Femina Miss India 2017 Review: Spotlight on Bollywood Star

This year Femina Miss India org brought a lot of changes to it’s format of selecting the finalists. For a change, this year contestants were selected state wise where one girl would be representing her state. So in total we had 30 girls representing 30 states including the half state-half union territory, Delhi. This was very much welcomed by fans across India and it particularly gave a fair representation of the 8 Northeast states. This year saw the highest number of North-eastern women participating in Femina Miss India with the introduction of State wise crowning. Everything started in a good note. The Cox & King Miss Getaway Goddess video of each contestants showcasing their state was fabulous. The bonding of the girls was truly a representation of the India’s unity in diversity. In fact, the pre-pageant finale activities were exceptionally good. This gave us hope that the finale will be grand too since the coverage of each contestants was the highlight of the pageant.

Then the Miss India 2017 finale happened. There were confusions among the fans that whether the contest would be live streamed on Jio TV app. Expectation were high since Femina promised to bring a lot of changes which they did. In the end, one had to rely on their Twitter account and Facebook page for live updates. Thankfully, some fans present at the contest shared videos of the contest. The contest lasted more than 4 hours.

The highlight of the finale was telecast on July 9th, 2017 after almost two weeks. Watching the highlight and watching the actual live show through videos available part by part. There was a big difference. As expected, the highlights had many cuts and edits. Even the top 15 question and answer round were edited and done in a Fast and Furious. Femina Miss India has been doing this way since many years. Maybe some day it might break the records of Fast and Furious sequels which currently stands at 8 sequels. All I could think was, “Were they were also censored by India’s Central Board of Film Certification?”

Back to the finale. Here’s how I would describe about the Highlighted show of fbb Femina Miss India 2017:

Press Conference of Jagga Jasoos: Ranbir Kapoor came to promote his movie Jagga Jasoos. He also perfomed on stage. Miss India stage is a platform for promoting an upcoming movie. Every year, we get to see Bollywood star promoting their movies during the pre finale and on finale night. During pre-finale is fine; it can be considered as one of the activities of Miss India but on finale day, it always overshadow the contestants and fans like me is left fuming over seeing little of the contestants. The moment for contestants became the royal treatment for Bollywood stars.

Synonyms of Bollywood’s running around trees: While in the western movies, trees form a part of scenery or backdrop, here in Indian movies, trees form a part of dance sequence, though over the years we have seen less numbers of trees in our Bollywood songs, but Femina can’t be left behind when it comes to dancing sequence. On stage, the trees are being replaced by background dancers and some props. This year, Alia Bhatt, Sushant Singh Rajput and Ranbir Kapoor were the performer. I wasn’t sure if I was watching IIFA award or Filmfare Award. Sonu Nigam also performed on stage. His performance was the best. The only time I like Miss India dance and song numbers was in Femina Miss India 2013 where Priyanka Chopra paid a tribute to the contestants and India’s diversity through her dance performance, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan performing a very international style well-choreographed number and Sonu Nigam tribute to the contestants.

The Host: Karan Johar and Reteish Deshmukh were the host of the evening. Though I would say I somehow enjoyed their comedy, I can’t count the number of times Karan has appeared on Femina Miss India contest either as judge or host. Miss World had Angela Chow and now Megan Young continually hosting Miss World, Miss India had Manish Paul in the form of Angela and now Karan Johar could be Femina Miss India answer to Megan Young. Gone are the days when an actual TV host would host the finale. I miss those days. They look more professional and more suited to pageant.

The fashion show: – The 30 contestants wore an exquisite Manish Malhotra outfit and walked the stage. They all looked so regal and elegance in Indian traditional outfit. This was also the time for contestants to take the spotlight. The contestants should have come out on stage individually instead of coming together at once and then walked. While I try to concentrate on one contestant at a time, the other contestants on stage distracted me and my eyes would focus on both. That’s not fair! The edited version of this round was so short and can’t fathom the fact the contestants looked so hurried. All due to over emphasizing on editing and the dress. Hate the fact that they would showed the contestant in two frames on one screen. That felt like a they had twin sisters.

Picture Credits: Mr and Miss India Facebook

The questions and answer round – While the top 6 question brings out the eloquence of the contestants, the top 15 question and answer was more like Miss Universe top 10 introduction. Don’t know on what basis the contestants were judged because the question asked were too basic. There were actually only two questions I like which was asked to Miss Haryana and Miss Jammu & Kashmir That really doesn’t determine their intelligence.  Asking someone to sing, tell them about their state, their favourite city etc, don’t really bring out the girl’s intelligence and speaking skills. The girls were actually asked two questions each but here in the highlighted version, we get to only one.

The top 15 question and answer round:

You’re an engineer. Can you code a formula for winning Miss India?
Uttarakhand: Definitely! Being a software engineer, I’ve always believe in working hard. To me, Miss India is more than a title. It is a commitment to become a role model to the youth and touches millions of live by meaningful differences.

If an alien come to your house from the universe, what experience will you give him and why?
Delhi: It’s an alien. It’s completely blank to which we can fill it with an experience form this world. I think anything would be interesting for it.

Our government has put a ban on surrogacy. What is your opinion about it?
Haryana: I think everyone has the right to be a parent so instead of banning surrogacy, the government should focus on preventing exploitation of surrogacy.

You’ve studied journalism. If you have to ask one questions to Karan Johar for an interview what would it be?
Punjab: First of all, I would like to ask Karan that ‘How is he so interesting and How do you manage such charm within yourself?’

Since you’re a lawyer, what would you say about triple talaq? Should it be ban?
Jammu & Kashmir: Being a lawyer, I can tell you that the Constitution supports equality of gender. Therefore I do believe that triple talaq should definitely be abolished.

You play 7 kinds of sports. Which female sportsperson inspire you the most?
Uttar Pradesh: At the north zone, we have Geeta Phogat. I think that her story is so incredibly inspiring that I would give anything to know the kind of determination and passion for her to get where she is today.

Lichha, you’re from the beautiful state of Arunachal Pradesh. Why don’t you tell us something abut Arunachal Pradesh?
Arunachal Pradesh: Arunachal Pradesh is beautifully gifted with forty major communities and one can witness 30 major colourful festivals in a year. We are beautifully diverse yet we are united.

You won Rajnigandha Miss Goodness title. Tell us what did you do to win the title?
Bihar: I didn’t do anything special thing to win the title. May be that’s why I won. I am the way I am. My parents have always taught me to always help others and one should always be the way they are. May be that’s why my co-contestants voted for me.

If you have to go out for a special evening of conversation with any one of the judges, who would you choose and why?
Mizoram: I would pick Bipasha Basu. She is dedicated and passionate in her work. I would like to have an interaction about how she givers herself in whatever she does because you can see that she believes in herself and so genuine.

