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Miss Supranational had announced there would be changed in its format and the edition of this year contest was going to be much bigger and more exciting. While it does manage to live upto its hype and got more media attention than ever, the finale wasn’t any different from its previous edition. I would still say I still enjoy as it is and the stage was magnificent like its previous editions. Production wise, it sure is catching up to Miss Universe and Miss World contest. After wowing everyone, the contest ended with the 2nd crown for India in just a matter of two years and the first for India and Miss Supranational Organisation. While she rightly deserved her title, one contestant that came close to winning the crown was Miss Venezuela ending up with 1st runner up title. The two hosts did exceptionally well. While I enjoyed their stint as a host, it was Davina Reeve who made it more enjoyable. She was just more than a host. She spoke like she was one of the contestants. Her nervousness of who would make it to the next round made it more tensed and thrilling. It wasn’t someone just talking on stage but it was someone who struck a chord with the audience through her words, emotions and her ever ready to appreciate contestants to cheer them. She was just fabulous and different from the rest.

Image credits: Miss Supranational
Image credits: Miss Supranational

The contest started with a presentation of delegates national costumes live on stage with a background score of a cover of Justin Timberlake song ‘Can’t stop this feeling’ They were joined by the two host of the night.  The contestants delighted everyone with their colourful outfits showing their culture, tradition and heritage from their own lands grooving to a cover of different songs such as Martin Solveig’s Do It Right, DNCE’s Cake By The Ocean by DNCE and Calvin Harris’s My Way. This is the one round which will never bored me. Watching people’s culture and trying to understand what it represents is always fascinating. The energy was somewhat low in this round. That’s understandable since contestants had to walk and move wearing their heavy costumes. Some had to walk cautiously and slowly in their heavily decorated national costumes. While the contestants were introduced in batch of three, the intermission by the hosts in between to give time for the next batch of contestants to come on stage was a bit time consuming and kills the excitement. A pre-taped of this round could have been better and saved time. Once done, the contestants could come up on stage in their majestic costumes.

Image Credits: Miss Supranational
Image Credits: Miss Supranational

Next was the swimsuit presentation. This time the ladies were introduced more than two at a time. This round was faster and better than the previous round in terms of presentation and time taken. The first group performed to a cover song Ground Level by Auer feat Natalia Nykiel and the second group had Peanut Butter Jelly by Galantis as their background score.  India, Indonesia, Poland, Russia, Venezuela, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Venezuela were the few ones who stood out.

After the swimsuit presentation, the 71 delegates get to showcase their evening gown with a performance on stage by Polish singer Andrzej Cierniewskn singing What a Wonderful World and Crying Time. Unlike the previous rounds, the contestants were not introduced. Introducing them in their elegant and gorgeous gown would have made the round more interesting. But someone who struck me from the beginning to this round was Miss Venezuela. The tall and stunning beauty just outshined everyone with her amazing stage presence. I was quite fixated on her gown. Love the gown on her. Her tall stature adds more beauty to the gown she was wearing.

Image Credits: Miss Supranational
Image Credits: Miss Supranational

From 71 contestants competing for the main crown, now there were only 25 competing for title of Miss Supranational 2016. Mauritius came in a rather pageant patty red gown. Nothing extraordinary about the gown. Sri Lanka too had a gown which we have seen in many pageants but one thing that works for her is that she looks good in it. She looks so graceful. What works for Russia in her blue gown is her tall stature and modelesque looks. Philippines too wore a gown similar of Sri Lanka. The teal-colored gown which had an off-shoulder draped neckline or top section and split-front skirt looked very classy on her. Hungary wore a white gown that was more suited for a prom or bridesmaid dress. Rwanda’s ball gown didn’t quite impress. Brazil wore a simple blue long evening gown. Poland was in a red ball gown. The energy she brought to the stage speaks a lot for her. Paraguay tulle embroidered red evening gown was one of the best among the 25 finalists. Japan’s gown had too much of glitters. Vietnam looks sexy in a strapless red number. The high front slit with an overlay skirt was a takeaway of the gown. India had a very unflattering black gown. If this round was actually a competition she would have been on the borderline of the top 10. The full sleeve mirror gown of Venezuela was spectacular. Indonesia came with an illusion nude gown with red lines running on top of the nude gown. Mexico’s silver beaded gown was on the safer side. Panama floral applique gown didn’t help to stand her out. Belarus wore a rather simple gown. The silver bead on top with rich blue gown look so simple yet Belarus managed to look elegant in it. Argentina followed in a red mermaid gown. I love Romania’s ball gown. The contrasting colour of the gown work really well. Australia had a mustard colour beaded flowing gown. Netherlands had a beaded sheer gown which had a see through towards the bottom. Ukraine came in a in very flowery gown with a cape. I like the way she was playing with the cape. Myanmar’s red gown with silver linings on the gown was another standout. She also tried playing with her cape by spreading out it out flowing from her shoulder. Slovak Republic followed in a pink number. This was too plain. Suriname was the last one and she looked so cool and pristine in her white mermaid gown. It was those blue floral design applique on the gown which enhanced the beauty of the rather simple gown.

