“To me, feminism means equals to both genders,” Mary Khyriem, Femina Miss India Meghalaya 2018

Mary Khyriem is here to make her state proud of her achievements. After winning Miss Shillong, she took part in Sunsilk Mega Miss Northeast 2017 winning the crown. She is now ready to conquer Miss India which she says is her passion. Calm and composed, she is in a every true sense a beauty queen. It isn’t just her beauty and brain everyone finds attractive in her, but also her captivating personality.

1. How has your life been post winning Femina Miss India Meghalaya 2018 title?
After post winning FBB Femina Miss India Meghalaya well a simple 20 year old wanderlust has responsibilities to her State, especially to represent it with it’s fullest potential, filled with Diversity.
Being a part in the East Crowning has been nothing but enlightening and enriching; learning  and in taking so much from each and every aspect during the whole process.
And the life of a college girl has now elevated  to a point where she is blessed and honoured with a chance of encouraging people, which is indeed and overwhelming and honourable feeling.

2. How would you introduced yourself to the world?
A 20 year old wanderlust, seeking to experience, to learn new things in life and embracing the adventures life has to offer with her roots and values closely intact.

3. You’re not just Mary now, but also Miss Meghalaya. How does it feel to be called and known as Meghalaya in a national pageant like Miss India?
Firstly it’s a big honour to be represingting the Abode of clouds, Meghalaya , a place I call Home. Meghalaya is filled with diversity and to enculcate  that, well, in a platform as big as Miss India, well honestly it’s terrifying. For a girl who was just a part of it, Now is representing the State itself gives immense pleasure but mostly filled with Pride .

4. How would you show Meghalaya to the rest of India’s state representative and to the world?
As I said with it’s diversity there are certain things that I would like to highlight. But if there’s one thing that strikes most is it’s matriliniel system, where woman carry on their generations;  which signifies the life they have carried and brought to existence which indeed is a beautiful aspect of life . Both  woman and men are given equal opportunities and rights.  And I have experienced it first hand and there’s nothing  more beautiful then being able work together hand in hand.

5. What are the good things about Meghalaya that you would like impart to your competitors?
There are certain things I would like to highlight and impart to my fellow contestants, that is to stand out in the crowd and say what I am because of my roots and values . Being from Meghalaya where  it’s diversity prevails, all I  do want to say is never lose the person you are because it’s our diversity that is with us that distinguishes and makes us different from the other. Never lose it because not everyone can be you so celebrate it.  My state celebrates it’s diversity

6. You’ve been crowned Miss Shillong and won Mega Miss Northeast 2017 title. Are you ready to conquer the hearts and minds of India?
Miss shillong was an emotional cherished journey where my elder sister had been crown before me. Sunsilk Mega Miss NorthEast is something I ventured ahead.  But when it comes to Miss India it is the passion, the hidden force inside of me that pushes me and says yes I am ready, ready to push my zest and push my limits .

7. Which India winner do you admire the most and why?
Honestly, all the representatives have touched millions and I am one such life who has been touched .  As I haven’t met all of them, but was fortunate enough to have met Pooja Chopra my Mentor. Although our interaction was a short one but was enough to captivate and inspire us and i strongly believe  my fellow contestants would agree. An amazing personality ,with an impeccable aura, one who has guided and will be guiding us and one who showed her real self to all of us . It’s admirable because she did not just show me Miss India herself but the genuine person that she is. And meeting such a dynamic and genuine soul inspires me .

8. Feminism has seen a revival since a couple of years and has been misconstrued a lot. Do you regard yourself as a Feminist? And do you equate pageant like Miss India as a part of Feminism movement?
Feminism has varied definitions, to me feminism means equals to both genders.  To share something that I have experienced first hand, I come from  a state that men and women are given equal rights and opportunities. To say I am a feminist would be wrong but depending on my beliefs I am a feminist who believes in equality . And to talk about Miss India if taken with what I believe in, I would say Yes, because it empowers women; giving them an opportunity to fully encouraged them to take chances and grab opportunities of a lifetime .

9. The #MeToo movement has become a worldwide phenomenon. Do men and boys have a different role to play than women and girls in fighting sexual harassment? If so, how? If not, why not?
No, Men and woman do not have different roles to play in fighting sexual harassment. I strongly believe charity begins at home and no matter what the crime is, all of us including men, woman and children needs to fight the same battles of awareness by keeping ethics in mind ,by knowing our values , being alert to our inner consciences and most importantly not to steal the innocence of a child; only then will a child grow up to keep his or her values firmly  intac .

10. Can you tell us about your Beauty With a Purpose project for Femina Miss India 2018 contest?
I haven’t started on it just yet only because there are many issues I want to work on. Frankly having a hard time deciding so, but all I do is, if once I initiate on it I will continue to work on it  even after the competition. I believe in working for something you believe in and for the right reasons .

11. You’ve impressed many fans with your beauty and intelligence. Does that give you any pressure?
I grew up watching beauty pageants and I use to think it’s all about  beauty and intelligence and to tell you the truth , there’s more than what meets the eye. There are 29 other fellow contenders eyeing for the same crown; lead by the same dream and inner passion to live the opportunity of a lifetime to represent the country . So henceforth  tell me if you feel the pressure?