You’re a state winner from Assam. What is the secret of your beauty?
Assam: The secret of my glowing skin.. I don’t know. I got Miss Glowing Skin, trust me, I apply only and only coconut oil before I go to sleep and nobody believes me that. Trust me I don’t put any make-up. I don’t apply any make-up. Right now yes I am wearing make-up.

You won Miss Fashion Icon title. What is your fashion statement?
Rajasthan: My fashion statement would be, ‘be comfortable, be unique and be happy and keep smiling.’ I think that what makes me unique here.

If you go an offer for a film from a big banner like Yash Raj movie and you would have to wear a sexy bikini. So, would you do the film or leave the movie?
Maharashtra: If I think that it is required to wear a bikini according to the script, then I would definitely do it.

You’re a TV host and host ‘Love Guru.’ Please tell five us an  advice on how to make a woman happy?
Goa: According to me, if a guy has to impress a girl, first of all, please smell good all the time. You are supposed to be presentable and smell good. Second thing, have a great sense of humour like Retiesh Deshmukh.

Tell us one thing about Kerala that is vey special?
Kerela: People in Kerala are very simple down to earth and humble but at the same time they are very simple and believe in theology.

You’re a fitness enthusiast. What advice would you give to Karan about six pact abs.
Karnataka: I think Karan Johar is handsome the way he is. Not just on the body but character, how fun loving he is. I don’t think he needs a six pack to attract anyone.

Top 6 question and answer round:

This was a common question. They were asked in the 30 days of the contest that they had spend time with 30 contestants, what would they take back?

Uttarakhand: I’m honoured to have journeyed along with these beautiful women from all across India. By living with them I’ve learn to appreciate our superficial differences and I’ve learn to celebrate our common love about our nation. I am certainly going to miss this feeling of oneness and unity. I’ve learnt a lot form each one of them about their culture and tradition which I’m sure I’m going to cherish throughout my life. No matter wherever we guys are going to go after this, I want to tell all my fellow contestants that we have made beautiful memories and we all are going to remember each of them.

Haryana: I think this 30 this days that I’ve spent at fbb Femina Miss India with my fellow contestants have been the most dynamic days of my life and the only thing I was certain about was the uncertainty. But the one believe that I would take back with me that would be ‘Yes I can change the world because when I entered Miss India, it was only passion and a purpose but throughout the journey I had a vision though I feel that with that vision in my head and the believe that I can change the world is something I am going to take back with me.

Jammu & Kashmir: I spend 30 days.. . One of the most special journey of my entire life. I’ll cherish for the rest of my life and if I have to take a few learning back home, then this learning would be the warrior spirit of every contestants. 30 different states, it’s a competition but we’ve lived together like a family. It’s the warrior spirit of every contestant, the love, the warmth, the culture they brought here. I’m gonna take the essence of every culture, the essence of their warrior spirit with me.

Uttar Pradesh: I’ve learnt that empathy is the greatest virtue. I’ve learn how to experience all of these 30 girls joy and pain as if were my own. I’ve learnt humility. I’ve learnt intergrity that all of these girls carry with them. I’ve learnt resilience and hardwork know no bound.

Bihar: These 30 days have been the most incredible days of my life. Without a doubt, the most memorable of my life. I’ve learn so many things from this journey. To name a few, I’ve learnt how to be positive all the time and not to let stress get to you. Also, I’ve learnt the importance of acceptance because if we accept ourselves the way we are, it helps us make us unique and stand out among the crowd. And alos the most important that I learnt is there is nothing call good or bad but people are different. I’ve spend 30 days with 30 contestants. And I’ve learnt that each one of us is different and unique and we should always accept our differences, be together and stand in unity.

Maharashtra: I’m very lucky that I’ve got an opportunity to spend 30 days with 30 contestants from different states. The learning I would take back is that they all are unique in their own way and they are very compassionate. One thing that I learnt is that respect each other, love each other never let other down and respect each other. That’s what I’ve learnt in this journey of fbb Femina Miss India.

Opinion on the three winners: Manushi was everyone’s favourite for the crown. She is raw and still needs to be polished. When she speaks, there is warmth and genuineness. In my opinion, when she answered her questions, she spoke or maybe almost like our 90’s Miss India. She commands our attention but she is yet to become perfect like them. Miss India team is there to help her in this regard. Her styling and presence will improve tremendously once she is fully groomed by Miss India expert team. She won Miss Photogenic award. That’s the start. Sana Dua should be send to Miss Grand International 2017. Her background suits Miss Grand International motto “Stop the war and violence.’’ She has strong personality and presence. Her facial feature is very exotic and that makes her stand out. Priyanka Kumari is so likeable. She might look nervous when she speaks but there is innocence in her voice and childlike in the way she speaks. I believe that instead of being a negative point, it works to her advantage and her nervousness add more charm. Her answers were not the diplomatic and philosophical but honest and straight forward. That’s the kind of answer I like to hear. Hope Femina send her to international pageant.



Femina Miss India 2016 review


What’s the one good thing about Femina Miss India pageant? The pageant is not telecast live on TV neither it is stream live in the internet. It keeps the suspense alive as we wait anxiously for the live updates. And what’s the one bad thing about Femina Miss India pageant? We get to see the pageant highlight on Tv after knowing the results. It’s not fun at all. It’s exactly like while watching your favourite movie enthusiastically, your friends are trying to tell you the whole movie story.

This year was no exception. I watched Miss India pageant after a month of knowing the result. And much to the fans dismay, Bollywood was there to rule the night. It’s surprising the that the actual contest was more than 5 hours show and when it was telecast on TV it was just for 2 hours. In fact it was less than 2 hours if there weren’t any breaks. Miss World CEO Julia Morley has attended Miss India finale many times so she must have been used to it by now. But every time she and the reigning Miss World come for Miss India finale it’s something the fans look forward to. While the show goes on all I want to see is Julia and the reigning Miss World.


The host of the evening were Manish Paul and Karan Johar. It seems like Manish Paul will continue to be a host for Miss India event for years to come and Karan Johar playing a guest judge and host in between. Is he trying to break the record of Angela Chow at Miss World pageant? Both Manish Paul and Karan Johar are talented and great hosts with great skills of homour. Their chemistry and humours are amazing but not the kind you want to see in pageants. Less would have been better.

The Bollywood Performances: Most of the time I thought I was watching Bollywood Award show. Imagine yourself being among the audience waiting for the result for more than 5 hours and the endless dances and songs sequence instead of entertaining you, bored you. Femina Miss India 2013 contest was an exception.


The Fashion Show: Most of the girls look amazing and stunning. This was their only chance for them to shine before some actors could come and take the limelight away from them. Girls whom I find stood out were Priyadarshani Chatterjee, Pankhuri Gidwani, Sanjana GL, Vaishnavi Patwardhan, Rajkanya Baruah, Aradhana Burogohain, Shushruthi Krishna, Adya Niraj. Though this round was short, it was the only moment where we could get to see all the girls before being narrowed down to 10 girls only.