Most of the gowns were too pageant patty. Maybe since there wasn’t going to be an evening gown competition during the finale, the contestants didn’t or their National Director didn’t pay much attention unlike Miss Universe contest.

The Contestants further competed in sportswear round and cocktail round. In the sportswear round, the ladies showed their flexibility and athletic skills while being in the groove of Rinse and repeat by Riton ft Kah-Lo. The cocktail round had the 25 finalists again showing their grace, confidence and presence with a stage performance the famous dou K-Leah and Dharni singing Waiting all night by Rudimental ft. Ella.


Here’s the overall impression of the 25 contestants from both the rounds. Argentina did try to have fun on stage but the energy on stage was missing. Australia was more about walking a runway. Belarus was so much fun to watch. She brings energy that was missing on stage. Brazil was more about balancing the act. Hungary is another tall beauty queen whose assets are her gorgeous face and tall stature beyond the she seems to be lacking some stage presence. India’s performance in sportswear round was good but in the other round, her cocktail dress makes her look short. Every time I look at Indonesia, she reminds me of Katy Perry. She is so fresh. Japan’s performance was a mixture of being fierce and soft. She balanced both so well. Mauritius was low in energy and it was a lackluster performance. Mexico looked like she was trying too hard to have fun and looked appealing. Myanmar was all about come and appear on stage. Her catwalk could have been better. Netherlands personality just shines on stage. Love her smile. Panama seems like she was trying to enjoy being on the stage. Paraguay reminds me of one of the Victoria secret Angels. Philippines looked a bit too serious on stage. Poland was all about having fun on stage and let her presence speaks for her. She definitely was enjoying the attention from the crowd. Romania didn’t do much on stage. Just walked and posed. Russia’s height and her charming smile were her assets. Rwanda despite having a good body and appealing face, she couldn’t deliver a powerful performance. Seems like she was thinking something on stage. Slovak Republic performance was just fine. There wasn’t much spark despite her bewitching smile. Sri Lanka has a sweet and calming personality on stage. Suriname definitely was one of the strongest. I thought the contest for the crown was between Venezuela and Suriname. Ukraine performance was average. Just another contestant who is just having fun on stage. Vietnam was all about smiling on stage. Venezuela is on another level. Her presence, aura and energy speak for herself. She was the star of the night.

The top 10 were announced and they were Myanmar, Belarus, Poland, India, Indonesia, Venezuela, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Suriname and Slovak republic. Indonesia was the winner of internet vote. Whether she was the winner of this audience poll or not, she definitely deserved her placement in the top 10. The Miss Earth syndrome followed Miss Supranational too after Miss Grand International. When Poland was called on stage, Paraguay came on stage instead leaving Poland standing behind. I think it was thoughtful of Miss Poland to stay back or else it would have been awkward moment for Paraguay and further embarrassed her. The Top 10 got a chance to walk on stage to the song of Oliver Heldens X Becky Hill – Gecko (Overdrive) before they were narrowed down to top 5 for question and answer round.

The top 5 were Misses Venezuela, India, Suriname, Sri Lanka and Hungary. For this question and answer round, Question from the top 5 contestants itself. This brings us back to Miss World 2000 but the good thing was that here the contestants were spoke asking question to the contestant.

Image Credits: Miss Supranational
Image Credits: Miss Supranational

Miss Venezuela Valeria Vespoli Figuera to Miss India Srinidhi Shetty – “What is the best thing you have experienced in this beauty competition?
Miss India  – “One such thing… Well thank you for your question. 71 countries 71 delegates fighting for same purpose that is the crown, with unity and love, that’s one thing I am going to cherish forever in my life.”

Miss India Srinidhi Shetty to Miss Suriname Jaleesa Pigot – “Hi Miss Suriname, you look gorgeous. What a man can learn from women and what a woman can learn from men? One any quality?”
Miss Suriname – “Thank you for your question India. Men can learn from woman patience. A lady carries her baby for 9 months, and you need patience for that. What women can learn from men is to take care and to do your utmost best for your loving family. Thank you.”

