I want to be a successful businesswoman. I want to be good at everything.”


Due to her busy work schedule, Agbani left the University of Port Harcourt, but after moving to New York where she was signed to Next Model Management and Ford Models she enrolled at New York University where she studied Psychology, graduating in May 2012. Another thing worth admiring. She has judged numerous pageants, and fashion and modelling competitions including Miss World 2014, Miss England 2002, Mr. Scotland 2002, and Elite Model Look Nigeria 2012 and 2014. In 2010, she launched a style and fashion reality show Stylogenic on Nigerian television, and three years later announced her denim range, AD by Agbani Darego, which includes jeans, dresses, sunglasses and bags. This is what she wanted – a successful businesswoman. And she has become what she wanted.


From participating in Miss Universe contest to being crowned Miss World, she has showed what one can achieve if one is really passionate about what they want. Agbani Darego today is a successful woman. She is smart, intelligent and sophisticated. It is always a serene to watch her and there is so much of a tranquillity within her, we could only gaze at her in astonishment. She will remain one of my favourite Miss World ever and one of the best Miss World.

Sources: Evening Standard and Wikipedia

Armand Du Plessis, Mister South Africa – The complete Man of Honour


When I first read about Armand Du Plessis winning Mister South Africa, I took it as someone winning a pageant that will represent his country and try to win the International title. As he started his journey as Mister South Africa, I read more about him and was quite impressed and really admired him for what he was doing. Being a beauty pageant fan, it comes naturally to like a winner but when they go all out of their way to make a difference not just because they have a responsibility as a title holder but because they really know the meaning of being a human and their purpose, my admiration and respect for them only multiply. Armand is one those pageant winners along with some world leaders I truly admire and try to follow what they have to give to the world and it makes my horizon broader.


Mister South Africa is one of the most difficult pageants in the world I would say. Contestants had to face more than 12 months of a selection process to be called as Mister South Africa or Man of Honour. Armand already proved his mettle by winning this pageant and now he is walking the talk. Despite being a celebrity now, it is awe-inspiring to see him being so grounded and humble. Constantly working to highlight the importance of being a good citizen, he shows people how to become one by himself. Unlike others, you won’t find him in every paper or online portal attending parties, cutting ribbons or glamour events. Instead, you’ll find him working with social activists for a cause. Sometimes I think if he is really a pageant winner? It would be wrong to say pageants winners can’t be seen at glamour events. It’s a part of their journey, responsibility or duty to attend them. Armand wisely uses his celebrity status and beyond his status, he is trying all he can to bring awareness and raise funds for several issues in South Africa. This makes him a true role model – a role model whom youth can relate to, not just in South Africa but the world over.

Man of Honour perfectly sums up the person he is. He is smart, intelligent, ambitious and passionate. He really knows what he wants. It was nice to see him saying in one of the interviews that he planned to continue his studies after his reign. Armand is a law graduate from the University of Pretoria with a thesis on child law. He plans to continue his masters degree in the same field. Well spoken and well-groomed, love the way he carries himself wherever he goes. There is so much to learn from him. He is someone you can connect to instantly the moment you see him talk and the youth of South Africa are lucky to have such an amazing personality who can inspire them and be what they want to be.

Take a look at some of the pictures of Armand and be ready to be inspired because pictures can tell a lot about someone and their story.

Pick n Pay KwaZulu-Natal handed Tatum Keshwar and Armand Du Plessis gift cards to the value of R10 000-00 which we could use in their Musgrave-Centre store to purchase toys and household items for the Durban Child & Youth Care Centre.
Pick n Pay KwaZulu-Natal handed Tatum Keshwar and Armand Du Plessis gift cards to the value of R10 000-00 to purchase toys and household items for the Durban Child & Youth Care Centre.
Dedicating his time to the disabled.
At an event ‘5 km Nappy Run’ hosted by the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities SA, held at theJoburg Zoo.
At the Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer
Armand with Miss South Africa 2016 Semi-Finalist, Schané Venter at the Child Welfare South Africa (Greater Alberton)
His visit to a nursery school in Bloemfontein, Free State, with Child Welfare Bloemfontein and Childline Free State, handing out teddy bears to the nearly 50 learners…
Showing his support towards the brave fight that patients face on a daily basis when they lose their hair from chemotherapy treatments on National Bandana Day, an initiative by The Sunflower Fund.
PandaCrew team and this little helper, Zanele, repainting the classes of the Ledibohong Primary School in Sasolburg! Such a cute little girl and a lovely picture.
Armand 1
With school children.
At the MiniChess App Launch in Pretoria.