The top 10: Dnyanda Shringarpure, Pankhuri Gidwani, Navpreet Kaur, Priyadarshini Chatterjee, Natasha Singh, Roshmitha Harimurthy, Gayathri Reddy, Sushruthi Krishna, Vaishnavi Patwardhan and Aradhana Buragohain were the top 10. The exclusion of Rajkanya Baruah, Adya Niraj and Sanjana GL was surprising. Nevertheless the top 10 was great.

Bollywood Actor Varun Dhawan with the top 10
Bollywood Actor Varun Dhawan with the top 10

Let’s have a look at the top 10 questions and answer round:

If you have the option of being the judge tonight and have the option of choosing any three Femina Miss India 2016, who would you choose? You cannot choose yourself.
Priyadarshini Chatterjee: If not me then I would to choose Roshmitha, Shusrithi Krishna and Vaishnavi Patwardhan because I believe that three of them are equally hardworking and I believe that they have the potential and eligibility criteria to win the title.

If you have to choose any three different people among the audience and judges to change your life, to be your best friend and life-partner, who would it be and why?
Shusruthi Krishna: If I have to choose one person to change my life, it would be Miss Morley because I think she has done tremendous amount of work. She has really inspired and touched the life of a millions of people across the globe. If I have to have a best friend, it would be my mother sitting up thre in the audience because she has been with me in everything I have gone through in life. And if I have to marry someone I think I’ll have to choose Arjun Kapoor.

If you were a pet who would you like to be and who would you choose as a master in all of the judges present here today?
Vaishnavi Patwardhan0: If I could be a pet, I would definitely be a hamster because they are so so cute and I’ve always wanted one and I think I would choose my master to be Arjun Kapoor because who wouldn’t want to stay with him all the time like he would pet me.

If you could be on the cover of a magazine Filmfare, Femina, Time Magazine, India today or Vouge, which one could it be?
Aradhana: If I have to choose I would go for Femina first then the others will follow.

If you could be Aishwarya Rai or Priyanka Chopra, who are successful Miss India winners and why?
Dnyanda Shringarpure: That’s really a tough question. Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra are me role models and they the one who inspired me to come here. They are the reason why I am standing here . So It’s a difficult choice for me but If I were to choose, I would choose Aishwarya Rai because she is a classic example of Beauty with a Purpose and she has done a lot for the community and she has done a lot for India. That is the reason why I would choose Aishwarya Rai.

If you have to go back in time and relive history in mythology,  Ram Sita, Krishna Radha, Romeo Juliet and Shah Jahan Mumtaj and why?
Gayathri Reddy: I would choose Shah Jahan Mumtaj because they really love each other and I think that love is the most important thing that people need to survive.

If you were to have a choice to be Miss India 2016 winner or owner of Miss India org forever, who would you choose and why?
Natasha Singh: I would choose Miss India 2016 winner because it has een my childhood dream to become Miss India and I have really worked hard to become Miss India. So I would choose Miss India 2016 winner and later owner of Miss India.

If you were given a choice to be a future Prime Minister wife or launch in a blockbuster movie of Karan Johar, what would you choose and why?
Navpreet Kaur: I would choose the second option to be cast in Karan Johar movie because it has been my childhood dream to become Bollywood actress and express myself to the world and to everybody that I can play different roles. I think I would choose to be a part of your movie (looking at Karan Johar)

Assume this all this famous personalities are young, single and unmarried, who would  you choose as your life partner and why? Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli.
Pankhuri Gidwani: Well It’s a very difficult choice. All the people you mentioned are great people and have earned a lot of respect in our own country but I would choose MS Dhoni because he is the one who has brought cricket team to the epitome of what it be and we hae faced a lot of problems where we couldn’t win matches but then he was the one who brought it up, he was the one who brought the youth into the figure and that is why  I would choose him.

What is that one headline you would like to read in Time’s of India Newspaper two years from now ?
Roshmitha: The most successful Indian business women who won Miss India 2016.

Unlike previous years, this year the questions asked had too many choices and options to choose which can be very difficult for the girls to answer. There were hardly any direction questions or questions on social issues. Without looking at the content of the answers, Priyadarshini Chatterjee, Pankhuri Gidwani, Shrushuthi Krishna and Navpreet Kaur were the best in terms of delivering their answers with confidence and when they speak their voice and personality charm you.

The top 5 based on the top 10 question and answer round were deserving. Roshmitha who never was in my favourite list from the start was growing on me. It wasn’t surprising to see her in the top 5 considering how she shined on the final night. The top 5 again had to face the last question and answer round before the winners could be decided. They had to face a common questions.

Superstar Sharukh Khan serenading the top 5
Superstar Sharukh Khan serenading the top 5

The question was: What are the qualities required to be Miss India and why do you think you should be crowned the next Miss India

Navpreet Kaur – ” A Miss India should have a compassionate heart, a good body and should be a hard working person and I have all these qualities.”

Pankhuri Gidwani believes a Miss India should have a focused mind, a good heart and a good set of lips to smile and spread happiness. She said, “ I am a people person and I believe I have all these qualities to be the next Miss India.”

Priyadarshini Chatterjee – “Miss India should be true to herself, she should have a personality to refelect who she is. My personality reflects that and that’s why I should be the next Miss India.”

Roshmitha Harimurthy – “Miss India should have an emotional stability, humbleness and empathy and I have all these 3 qualities.

Sushruthi Krishna – “The qualities that a Miss India should have are perseverance, hardwork and unconditional love for what you do. I believe I have all the qualities.”

After this round, the three winners were crowned by last year winners and they were Priyadarshini as Miss India World, Sushruthi Krishna was 1st runner and Pankhuri Gidwani was 2nd runners up.


Miss India World 2016 with Miss World CEO Julia Morley and Miss World 2016 Mereia Lalaguna
Miss India World 2016 with Miss World CEO Julia Morley and Miss World 2016 Mereia Lalaguna

One of the best set of winners, the winners of Femina Miss India 2016 are all beautiful and have the potential to do really well at their respective international pageants. Once the training and grooming are over, the transformation of Priyadarshini, Sushruthi and Pankhuri is going to be  mind blowing. They already have impressed the fans even before the Miss India finale and confirmed their favouritism by being in the top 3. So, it’s going to be worth the wait.

fbb Femina Miss India 2015 question and answer rounds

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The top 10 question and answer round:

Anil Kapoor to Aafreen Vaz: Share one motivational quote that influenced your life
Aafreen: Be your own best friend

Manisha Koirala asked contestant Aditi Arya, “As a potential celebrity, it has pros and cons, how have you prepared for it ”
Aditi: “While I will figure out pros and cons, whenever the cons will exceed pros I will take all the safety measures required.”

Shilpa Shetty to Deeksha Kaushal,”If you had to change anything in history what would it be?”
Deekha: “I don’t want to change anything as today whatever exists it’s because of our past so don’t want to change anything.”