Miss Suriname Jaleesa Pigot to Miss Sri Lanka Ornella Mariam Gunesekere – “Hi Sri Lanka… What is the definition of beauty for you?”
Miss Sri Lanka – “Beauty to me is inspiration, beauty evokes inspiration. Beauty is something not just on the physical; it’s something that makes you feel. Beauty is something you feel with your eyes closed, it’s the way a person talks to you, the way a person looks at you, and the way a person makes you feel.  And that to me inspires people, and that is beauty.”

Miss Sri Lanka Ornella Mariam Gunesekere to Miss Hungary Korinna Kocsis – “Hello Gorgeous… My Question to you is, what makes you the happiest in life?”
Miss Hungary – Good evening everyone, thank you for the question. Happiest for me would be if you are balanced with yourself. If you are good and your soul is good, I think it’s the happiness. And if your balance is good this could be the happiest thing.

Miss Hungary Korinna Kocsis to Miss Venezuela Valeria Vespoli Figuera – “What is or what are the most important human character for you?”
Miss Venezuela – “Hello, well the most important human character is to respect his elder, to love, to be honest, and always be happy and try to be the best person. Just be positive all the time. Thank you.”

Last year, the top 10 contestants faced questions and they finished their answers in just 2-3 sentences. The questions asked were too simple relating to mostly relating to their activities in Miss Supranational contest. And they answered like they were in a hurry to finish their answers. This year is quite difference. The questions asked were very intelligent and their answers had substance. Miss Suriname and Miss India answer were the best overall. While Miss Suriname answer will struck chord with many women and feminist, Miss India answer about fighting for crown with unity and love reflect the great time the contestants had and without any controversy unlike the previous two international competition before it.

Image Credits: Miss Supranational
Image Credits: Miss Supranational

Before the crowning, the top 5 had their final walk on stage. The song used in this round was Coldplay’s Adventure Of A Lifetime. In the end Miss India was crowned Miss Supranational 2016 over Miss Venezuela. While I think Miss Venezuela would be a great Miss Supranational, Miss India outshines everyone through her amazing personality. Miss Supranational Org. had also released a statement on their official Facebook post that during the preliminary interview contestants were asked who should win the contest. Most of them had mentioned Miss India. This speaks for Miss India victory. One of the best moment of the night was the enthusiasm and happiness the contestants showed when Srinidhi was crowned as Miss Supranational 2016. The answer of Miss India about fighting for the crown but with love and unity proved the crowning moment.

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Miss Paraguay, Stephanie Vasquez Stegman crowned Miss Supranational 2015 (Complete Review)



The show opened with a parade of the nations introduced by the two host hosts of the night and the contestants danced to the song of LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock. I thought it was brilliant. The girls dancing to the groove of the music in their national costume was fun to watch and they seemed to enjoy themselves so much without thinking about the competitions. It was great to see them having a light-hearted moment through that song. The girls were introduced continental-wise. The choreography was great without being too loud, but the introduction of the contestants after each continent could have been done better like they should have directly zoomed into the next continent instead of the two hosts – a former beauty queen, Davina Reeves and Polish journalist Maciej Dowbor, taking some extra seconds to introduce the girls from the next continent. It kills the excitement somehow. Nevertheless, once the girls were introduced again, the excitement level was up because of the good choreography and the excellent choice of the song. If the girl had introduced themselves that would have been better.

Some impressions of mine from the introduction round were: I am not too familiar with Belgium cultures though I try my best to keep updated with world cultures. I love the satanic costumes of Miss Belgium. It reminds me of Mister Belgium costumes at Mister International 2015. I don’t know the significance of the costumes but time to add some more knowledge about Belgium. I think I will love it. Gibraltar’s Pirate costume made me miss the movie ‘The Pirate’s of the Carribean.’ Norway had a Viking costume which made her looked a strong feminine character from a superhero movie. Georgia was lovely. She looked every bit of a beautiful Prince. Estonia looked so gorgeous. Most of the candidates from Europe impressed me the most.