Pictures credit: Armand Du Plessis official facebook page and

Why should Miss World Philippines – Hillarie Danielle Parungao win Miss World 2015?


Hillarie has been asked before somewhat similar question in Miss World Philippines 2015 contest. She was asked about the significance of being a beauty queen in today’s society. “As a woman, I uphold the value of compassion. And I want to be a beauty queen because I want to share this compassion to others. And this will lead to a greater society of love, of hope and a brighter future for everyone,” she said. Today, she might have a different answer for Miss World contest. Being one of my three favourites, I would love to hear her answer to the question “Why should you be our next Miss World?” Here are the reasons why I think she should win Miss World:


Reason 1 – She is intelligent:

She speaks her heart and mind with so flawlessly without being over the top and without being so philosophical.  Though a beauty queen, she uses her words that can connect with everyone. It’s simple and honest. Her articulation is precise, thoughtful and impactful

Reason 2 – Beauty with a Purpose Project:

Her Beauty with a purpose project is something that can strike a chord with everyone and Miss World Org. I even love her project. I like things that have to do with children’s right or anything that is associated with children for their betterment. Hillarie is working on a project based on eradicating children mortality through the Katuwang Project.

Apart from this, Hillarie is focused on strengthening her advocacy by spending a lot of time on social base sites like and

Reason 3 – Surreal Beauty:

I was struck by her beauty ever since I saw her on Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 contest. At the Miss World Philippines 2015 contest, she was the prettiest of the batch. Her beauty is so captivating and enchants you the moment you look at her. There is so much of positivity around her and the vibes she gives out makes her a beautiful person. It’s like a dream.

Reason 4 – Soft Demeanour:

Anyone following her can vouch that she has an amazing personality. She is so calm and composed at the same time gentle and kind in the way she handles herself. When she is on motion, her soft demeanour soothes our mind and it is such a delight to watch her. Hillarie has got the grace and charm of Shamcey Supsup and the calm and cool composure of Megan Young, but she manages to stand out on her own. A combination of two different personalities and yet having to have your individuality is worth commendable and as such she leaves you spellbound.

Reason 5 – An International looks and appeal:

One thing that works in Hillarie favour is her universal looks. It appeals to the masses internationally. With her international looks, she can easily pass off as and represent India, Latin countries or the European countries. This makes her one of the favourites for many fans.

Reason 6 – Actively engaging with her followers:

It’s true that Multimedia plays an important role in Miss World Contest, but beauty queens from Philippines know that it is more than just doing it for a contest. They involved their fans and they truly know the importance connecting with their well-wishers through social networks. I am very impressed with Hillarie being so active on social media. And she is doing great. Love the kind of things she updates. It is like she is including us as a part of her in her journey. It is very uncommon to see this in a beauty queen.

Reason 7 – The Filippino Legacy.

Hillarie is carrying a huge sash along with her when she competes at Miss World. She has a huge responsibility too. But she is well prepared like any other Filippino beauty queens. Whether they are one of strongest candidates or not among the fans list, they are the most prepared girl in beauty pageants. It is there for us to see in the contest. This is what I admired about Filippino representatives. They are confident, they know what they are doing and they will constantly charm you with their hard work and sincerity. Hillarie is no exception because she is Miss Philippines.

Pictures Credit: Miss World Philippines Facebook official page.

Mister Year Winner Estonia 2015 (20th anniversary of male-pageants in Estonia)

To celebrate 20th years anniversary of male-pageantry in Estonia, the organiser of Estonian Mister pageant decided to organise a contest for its previous winners and they chose the 20 best year winners and let people decide the winner by way of voting. But how did they choose the best 20 Misters among so many representatives of Estonia? There were some criteria. The best 20 winners were to have atleast two titles or participated in one International male pageant. Quite, simple! Don’t you think so? But I love this concept!

Take a look at the best 20  winners of Estonia in 20 years.

Mister Year 1 FotorMister Year 2Mister Year 8Mister Year 4Mister Year 5Mister Year 6Mister Year 9

Then Top 5 were selected based on the most voted Misters. And they were:

1. Toomas Kirs – Top Man of April 2003, Manhunt Estonia 2005 year winner
2. Villu Loonde – Eesti Suvemees 2004. Mister Estonia 2006, Mister Europe Euronations 2013 IInd challenger.
3. Eghert-Sören Nõmm – Mister Europe Estonia 2013.
4. Timo Tõnismaa – Manhunt Estonia 2002. Eesti Top Man 2003, Mr. Physique Ist runner-up on Manhunt             International 2002 World Final.
5. Andres Lints – Mister Estonia 1995, 6th runner-up on Mianhunt International 1995 World Final in Singapore.