Shaimak Davar to Naveli Deshmukh, “If you had to invite three people over for dinner who would they be”
Naveli: “Barack Obama, Narendra Modi and my mom”

John Abraham to Rakshitha, “If you had to describe concept of a woman to a man in India how would you do that?”
Rakshitha: Beauty and kind-hearted, that’s how I can best describe a woman

John Abraham to Rakshitha, “If you had to describe concept of a woman to a man in India how would you do that?”
Rakshitha:  Beauty and kind-hearted, that’s how I can best describe a woman

Firoz Nadiadwala to Rewati Chetri, “How do you define success?”
Rewati: Success is where I want to see myself in what I do the best

Sonu Nigam to Rushali Rai, “If you had the option of living someone’s who would that be?”
Rushali: ” Priyanka Chopra as she is my idol”

Sandeep Khosla to Sushrii Shreya Mishra, “Who is your favourite female character and why?”
Sushrii: Geet from ‘Jab We Met’

Abu Jani to Tanya Hope: “When you wake up in the morning and see yourself in mirror what do you see?”
Tanya: “I see imperfection but I see a will to change the world for better.”

Sonali Bendre to Vartika Singh: “Is physical beauty a curse or a boon?”
Vartika: “Physical beauty can be a curse as well as a boon, I say so because I have felt so. Being beautiful can hurt sometimes but being beautiful is a great thing as well.”

The top 5 common question and answer round:

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The top five finalists were asked one common question for the final round. And the question was “At what age do most people become old and what is the secret to staying young?”

Vartika: “Ageing is a state of mind. When you start thinking you’re old, you feel old but when life brings new surprises everyday then you will always stay young.”

Tanya: “Staying young at heart makes us young forever.”

Aditi: “While age is all in your head..a person becomes old when they stop living for your dreams but if you continue to chase your dreams you stay young.”

Deeksha: “Young person doesn’t exude oldness. Oldness and youngness complement each other.”

Aafreen: “Transition from young to old is subjective…when you start behaving old you feel old and if you smile then you stay young.”

Left to Right: Vartika Singh, Aditi Arya and Aafreen Vaz
Left to Right: Vartika Singh, Aditi Arya and Aafreen Vaz




Winning answers of fbb Femina Miss India 2014 winners


Here’s the answer of the the three winners of fbb Femina Miss India 2014 in the top 5 round.

In this past 30 days what are you going to take back from Femina Miss India?

fbb Femina Miss India World 2014 winner Koyal Rana – I think we had a beautiful batch this time and I learnt a lot from each one of them. We are all so vibrant and dynamic. At the same time we are professional when that is required of us. We had a lot of fun together. We are a bunch of talented people and as we know that India is full of beauty and talent.

fbb Femina Miss India 2014 1st runner up Jhataleka Malhotra – I’ve learnt a number of things from all the other 23 contestants, since every individual has something different to share. But the most important thing that I learnt in this journey was how to remain calm and composed.

fbb Femina Miss India 2014 2nd runner up Gail Da’Silva – The values that I’ll take back is simplicity because that’s one thing that they have taught me and that is something that I’ll take back for the rest of my life.

Left - Right: Jhataleka Malhotra, Koyal Rana and Gail Da Silva
Left – Right: Jhataleka Malhotra, Koyal Rana and Gail Nicole Da Silva

Femina Miss India 2013 review


The show started with the host of the night – Manish Paul cgiving a short speech saluting the women of today and about the qualities that makes them beautiful. To celebrate fifty year of Miss India contest, a video was showed with some of the former Miss India sharing their experiences as Miss India and the things that they learnt from the contest that helped them established as strong independent women. Then Godrej Appliances and Pond’s Femina Miss India felicitated social activist Urmi Basu with a special ‘Woman of Substance’ award for her constant work towards the upliftment of women in the red light areas in Kolkata.

The real competition started with an ‘Introduction Round’ where all the 23 contestants were walked the ramp in cocktail dress. While the contestants walked the ramp they introduced themselves through a pre-recorded voice. Then the trio of Grand Masti – Vivek Oberoi, Aftab and Ritesh Deshmukh came on stage joining the host and the contestants on stage. If appearing on stage and taking away the limelight from the beautiful contestants, they also danced to their own film song. That was absolutely unnecessary and again proved to many fans that Miss India was more of Bollywood event. There are other events which are much better platform to promote their films.

The Judges and the contestants
The Judges and the contestants

Next, the contestants get to show their dancing skills on the song ‘Radha teri chunri.’ Soon the swimsuit round followed. The beautiful ladies walked the ramp in two piece neon swimwear. 23 beautiful women but the limelight given to them was so short. Felt like watching Miss World introduction where they had to give footage to more than 100 representatives from different countries in a matter of second.

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Soon after, the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan took the stage to perform a dance sequence. This was her first appearance after three long years.  She performed on the number ‘Udi’ from Guzaarish. She danced so elegantly in the red and black flowy attire and her tap dance moves, choreographed to perfection by Shiamak Davar. This is the kind of performance that we want to see on Miss India stage. Sonu Niigam’s performance was next. He charmed everyone through his melodious voice and mesmerizing performance. As a tribute to Miss India beauties, he rendered his voice to songs like ‘Chehra hai ya chand khila hai’, ‘Mere rang mein rangne waali’, ‘O haseena zulfon wali’ and ‘Yeh jawaani hai deewani’. He was flanked by the aspiring Miss India dressed in beautiful gowns by designer Gavin Miguel in different hues of gold.


Soon it was time to announce the Top 10 lucky girls out of the 23 contestants. Out of these 10, one was chosen through an online poll. Shobhita Dhulipala was crowned as the ‘Itimes digital diva’ by Karan Johar.

The top 10 were Anukriti Gusain, Apurva Lonkar, Gail Nicole Da Silva, Navneet Kaur Dhillon, Sagarika Chettri, Sobhita Dhulipata, Srishti Rana, Swati Kain, Vijaya Sharma and Zoya Afroz.

The top 10 Question and Answer round:

Anukriti Gusain
If you had the chance to exchange your beauty for anything else in the world, what would you exchange it for and why?
If I have to exchange my beauty I would go for intelligence because I believe beauty without brain stand nowhere.

Apurva Lonkar
There are parents today who raise their children without letting them watch TV or look at the internet. What do you feel about it?
I feel parent who raise their children without letting them watch TV, they shouldn’t ban them completely because TV also shows some important knowledge that children can gain. That’s what I feel about it.

Gail Nicole Da Silva
Well today which is more significant to you – today’s sunrise or you’re looking forward to tomorrow’s sunset?
For me, both are equally important as with every sunrise there is a new opportunity that come our way and it depends on us how much we make the best of that opportunity and with every sunset, we get to know all the things, the things that we regret, the things that we learn at the end of the day that we should not have done.

Navneet Kaur Dhillon
If there would be no rules in your life for one day and you could be outrageous, what would you do?
If there were no rules in my life for one day, I would ride a horse in the busiest street, go on the tallest building and scream that “This world is so beautiful, Live it to the fullest.”