The hosts - Maciej Dowbor and Davina Reeves
The hosts – Maciej Dowbor and Davina Reeves

After the break, the popular Polish rock band, Golec uOrkiestra performed their original song ‘Crazy is my life’. The song was very energetic and a performance worth watching. While the band was performing on stage, we saw the girl enjoying and dancing to the performance backstage. Next was swimsuit round. The contestants wore a two piece swimsuit in different colours, some were in pink swimsuit covered with a same coloured sarong, some were in green, some were in yellow and some were in a mix and match colour swimsuit like Pink swimsuit with a blue sarong. All the contestants took the centre stage walking the ramp to the background score of Taylor Swift – Shake It Off. Again, another great song choice for the background score. I thought each girl will be introduced again or they will walk on stage individually after some time but that didn’t happen. Some funny thought came to my mind. Every time I see yellow colour in beauty pageants, I am reminded of the Jeannie Mai who popularised ‘Yellow is the colour of Joy.’ This time too, I was laughing on seeing the yellow swimsuit while thinking of her. I love Jeannie Mai. It would have been cool to have her here in Miss Supranational.

We got to see another performance by Mirami singing ‘The Party’ll never end’ in between the rounds, good song and a lively performance but by this time, I thought it was getting a bit too much for a pageant. And it looked like some Music Award night.

Then, Indonesia, Mexico, Estonia and Spain who were winners of the pre-event special awards, were on stage. Mexico was the winner of Miss Fashion City. She was asked what was her impression about the contest. She said that it was amazing and a great beginning for all of them as it was the first time they were on stage at Miss Supra National contest. Indonesia who won Best in national costume was asked about the snow which she never had seen before and whether she tasted it. She replied she was excited to see the snow since there are only two weather i.e. hot and rainy weather in Indonesia. Estonia had won Miss Moto and was asked if it was the first time she had seen a fast car. She replied in affirmative and added that it would be cool to see a fast car combined with snow in her country. Spain was asked what it meant to have won Miss Warsaw expo. She said she was honoured to be Miss Warsaw.

Another show again. It was cocktail round and this time all the beautiful contestants walked the stage in their cocktail dress to the song of Christina Aguilera’s ‘CandyMan’,  Misses Indonesia, Estonia, Mexico and Spain who were already on stage in their cocktail dresses opened this round. And were joined by the rest of the contestants. Some of the girls who stood out for me in terms of their presence, catwalks skills or how they work out their dress though some had not so good cocktail dress were Mexico, Estonia, Spain, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Panama, Paraguay, US, Ghana, India, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Albania, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Georgia, Iceland, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Slovak Republic and last but not the least Ukraine.

It was time for the top 20 announcement. Those who made it to the list were Australia, Paraguay, Iceland, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Slovak Republic, India, Malaysia, Japan, Czech Republic, Philippines, Belgium, Rwanda, Poland, Jamaica, US, Kenya and Myanmar. A good top 20 I would say without any surprised. I wasn’t surprised at all. All these beautiful ladies deserved their placement.

Supra 18

Supra 17

The top 20 finalists now moved on to the next round called Black and White. I wonder what it would be. Thought it will be a gown segment but was surprised to see them in swimsuit performing cabaret style to a song ‘Let me think about it’ by Wild Child. They all looked smoking hot.  After this round, we saw a Polish singer Margeret singing ‘Heart Beat.’ Once that was over the top 20 were up for another round ‘Red dress show.’ The host Davina interacted with few of the contestants backstage. I love when she told them 10 more girls will be joining which means that top 20 will be cut down to top 10. The way she said it was pretty funny though it might look harsh and a bitter truth but I thought there was humour in it. For the next Red themed round, each contestant got to have some extra seconds coverage walking on stage in her red dress. Australia was just amazing. Belgium looked gorgeous. Canada: a goddess with a killer look. She had one the best face in the competition. Columbia looked good but lacked energy, didn’t quite live upto expectation. Czech Republic had a presence and she got the moved too. Iceland shined like an angel and she can thank her beautiful face for it. India was so full of life on stage. Such a strong personality she had. Jamaica was so fun to watch. Tall and beautiful, she carried herself well. Japan came across as cold and looked heavy. She almost tripped in this round. Kenya followed next. So glad that she made it to this round but she was pretty much ok for me. Neither outstanding nor the worst. Malaysia looked sexy and she made the background song like it was for her only. Mexico cheery attitude was what I like about her – a beautiful, sensual woman. Myanmar was all about fun on stage. She was appealing to watch. Panama – one of the favourites, was full oozing with confidence. Paraguay – she had an impeccable presence and a queenly aura. Philippines did justice to her sash. She gave a good performance but it wasn’t exceptional. Poland, one of my favourites, was sweet and beautiful but didn’t live upto my expectations. Rwanda – I was so happy to see her in the top 20. I really like her. Slovak Republic looked angelic and calm. US was good in both the rounds though I didn’t expect her to move further.