Then the main winner were chosen:

2nd runner-up: Eghert-Söner Nõmm –  on MISTER YEAR WINNER ESTONIA 2015 (an event for 20th anniversary of male pageants in Estonia). Earlier titles – Mister Exotica Sisustussalong 2013, Mister Europe Estonia 2013 year winner, Mister International Estonia 2015.

Eghert Soren Nomm 5
Eghert-Sören Nõmm

Ist runner-up: Villu Loonde –  on MISTER YEAR WINNER ESTONIA 2015 ( an event for 20th anniversary of male-pageants in Estonia). Earlier titles: Mister Summer Estonia / Eesti Suvemees 2004, Manhunt Estonia 2005 1st runner-up, Mister Estonia 2006, 2nd runner-up on Mister Europe Euronations 2013 in Sanremo Remo, Italy.

Villu Loonde
Villu Loonde

Winner: Toomas Kirs –  Mister Year Winner Estonia 2015 (an event for 20th anniversary of male-pageants in Estonia).Earliear titles : Manhunt Estonia 2005 year winner, Top Man (Model) of March 2004.


Toomas Kirs
Toomas Kirs

Special Thanks to Nordic Beauty Pageants Organisation and Leo-Sergei Täht for the information and pictures.

Why Should Miss World Brazil – Catharina Choi Nunes win Miss World 2015?


The last time I asked Miss World Brazil 2015, Catharina Choi Nunes, in an interview, she said it would be a surprise one if she makes it to the final round. I pray she will! The more I talked about Catharina the more I am in awe of her. Who wouldn’t? She is all set to represent her country in Miss World 2015 contest to be held in Sanya, China. I don’t have any doubt that she will make her country proud and I can take pride in being her fan. She is one of my favourites for the blue crown and having followed her from 2013, I tried to come up with the best way I think Why she should be Miss World. she might have different things to say if she was asked the same questions, but here are the reasons why she should be Miss World:


Reason 1 – Her Exotic looks:

Her exotic looks come from her parents. Her mother is of Korean descent and her father – half Spanish and half Portuguese. And  she is a Brazilian too.  Now you know where she got that unique exotic looks from. It makes her one of a kind. It’s easy to fall in love with her beauty. And facially, she is one of the strongest candidates too.

Reason 2 – Her Smile:

When she looks at the camera and smile, you’re so attracted towards her that you cannot think about anyone else.

Reason 3 – Amazing Personality:

You watch her when she is speaking, when she moves or when she is standing with others, the first thing that you will notice, apart from her stunning looks, is her sweet personality that makes her stand out. Her mannerism is very royal and classy. The way she talks to people and listen to them, she does it so easily that you are captivated and it pleasing to mind and feelings. Despite being a star now, she is very humble and modest. That’s what I love about her the most.

Reason 4 – International experienced in pageants:

They say “experience makes people perfect”. The same hold true for Catharina Choi Nunes. She was a part of Miss Korea and then went on to represent Korea at Miss Earth 2013 winning Miss Earth Fire title. Now she will represent Brazil at Miss World 2015 contest. Do you know she wasn’t actually the main winner in both the contest? For some reasons, she replaced both the main winners to represent Korea and Brazil. You might want to call it DESTINY, LUCK or GOD blessing, but she was destined to represent both the countries and it’s a combination of all those I mentioned with her hard work, dedication, sincerity etc., that made her what she is.

Reason 5 – A killer looks with perfect body:

She is truly blessed to have this both. She will really do well in top model and beach beauty or fashion if there is any. She is already a favourite among international fans who look beyond nationality. I am looking forward to her in all the preliminary contests.

Reason 6 – Stage Presence:

It is a joy to watch her on stage. When she moves or walks on stage, she is full of energy and she shines like a sunny day in spring season – so full of colour,  sweetness and freshness. Her stage presence will just enthral you. Add to this, she will walk like what we famously call a “Brazilian Catwalk”. There is rhythm and perfect beat which the Brazilian can only mastered.