Sagarika Chettri
Besides being beautiful, what else people would you like to think about you and why?
I would like to be known a beautiful human being for my good deeds and or the person I am, for a positive outlook that I have towards life and one who is very beautiful from within.

Sobhita Dhulipala
What do you think of the government’s restriction on dress code in schools and colleges?
I do not think the government has a right to impose restriction on uniform because, a deficiency in moral policing cannot be compensated by imposing insensible rules that only take away freedom. A strong sense of understanding and respect for conduct should be inculcated. Only that will bring a change that is real and lasting.

Srishti Rana
What are the three things you would never do to hurt the person you genuinely love?
The three things I would never do to a person I genuinely love would be; I would never cheat to the person anyway, I would never lie to that person and I would never run away in difficult situation when he needs me the most.

Swati Kain
You have a chance to make one call after which all the phone line dies. Apart from your parents who would you call?
If I have to make that one last call I would genuinely love to call the late Jyoti Singh Pandey – The Delhi gangrapre victim and just ask her about her health and how she is doing in heaven. And one more thing I would ask her is would she like to be born again as a girl.

Vijaya Sharma
If you could be water or fire, which could it be?
I would choose water because it can be soothing, it can be protective and it can kill also and it is very important for all of us and nobody can live without it.

Zoya Afroz
If you were crowned Miss India tonight, what message would you give to your fellow contestants and to the world?
If I were privileged to be crown Miss India tonight, the message I would like to give to my fellow contestants would be that we are all winners tonight. Having reached this far, the message I would give to the world or rather would like to say tp the world that I feel so grateful to be crowned Miss India tonight and to use my beauty for a noble cause.

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Priyanka Chopra

While the judges were busy over deciding who should be in the top 5, former Miss World and Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra charmed the audience and viewers with her ‘desi girl’ number. To showcase the true essence of Pond’s Femina Miss India 2013, which had beauties from all across the country competing for the title, Priyanka performed on dance forms like the kathak, bharatnatyam, Assamese bihu, Maharashtrian lavani, Gujarati garba, Manipuri raas leela Marwari ghoomar, Punjabi gidda etc. She was joined by the contestants showing the true diversity of India.

The top 5 result didn’t come as a surprise. Overall it was a good top 5. But I would have loved to see Sagarika Chettri in this round. She was so confident and positive besides having an amazing stage presence. The five finalists to face the last question and answer round before being crowned as Miss India were Zoya Afroz, Srishti Rana, Shobhita Dhulipala, Anukrti Gusain and Navneet Kaur.

The common question was “If you were to die tomorrow, what would be your one regret?”

Zoya Afroz  – “I don’t think i have any regrets. I am that kind of a person who learns from mistakes. It has made me the person that I am today”

Srishti Rana – “I just missed a new beginning”

Sobhita Dhulipala – This reminds me of a quote I read of Marilyn Monroe. It says, ‘Fears are stupid. So are regrets’. So I have inculcated this belief that whatever I do, I do it fearlessly. If it turns out good, it is a memory I will cherish. If it ends up negative, it is a lesson I learnt. So I don’t believe in the concept of regret. However, if I had to pick one regret, it would be  sibling rivalry because, as I grew older I realized how much love there really is between my sister and I. That’s all. Nothing else. No regrets.’

Anukriti Gusain – “If tonight I won’t be able to win the crown that will be my biggest regret”

Navneet Kaur – “The only thing I would regret would be not having done much for society. Abhi tak maine society ke liye woh sab kuch nahi kiya hai, I would love to work for Women empowerment, Child labour and social evils of our society.”

Among the top 5 answers, I loved the way Anukriti answered her question. It was short and humorous but very honest and straight from the heart answer. But this is Miss India contest. The one with a philosophy and world peace type answer always have an edge over someone who is very honest in her answer. The result was announced and Navneet Kaur Dhillon from Chandigarh was crowned as Miss India. Sobhita Dhulipala and Zoya Afroz were her runners up in the contest.


Femina Miss India 2012 review


What I really like about this year Miss India pageant is that seeing the contestant of PFMI’12, it reminds me of the 90’s Miss India pageant, all of them naturally beautiful women when the pageant world is so focus on women with tall, sexy, half baked intelligent girls. What I also like about this year pageant is that after a long time we have a well balance diverse contestants. Eg. After a long time we have two beautiful Muslim women ( Sana Khan and Farah Hussain) and three girls from the northeast (Himakshi, Sonam and Sukalpa Das). This is how I want to see Miss India – girls from diverse background and regions.


The pageant started with the judges introductions who walked on stage. I prefer the judges to be introduced from their chairs.  That is more classic and more time saving. Then the contestants walked the stage with their dresses design by well known designer. My thoughts on their style, presence, catwalk, attitude etc

Astha – She is beautiful, tall and can be classy sometimes but when she was walking, she wasn’t smiling at all. She was way too serious. I felt like she was walking the runway but even for that she looked way too serious again. Didn’t feel she enjoyed the moment.

Erica – The most freshest girl, young, energetic, spunky and a smile that is so beautiful, but noticed that her hair strands keep coming on her face which kind of distract me to enjoy her beautiful face.

Farah – Have the body that works well for swimsuit round but her face just wasn’t that appealing as her killer body. She is more suited for Cover girl.

Himakshi – Thought she had lost her momentum but when she walks, she walked with confidence, calm and a warm personality which is hard to ignore. She deserved the Top 10 spot.

Ipshita – I have been very critical of her but boy she just blows me away. Her catwalk was fierce, beautiful and calm and confident. She is suited for Miss Universe pageant. I am sure if she was in the top 15 of Miss Universe then she would have ace it.

Karuna –Not much a fan of her. She being in the top 20 is good enough for her. She was walking so consciously like she was about to have a nervous breakdown.

Nikita – I have the same feeling as I have for Karuna. Her catwalk was a big disappointment. In fact most of the girls who made it to the top 10 really need to work on their catwalk skills.

Prachi – The girl I wasn’t too proud of. She really needs to work on her catwalk skills. Having said that, it was her charming smile, confidence, her height, personality that won me over. Now I can say that she deserved the crown and thank God I love her improvement post the pageant.

Purva – Ffter Rochelle, she is the one who has the queenly aura and a calming effect that you just don’t want to miss.

Rochelle – Do I need to say more about this beauty? Amazing girl! I could definitely felt her presence oozing with confidence, hard work and the determination to win the crown. Charismatic, cheerful and a calming personality I could see that determination from that; she really wants to win the crown.

Ruhi – An overall improvement, but still lacks the beauty and personality that requires you to be a winner. This being her second time, I could not see that says how badly she wants to win the crown.

Shamata – There’s something dramatic and whimsical about her I really like.

Sana Khan – She looked young and fresh, full of energy and but her catwalk was a bit distracting. Too much of moving the hands around the hips which most of the girls did which isn’t quite a good thing to do in a beauty pageant.