The top 20 were cut down to the top 10. Australia, Canada, Colombia, Iceland, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Slovak Republic made it to the top 10. The 10 finalists had to compete for evening gown round. The background music used in this round was Chandelier by Sia. The song choices for different were excellent. Australia started the round in her pink gown. Canada reminds me of Natalie Glebova. She was stunningly beautiful and so vivacious. Colombia had a very high energy but her catwalk wasn’t impressive. Iceland wore a ball gown which looked so great on her. I love that gown. India chose to wear a golden gown. It looked similar to what Miss Grand India, Vartika Singh had worn in the evening gown. Malaysia had blue and black combination gown. She carried it so well but I didn’t like the gown especially the colour combination. Mexico was simply outstanding. Such a beautiful woman with a strong personality yet very soft. It’s so pleasing to watch her. Panama was more like she was walking for a fashion week. She looked every bit of a supermodel. Paraguay wasn’t to be left behind. She had such a strong presence and such a queenly aura that only the crown was missing on her head. While going back, she almost tripped. Slovak Republic wore a red gown and she looked red hot. She carried it in style.

Supra gown

For the first time in Miss Supranational History, there was a question and answer round. I did look forward to this round but I didn’t know it was going to be some short of a disappointment. Anyway, let’s look at the question and answers. The question was common to all and the question was, “What would you do if you were crowned Miss Supranational 2015?”

Slovak Republic: I’ll to do my best but first of all, I’ll run to my boyfriend.

Paraguay: Really relieved. I will eat chocolate all day.

Panama: If I win, I will stay in Poland to become a top model and work hard.

Mexico: I would be the happiest woman in the world.

Malaysia: The first thing I would do is scream out loud, go crazy and jump out of the stage.

India: I’ll do a massive Bollywood dance with one billion people back home and all of you here at Miss Supranational.

Iceland: I would be really happy and I’ll spread love and education across the world.

Colombia: I would talk about values and qualities fo a woman and this pageant is not only about beauty.

Canada: I would show to people that being a title holder is about being a leader both nationally, internationally and not just pageantry, but with everyday life.

Australia: I would do my best to be a good role model around the world. But first, Pizza.

Listening to their answers, I thought it was just about having a fun and honest conversation just like what the show was about. Almost all the contestants gave a short and their own individuality answer which was good. All were spontaneous and they in turn made the contest looked so easy and light-hearted.  Canada, Iceland and Australia gave an answer that everyone expected to hear like the 90’s answer. I have no doubt that they will do it had they won. Love the way Miss Australia ended her philosophical answer with a humorous touch – Pizza. Miss Paraguay chocolate answered was just like Miss Universe 1997 Brooke Lee. Miss Slovak Republic was fun too. When I heard the word ‘run to’, I thought she would say her family, but she instead chose her boyfriend. That was very honest and loved it. Malaysia would have really done the same through her winning reactions.

For the Continental Awards, it was so cool to see Mister Poland International  2015, Rafal Jonkisz on stage and giving away the awards.

Supra 5

Miss Supranational America: Angie Keith of Panama
Miss Supranational Asia: Aafreen Vaz of India
Miss Supranational Europe: Petra Denkova of Slovak Republic
Miss Supranational Africa: Sonia Gisa of Rwanda

Miss Supranational 2015 – Miss Paraguay, Stephanie Vasquez Stegman
1st runner up – Miss Canada
2nd runner up – Miss Columbia
3rd runner up – Miss Iceland
4th runner up – Miss Mexico.



Along with the prestigious crown the contestants also competed for the various sub contests. The winners of the Miss Supranational 2015 sub contests are as follows.

Top Model: Monica Castano, Colombia
Best Body: Angie Keith, Panama
Miss Photogenic: Tatana Makarenko, Czech Republic
Miss Internet: Bawk Nu, Myanmar
Miss Friendship: Helena Desmarais, Mauritius
Miss Elegance: Natalia Nunez, Gibraltar
Miss Personality: Maria Antonia Nach Teruel, Equatorial Guinea
Best National Costume: Gresya Amanda Maaliwuga, Indonesia
Miss Warsaw Expo: Raquel Bonilla, Spain
Miss Moto Show: Madli Vilsar, Estonia
Miss Fashion City: Karina Martin, Mexico
Most Beautiful Evening Gown: Bawk Nu, Myanmar
Best Social Media: Le Quyen, Vietnam
Global Beauties´Woman of Substance: Sierra Bearchell, Canada

Congratulations to all the gorgeous winners.

Pictures Credits: Miss Supranational

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