Reason 7 – Representing the diversity of Brazil:

I am really happy to see in Catharina, the diversity of Brazil which we hardly get to see in beauty pageants. Coming from a mixed-race family, she is not only a pride of Brazil, she is a global citizen. It will be hard to ignore her since she has so much to bring to the Miss World org.

Reson 8 – Her Beauty With a Purpose Project:

She is working on a project based on Leprosy. This is a 3 years project of  Miss World Brazil and Catharina is an ambassador of this project. She is already doing a lot of things about it. I think this project based on Leprosy is perfect since many in the third world country are affected. Though curable and it might look simple, many people are ignorant about this disease. There is a stigma attached to people suffering from leprosy. People with leprosy often encounter discrimination. Depending on the level of disfigurement, a person with leprosy receives varying stigma and ostracism. Bringing people’s attention to it will be one big solution.

Meet The Judges: Mister Africa International 2015


It’s three weeks away! and aside the delegates from the 30 countries that will be participating in the MISTER AFRICA INTERNATIONAL 2015, the most important set will be the judges, who will make the decision that will change the life of one young man and make his dreams come true. The House of Twitch and First Model Management have unveiled the names of the judges for this year, four drawn from Africa and one from Asia.

1) Malebogo Busang (Botswana): An extensively read and travelled Events Manager & Decorator, abreast with global trends in the events world. A creative designer focused on fresh ideas, creative event settings with a wide collection of glass vases, event furniture, bar concepts and a healthy network of other supporting event props suppliers, both locally & regionally.

2) Jennifer Osei-Mensah  (GHANA) is the C.E.O of Evolushon Images, a Professional Image Consultancy firm. Miss Osei-Mensah has vast experience in the Beauty and Fashion Industry having presented at and hosted numerous women’s events most notably: The Evolushon Images “Summer Elegance” Spring/Summer Style Update Soiree, October 2013 Pretoria South Africa  and the “ Bedazzled Autumn/Winter Style Update Party,May 2013; A “Touch of Pink” Ladies Pamper Party, The “Get Gorgeous” Ladies Workshop October 2010,  “Celebrating Women” Ladies Tea Party, April 2010,  to mention a few.

3) Brenda Nsukak (Nigeria) fondly known as the man behind the perfect expression is the official choreographer of the Mister Africa International. For nearly 13 years the pageant industry, corporations and individuals have entrusted Brendan Nsikak, CEO of Brendance and Crusader Limited with their most important occasions.he was the pageant Choreographer and Consultant to Miss Nigeria from 2003 to 2009, Miss Tourism Nigeria 2004 till 2007, Miss Environment Nigeria. In 2006, he was Producer and Groomer Prettiest Girl in Nigeria, the Producer/Cchoreographer Sisi Oge Pride of Africa 2013 to date, Groomer/Choreographer, Mr. & Miss Glo Rock & Rule touring 18 cities in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin (Season-1).From 2006 to 2009, he was the Assistant Consultant to Nassarawa State Ministry of Culture and Tourism

4) Bryan Ramkilawan (South Africa) is the current CEO of the Cape Town Fashion Council (CTFC). Bryan is also a director on the board of the SA National Fashion Council and The Commonwealth Fashion Council.Bryan was the country winner in the category, Welfare and Civil Society Organisations sector of CEO Global’s Titans – Building Nations 2015 Awards. Bryan has also been featured as a power player in African fashion byNew African Woman magazine.

5) Susan, CEO, BTM Group of Companies

Will upload picture of  the fifth Judge, Susan, soon.

Special thanks to Mister Africa International Org. for the info.

Why should Miss India – Aditi Arya win Miss World 2015?

Aditi Fotor

‘Why should you be our Miss World?’ Or ‘why should you win Miss World?’ are the questions that is commonly asked every year at Miss World contest to the top 5/7. Though those hopeful of making it to the final round can prepare and answer well but there is nothing like that  matches which comes from the heart and is a spontaneous answer. Though, sometimes, the best answer to this question don’t necessarily let a contestant win the Miss World crown but it does leave an impact to the audience. The final question and answer round is just “As is customary” (in Julia Morley style 🙂 ) But we definitely like to hear our favourite contestants answer to it and clap for them if they are worth it. I would love to hear Aditi answer this dreaded question, although a repeat question, but that leaves a girl nervous. I think Aditi can take this question with ease and confidence and win Miss World. Here are the reasons why I think she should win Miss World!