Sneha – I hold the same feelings towards her the way I have for Ipshita. She was robbed big time. Her catwalk was very much suited for Miss Universe swimsuit round.

Sonam – only if she had made it to the top 5. Charismatic, beautiful and exotic. She was so confident and calm when she walked. Just loved her. And She reminds me of my fav. Miss Universe contestants Karura Chibana.

Sonampreet – Beautiful woman but I wasn’t impressed at all. The sparks of being there on stage was missing.

Vanya.- I hate to say this I have always been critical of her but she was so regal and calm, you just wanna look at her because of her confidence and resemblance to few great actresses. The camera is going to love her if she knows how to give that different looks every time.

Vidhi- Though she was good but her catwalk wasn’t that impressive. And when she was walking it was as if she was thinking something else.

The girls who owned the night before the top 10 announcement were Erica, Ipshita, Prachi, Sonam, Sneha and Vanya.


Erica was asked by the host whether she would like to be born in the past or future (present not allowed). She replied she would rather be born in the past because from her school days she had been taught about royalties, how princesses and queens were treated. She felt that she belong there and wanted to be treated like princesses and queens. Erica might have justified her answers to the question but she was so nervous and thought her answer was very individualistic. If she had talk about some history of the world that leads to development I am sure she would have made it to the top 5. It might be a cliché but people still loves to hear those answers.

Himakshi choosed Sonu Nigam who asked her which super power she would like to possessed. She said that she would like to possess Time Space continual which meant she could travel back and forth in time so that she could saw the glorious past and the magnitude of the future. She also said she could lived her memorable days like the present of being in the pageant and in top 10 again and again. Himakshi could have done better if she had said she wants to have a super power like Super women or spider women to save the world. Too pageant patty but that’s what people want to hear.

Sonam Pachey said she thought that God had been unfair to her and during the last 30 days she learnt that destiny lies in one hand’s only on being asked what has been the biggest learning experience for her during the pageant training. A bit too nervous and tricky question. Wish there was no top 10 interview round or else She could have made it to the top 5. I wish she comes back next year wiser and more prepared.

Prachi was asked by Sonali Bendre what distinguished Indian women from the rests of the women from the world. She replied Indian women were more loving and learnt to share love, having lived in a close knit society they were still able to balance their life and achieve their goals. It’s a commendable job for her to speak in Hindi. And she nailed this round.

Purva Rana was asked what role does men play the most important in women’s life – as a father, son or partner. Rohit shetty was her judge, She said men played an important role in women’s life in all stages…this was tricky question too. Bad that she got this one.

Rochelle picked Sanjeev Bajaj as her judge who asked her what biggest lesson as a child she has learnt which she still hold. She replied no matter how hard life was and difficult it could get and faced failure, she learnt to smile and accept it gracefully and even work harder more and never to give up..just smile and work harder which is why she is here today. Rochelle is the most confident and the person with a queenly aura who talks like a real women while others speaks a like a girl on their way to become a princess. As a whole the stage was hers only.

Sana Khan on being asked the reason for institution of marriage declining by Shakshi. She claimed it was because of the socio economic development. Socially because of the influenced of other culture and economic development because with the economic development women were more developed and well aware of their rights and women wanted to enjoy their independent life instead of marrying a an abusive man and becoming a victim of social injustice. Sana Khan blows me away with this answered. Question has been asked about divorce and marriage many times but I find this one really original and fresh.

Shamata was asked about the three qualities in a relationship that was the most important..She replied nervously being honest, communication, thrust and respect. She was so nervous and I could feel it. Her answer when explaining it further was too cliché and nothing new about it.

Ipshita got Sonam as her judge and was asked about the invasion of privacy on being famous. She replied that being famous she could travel and unite people and do something good for people. She loved being famous and that’s why she’s here today.

Vanya was asked by the last judge Harbhajan, what qualities apart from being honest etc would your partner must have. She replied respect, respect not just for her and her family but for the society and others.. Wonder why she speaks so hesitantly just like Kanishtha although she has been very good at this round.


All the lady were asked the same question whether they would create a 1000 jobs people or feed 1000 children.

Ipshita said she would feed 1000 poor children as they the future so that they can grow up and shine

Prachi choose to create 1000 jobs so that a person can live for himself and family and feed the children

Rochelle explained that 1000 jobs will create a better live for people but feeding 1000 poor kids would be good for the society as they are future of the country and she will also give them education so that they don’t end up in the same situation they were in and empower more people to do the same.

Sana Khan choose feeding 1000 kids as she thought they are the future of the country

Vanya Mishra chose to feed 1000 kids as children are innocent and they can melt peoples heart. She will also give them education so that they feed the family


I thought Rochelle was the best among the Top 5 and going by her answer I thought she deserved the Miss India World Crown but Marc has a different plan for her. I could see her disappointment when she was announced as Miss India International. She was trying hard to smile when crowned by Ankita. Whether she won Miss International or not, I think she did not deserved this title.



The best Moment of Miss India Finale were reigning Miss World Ivian Sarcos gracing the contest wearing a traditional Indian attires and whenever Prachi name was called out, I love the surprised look on her face, her enthusiasm and excitement. That’s a pure innocent surprise and so lovely. One of the best surprises of all times.


Femina Miss India 2011 review


This review was written by me in 2011 right after Miss India 2011 contest. Without changing any content, I am posting it here again. Enjoy reading!

This year Femina Miss India was kind of or more of Bollywood affairs. With lots of dances and long performances, some unnecessary it almost overshadow the event and the contestants. The introduction of the contestants was so short and I felt that a lot was concentrated on the four guys than the 20 beautiful girls. I wonder why they all had to perform when there were other actors who had performed already. It was like watching a Bollywood award. Performances by Hard Kaur, Malaika, SSQ superstars and Sunidhi Chauhan were rocking but it should have been short like Sunidhi chauhan performance to ‘ I can feel your heartbeat’ song. Anushka’s performance wasn’t as energetic as expected, Sonakshi danced beautifully but again too long. The comedy act by Ali, Krushna and Kapil was hilarious but I wouldn’t want to see them in this kind of event or platform. I better see them in Comedy circus. As for the Host, Manish Paul did really well as a host and making us laughed with his humours in between. Sonu Sood tried hard to be a good co-host. All in all, the event almost took away the limelight from the contestants. It was only the question and answer round in the top 10 and top 5 that was their saving grace because we don’t get to see their introduction much, not much catwalk because of over editing. The contestants whom I personally felt stood out before the top ten were Ankita M, Ankita S, Shweta Dolly, Kanishtha, Hasleen, Priyanka Mathur, Aparajita Sharma And Rakulpreet.

The most memorable moment was when Fardeen Khan walked on the stage to crown the People’s Choice Miss Indiatimes 58888 winner, he noticed that one of the contestants had lost her shoe on the ramp. He picked up the red stiletto and looked around for the ‘princess’ who’d lost it. Bending on his one knee he put the shoe back on her foot. It was a moment that was cheered with hoots and claps from the audiences. Truly a Cindrella moment!

All the last year winners – Manasvi, Nicole and Neha, all looked gorgeous, stunning and hot. I wonder why Femina didn’t officially give recognition to Nicole’s success. They had done it already when she came back to India after winning Miss Earth 2010 but if they really want to felicitate Nicole’s victory, Miss India finale was the best platform to do so.

Let me review the each top ten contestant’s performance now. I think this year questions were much better than that of last year’s. We have had question like “what is your dream role”, t”he strongest quality” etc last year. And this year there were some repeated questions from previous editions.


Akita Mohapatra – Nervous and had she answered the same way she did in her top ten round she could have been a winner. But she seemed to rehearse and trying to memorize when she speak. I think her Femina Miss India East performance is better (may be because she was competing with lesser known contestants).
Ritu Kumar – What are the challenges faces by the present youth today than those face by earlier generations. What do you think?
Ankita M – I think the youth of today are facing little more pressure with more competitions, the feel, the urge to make a mark for themselves in this era of competitions but it is about survival of the fittest. So with determination, of course, you can survive and make a mark for yourself.

Ankita Shorey – calm, composed and well spoken. Can be a great orator. She reminds me of Miss Earth 2007 and Miss India Asia pacific 1997 who are unconventionally beautiful.
Leander Peas – In your opinion which technological invention the last 60 years has change our life the most and can you elaborate on that?
Ankita S – Human mind is a huge repository of invention. Some made in the past and some more to be made in the future. According to me, one invention in the last 60 years which has changed our life drastically is the invention of internet. I feel the internet has change the way of life for all of us. It has made the world the smaller place we live in with all the communication our tips. Internet has change the way we communicate, the way we work and play and live.

Aparajita Sharma – The oomph girl. She is a combination of beauty and sexy.. She spoke confidently but her answer wasn’t that great.
Tarun Mansukhani – Do you believe that the best things com for free. If not why?
Aparajita – I don’t think, believe best things in life comes for free. I believe in that phrase ‘there’s nothing called free launches’ and I am confident right now and so wherever platform you go, wherever you go, whatefield you are in, you have to really work and discipline in your life, otherwise you cannot face challenges.

Asmita Sood – I guess she really was too eager to answer and likes to be a talkative. She didn’t even get the joke when Sajid asked her since when did she stop eating and then she goes on and on. She herself is a complex girl though her answer was partly true. But I feel pity for whoever is going to be her boyfriend.
Sajid Nadiawalia – There’s a saying the way to a men’s heart is his stomach and what is the way to a women’s heart?
Asmita Sood – Oh well! Women are very very demanding. The way to a men’s heart is his stomach for sure but a women is a very complex person and a complex being made by God. And According to me the way to a women’s heart, as I am a women, would say, I feel you can make a women shop, you can go out for movies, dinner, hang out with her, do all crazy things and whatever she wants to do, her dreams and aspiration and I feel you’ll still won’t find a way to a women’s heart.

Dayana Erappa – She is a classic beauty with limited brains. The way to improve her communication skills is to read books, books and books. Didn’t she realized the question she got was the same as Dimple Patel got in the top five q and a round last year? Had she watched it she could have an idea what to answer.
Shiamak Danvar – What is the difference between spirituality and religion?
Dayana – Spirituality is that you believe in one God and the religion is that you believe in different God like hindu, muslim, Christian. I think there shouldn’t be any classism in this country. India is a country of oneness and we all should be spiritual.

Hasleen Kaur – Liked the response she gave to the anchor while he was trying to have a little bit of fun. After hearing what she said I think she deserved the second spot though I would like her for Miss World. Her answers are logical, short and factual. The question was the same as Parvathy Omnakuttam got in the Miss India final round and I prefer Parvathy’s answer.
Kangana Ranaut – What in your view is the reason for increase in divorce rate in India?
Hasleen – I feel the increase in divorce rate in India today is that people don’t have time for each other anymore. There’s more pressure in life, there’s so much things happening around we tend to forget the most important component in a relationship is communication and because of the time paucity, we cannot devote time for communication. Unless you have that you cannot propel a relationship and I firmly believe in that.

Kanishtha Dhankar – Her answer was more of opinionated answer and I believe it really was justified but a difficult one to do so. She spoke well, confident but a little hesitant. Her question was the most tricky.
Anchors question – Would you support mercy killing of someone who is terminally ill and has no hope for recovery or do you think that is not for human being to make decision to end human life?
Kanishtha – I think mercy killing is a very delicate topic but if somebody is terminally ill and there is no hope of recovery, I think, I as an individual believe that it would be okay because it is the stress on the individual of the family to go through emotional and financial stress and be able to take decision on behalf of the person.

Purva Rana – She really was nervous. Couldn’t answered well but whatever she said I agree with her. Dhoni has gone through a lot, some unnecessary criticism from media or the BCCI for trying to be outspoken about the bureaucratic style of BCCI. She was assured that her question was going to be exciting but more than being excited she was nervous.
Prachi Desai – Dhoni is India’s most successful captain and Sachin is the world most successful batsmen. If you could be either one of them, who would you choose and why?
Purva – Dhoni because he is the man who has come through a lot. We were not able to win the World cup in 2007 and we are a winner now. The responsibility, patriotism, Dhoni has shown on his shoulder, with no offence to Sachin, he is a great man. So from my perspective I would like to be Dhoni.

Rakulpreet Singh – a beautiful lady who reminds me of the yesteryear actress the late Divya Bharti. She just was so beautiful on that stage but it was her answer which really put me off. She blushed and Fardeen asked her why she was blushing than she said the host ask me something and then said again, “Oh no Nothing!” As for her answer, I don’t think being gay is one’s own choice it’s in “Them” because it’s in their gene. She really was uncomfortable answering the question.
Fardeen Khan – If you found out your son is gay, what would be your reaction
Rakul – Well, honestly, If I found out my son was gay I would be shocked and I would rather, probably slap him in the first reaction but then later I feel choosing your own sexuality is one’s own decision and if he wants to go ahead with that I have no problem. As far as I am concern I prefer to be straight.

Shweta Dolly – She was robbed big time and to those who says she has an ugly face ( go to hell). This isn’t the first time there’s a beauty like her. We have had so many of them in the past and this won’t be the last either. She was so natural, confident and  I like her the way she portrayed her attitude. She was clearly a winner. So eloquent in her answer; she deserved to be there in top 5 irrespective of whether she won one of the title or not. I think she should try it out again. I was amazed to see her humorous side when Manish Paul asked her to step down from her heels. She replied she already had step down. And while he made fun of her height for fixing bulb she said there are a lot of uses for being tall other than fixing bulb. The most witty reply and funniest chat before Rakul, Hasleen and Kanishtha.
Dino Morea – While making decision in life is it better to follow your heart or follow your mind?
Shweta – I believe in living life in a balance and I don’t think you need to choose between living..thinking between by your mind or by your heart. I believe in using my heart when it needs to be used and my mind when it needs to be used but right now my heart is in a flutter because I am excited and nervous but my mind is calm and so I choose to listen to my mind right now and I think this is how we should make decision and apply.