Reason 1 – Beauty with a brain:

After a long time, we are seeing a Miss India who can speak so well and command your attention when she opens her mouth. She is intelligent and smart. There is flow in her communication and she put her words straight to the point without jumbling up from one point to another unnecessarily. Her communication is her strongest tool. I see her doing well in the interview round.

Reason 2 – Beauty with a Purpose:

She knows the responsibility of being a beauty queen. She knows that beauty queen can impact people apart from influencing the youth fashionably, the way she dresses. Even before joining Miss India, she headed an NGO – Protashan as a communication head. Protashan  is a social enterprise that uses creative education and art innovation to empower street children and young adolescent girls.

Aditi Arya along with her co-worker Sukanksha Gupta,  also initiated a project “BlackBoard Foundation” which aims to get people digitally involved and share their knowledge, education and resources with the less aware, so that they can comfortably co-create a stronger India. You can also share your knowledge too by checking their Facebook page with the same name “Blackboard Foundation”

For her Miss World Beauty with a Purpose Project, she is working on ‘Anganwadi Project’ where she will support 100 anganwadis in the Sonepat district of Haryana. To solve the issue of lack of manpower, she is trying to bring digital media in practice for rural children. The Anganwadi Project is creating training content, installing fans, water purifiers and stationery kits for rural women and children in 100 Anganwadi shelter houses to combat malnutrition and illiteracy.Her BWAP will also revolve around the ‘Beti padhao, Beti bachao” campaign which is about giving education to a girl child and saving her from social stigma.

Reason 3 – True Indian Beauty:

She might not be the prettiest among the Miss World contestants, but she represents a beauty that is modern and chic. When you see her video in simple dresses with minimal make-up or without it, she stills shines and charms you with her fresh look and sweet persona. And when she poses in front of a camera with all those lights, camera and fans, she transformed like a true beauty queens. I love the way she balances her simple and glam looks. The way she carries it with such an ease is quite commendable.

Reason 4 – Her Bewitching Personality:

When she speaks or walks, there is such a calm and warm persona that reflects like a sun ray. Sweet, soft and composed, Aditi Arya just mesmerizes you.

Reason 5 – Perfect Body:

A good body will always help Miss World contestants in Beach Fashion. Although it is still not clear whether the Beach Fashion is cut from the competition or not, I have high hope on Aditi for this round. She has a good and toned body. Thanks to her tall statuesque, this leggy queen can do well in this round if not win this contest.

Reason 6 – Amazing Stage Presence:

She was once asked on twitter, ‘what brings confidence on stage?’ She replied, ‘Stop thinking and focus on your performance as if the stage was built for you.’ Now we know where she got those confidences from. Everyone who have seen Miss India finale can vouch for her amazing stage presence despite not being in their favourite initially. I hate to admit I was one of them. She was always in my top 5 and I thought the best she can achieve was Miss Grand International or Miss International title. She proved me wrong. On the final night, she was just unstoppable. She had the spark, presence, charming persona and great camera projection. Besides what won me over her, was her intelligence and communication skills. She just grabs you attention. From then on, I always believed in her and I just have to be more patience about her grooming and training. Her transformation was worth the wait.

Last but not the least, Reason 7 – Do I even have to say it now? Well, of course, she is MISS INDIA.

Special thanks to my friend Kartik Behl and Vagisha Mishra of The Kaleidoscope of Indian Pageantry for their suggestions and sharing knowledge.

Mister Euro Portugal is Mister Europe Euronations 2016

Euro Eronations

In a contest that not only look for a handsome man but also for his personality, elegance and charisma, Joao Nuno Silva from Portugal won the title of Mister Europe Euronations 2016 that was held at Piscine Koropa in Koungou, Mayotte. He won the title over 11 contestants. Yannick, Mister Euro Suisse, was declared First Challenger while Jose, Mister Euro Spain was declared Second Challenger.

Mayotte is an overseas department and region of France officially named Département de Mayotte. It consists of a main island, Grande-Terre (or Maore), a smaller island, Petite-Terre (or Pamanzi), and several islets around these two.


Special Awards:
Fabio, the Guest of Honor of Mayotte, representing FRANCE, has pledged the Sash of FRIENDSHIP AWARD, created especially for him. Jonas, Mister Euro Sweden wins the Sash of the PUBLIC AWARD


The 12 Contestants:

Fullscreen capture 13-Nov-15 101557 PMFullscreen capture 13-Nov-15 101750 PMEuro contest

Pictures Credit: Mister Europe Euronations

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