The Top 5

Same question for all the 5 ladies.. ‘There is a lot that children can learn from mothers but what can mothers learn from children? Tell us in terms of values, experience and emotions.”

Ankita Mohapatra – Of course! one learns a lot from his or her mother. But the most important thing that a mother learns is learning to sharing thoughts with her children. By that I mean, as a young women you do not realized how important it is to share your thoughts with someone but when as a mother you deal with your child you realize how important it is to know what your child does and understands the state of his or her emotional needs. Besides that I think motherhood is a beautiful relationship which along with it if you called all the feelings of love which is unconditional. I think a mother is the only giver on the earth.

Ankita Shorey – A women gives birth to a child but a child gives birth to a mother. This kind of reminded me of few lines which I read sometimes ago” Nile teri nayogi kamariya..mohe bahut suno yashodhya maya kalho gum sagayo” beautifully depicted by Tulsidasji portraying love between mother Yashodhya and her son Krishna which tell us in which way a women – a mother learn out of her child is how to love unconditionally. It’s the unconditional lo9ve which is the essence of a mother.

Kanishtha Dhankar – Children can learn everything from their mother and I feel in today’s generation mothers can learn everything from their children as well because we live in a contemporary India. We have a voice, we have a choice and we are going out to get everything and so I think our mother who have had not opportunity as us can still dare to dream and I think we can set an example for them.

Rakulpreet – Children can learn a lot from their mothers. Anyway in this age kids need time and I think children don’t need your presence..the time you spent with your children , you can learn how today’s life happen without any threats. Look at the twinkle in the eyes of your children it comes naturally. So live life as it comes and live life with all your heart.

Hasleen Kaur – A child uninhibitedly can do whatever the child feels like. A mother has to be cautious, a mother has to take steps, truly has to preach because she has to take care of her child. But once a child can dance, a child can dance without thinking. A mother can learn that bit from her child.

Not really happy with Rakulpreet’s answer. She messed up and flumble a lot. This justify that she is not even worth in the top 5. Shweta could have been a better choice. Ankita M fluctuates a lot in her performance. The top ten answer was good and strong but top 5 answer was unnecessarily long and repetitive. As for Ankita S she spoke of unconditional love in different words and sentence which makes her answer a bit long but a good one. Hasleen tried to show both side of the question while Kanishtha answered it really well with facts and  in different words and meaning but all related to the question

And here are the winners as you know..

Winners all

Femina Miss India 2008 top 10 and top 5 question and answer round.


Everyone loves question and answer round in every beauty pageant. Though these days it might not play a crucial part in selecting the eventual winners and the one who answers the best might not the crown but it still does hold its importance since everyone wants to hear them speak. After all they are going to be the representative of their country at the international pageant and be a spokesperson for many causes and sponsors.

Have been watching Miss India since 1997 but my first review as a pageant follower was for Miss India 2008 for a popular forum. Here’s the top 10 questions and answers and the top 5 question and answer.

Top 10 question and answer:

JJ Valaya: In what role does a man add most to a woman – Father, son or a partner?
Kajal: A man adds to a woman in all of the above roles with equal intensity.

Katrina: Do you prefer a love marriage or an arranged marriage?
Harshita: I prefer a love marriage because marriages are not made in heaven. They are made on earth by confirming compatibility.

Shaimak Davar: Do you agree that the purpose of a woman’s life is to stay back at home and look after the family?
Tanvi: Yes, I agree since I believe that being a homemaker is the most difficult and challenging job.

Rina Dhaka: What’s the nicest gift a woman can give a man?
Parvathy: The best gift a woman can ever give a man is the birth of a child with all her compassion and patience.

Tabu: If women were to rule the world by 2050, how different would it be?
Aditi: The world will become a sensitive place to live in, without any cruelty. Women are love personified

Zeenat Aman: Which quality of women gives them an edge over men?
Farah: Compassion towards men, children and the mankind is the most special quality about women that gives them an edge.

Shaimak Dawar: What is the one change you would like to see in India?
Simran: India can do better with empowerment of women. Though we have achieved a lot, there is a lot of scope for the same.

Katrina: What is the special feature of the women from your state (Gujarat)?
Sangeeta Chauhan: Though I hail from Gujarat, my hometown is in UP. But not just UP, I think the special quality of all Indian women is their culture.

Arnab Goswami: How would you go about change that you would want to bring?
Radha: Actions speak louder than words. With sensitivity, subtlety and compassion, a step can be taken towards directing a change.

Zeenat Aman: Do you think that the youth today faces more pressure than the pervious generation?
Malvika: Yes, the youth today definitely faces more pressure than the previous generations. But it is this very pressure that is making them perform to make India an economic superpower on the global platform.

Top 5 question n answer

They were asked,”The rate of divorce in India is on a rise. What is the cause? Is western influence the cause or something else?” and were to answered in 90 seconds.

Harshita : “Marriages are what we make of it. Divorces are prominent because we don’t have the abilities to sustain them. We have to be more strong and determined as human beings.

Parvathy : Divorces are not a result of western influence. At the end of the day, it is we who decide whose worth us. Marriage is not when one completes the other but is when both share their completeness.

Sangeeta Chauhan : Yes, western influence is somewhere responsible for the rise in divorce. Long working hours and stress are taking a toll on people.

Simran : The mindset is changing but divorces cannot be attributed to western influences. In fact we need to come up with a system to tackle this dilemma.

Tanvi : The rise in divorce is because of lack of compassion and not western influence.


Parvathy Omanakuttam of Kerala won the Miss India World crown while Simran Kaur Mundi of Mumbai was crowned Miss India Universe 2008 and Harshita Saxena of Goa was declared Miss India Earth at a glittering function held at the Andheri Sports Complex in Mumbai. Later Harshita had to give up the her Miss India Earth crown due to some contract issues with pageant organizer she took part in before competing for Miss India 2008. Tanvi Vyas of Vadodara replaced Harshita as Miss India Earth 2008.


Miss Diva 2015 – Finale In-Detail reviews.

miss diva winners

In a very glittering and glamorous event held in Mumbai, Urvashi Rautela from Uttarakhand was crowned Miss Diva 2015 who will represent India at Miss Universe 2015 to be held later in December. Natasha Assadi from Bangalore was crowned 1st runner-up while Naveli Deshmukh from Aurangabad was crowned 2nd runner-up. Urvashi was crowned by Lara Dutta since last year winner, Noyonita Lodh couldn’t be there to crown her successor but she had a special message for the winners shown through a video.  Continue reading “Miss Diva 2015 – Finale In-Detail reviews.”

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