12. Thank you, Mary for giving Indian and World Pageant your time for this interview. Wish You all the very best for the contest. Any last words for your fans and supporters?
To everyone who’s been constant and also supporting and guiding all throughout Thankyou. It is through all of this that I get constant encouragement and motivation. I can’t thanked each one of  you enough  but you all are in my prayers and I strongly believe prayers work miracles and the best gift one can give. And please do keep supporting and praying for me.


Interview: “Manipur is a state which celebrates women, ” Nimrit Kaur, Femina Miss India Manipur 2018

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia was recently crowned Femina Miss India Manipur 2018 in Guwahati, Assam. She is beautiful, intelligent and passionate woman who will never give up on her dreams. At 23, she has accomplished so many things in life be it working for charities, NGOs,  in theater etc.

The gorgeous beauty queen talks about her journey, Manipur and her preparations for the crown. Excerpts from the interview…

Congratulation on winning Femina Miss India Manipur 2018! How has your day been since winning the crown?
My entire journey so far has been extremely beautiful and overwhelming. My life has taken a new turn and I’m excited for what lies ahead.

Please tell us something about your life.
I am 23 and a final year law student. Being an army kid, I have lived in 8 states, so traveling and learning about new cultures comes naturally to me. I’m extremely passionate about theater and have been pursuing the same for over 15 years now. I’m also a sports enthusiast.

You have clearly expressed your desire to win Miss India crown for Manipur this year, Why do you want to win Miss India Crown? Is it a stepping stone to something else?
Miss India for me is an opportunity through which I wish to bring about a change in the lives around me. I want to work on human rights and spreading legal awareness amongst women and children worldwide.

With your win, you have showed the world the other side of Manipur i.e. it’s diversity and the voice that are hardly heard of! What would you like to show the world about Manipur?
I wish to show the world how Manipur as a state is extremely diverse and different. It is a state which celebrates women. We support Matriarchy. Whether it is having festivals in their honour or having the largest women run market. We also celebrate Transgenders which speaks volumes about our acceptance towards people in the society. And it is this kind of acceptance that is needed to make the world a better place to live in.

Few people are of the opinion that only a native girl should represent Manipur. What would you say about it?
I believe that every individual is entitled to their own opinion and I absolutely respect the same. I will continue to work hard just as I did before and make sure I promote my state, it’s people and our values wherever I go.

What’s the one thing that you are proud of Manipur the most?
That we as a state promote and give our women their due.

You’re a lawyer and have worked with NGO’s. What motivates you to join beauty pageant?
I believe a beauty pageant gives you a platform that turns you into a force to reckon with. A voice that now people want to hear. I wish to use the opportunity that has been served upon me to bring about a difference in the lives around me.

Who is your favourite Miss India and why?
Priyanka Chopra is my favourite Miss India. She never fails to take us by surprise by her beautiful vision and determination.

If you win the crown, what will you do apart from preparing for the next international pageant?
I would love to associate myself with as many social causes as possible and make sure I use my legal education for the betterment of our nation.

Being a lawyer and coming from a military background, do you think hard work and discipline are something that comes naturally to you?
Yes, indeed. These are the two qualities that I completely associate myself with and are the reason where I am today.

How are you preparing for Miss India pageant?
I make sure to keep myself focused and to value every second.

What would you be your strengths that will give you an edge over others and weaknesses that you need to improve for the pageant?
I believe that my biggest strength is my passion for what I do. I am a perfectionist by nature which is something I would like to work on.


Interview with Aki Parviainen – Mister International Finland 2017

Aki Parviainen – Mister International Finland 2017 is hard working and an achiever.  He will represent Finland at the 12th Mister International competition in Yangon city, Myanmar in April. He is the first from Finland to compete at Mister International. The distinctively Handsome Finnish man from Tampere is an entrepreneur and a sports coach. Apart from his one year training in the Army, he has earned first degree black belt in Taekwondo. In an interview with Indian and World Pageant, Aki Parviainen tells us about his country, his favourite Mister international, his biggest competitor etc.

1. How would you describe yourself to the world?
I am an open minded Finnish man who wants to help and inspire others like so many people have done for me. I love all kind of bodyweight training and currently train parkour and streetworkout very intensively.

2. What are the great things about your country, Finland?
Greatest thing in my country is definitely nature. For instance, in Lapland, we have beautiful forests and lakes and of course animals like reindeers and bears. Other great thing is our social and health security system. Meaning everyone has right to get some kind of health and social care. We also support education a lot and we have free education system. We are also known from our technology industry and sports. Nokia is probably one of the best-known company in the cell phone business. In sports we are known greatly in ice hockey and also in Formula one (F1).

3. You have achieved so many things in life like earning a black belt degree. What’s that one achievement you’re most proud about?
I have to say that it is my first-degree black belt test and more importantly passing the test. Test was more of a mental test. Idea was that will you keep pushing yourself forward even though you know that you can’t win. And by passing the test I know I can achieve anything if I keep pushing forward regardless how tired I am.

4. You’re the first from Finland to compete in Mister International. How are you preparing for the contest?
I really don’t have much experience of being a model so I am working together with my agency Studio Face and Nordic Beauty Organization to get more experience through fashion showcases and modeling course. Also Mister Finland organization is helping me to get ready.

5. Who is your favourtie Mister International winner?
Favourite winner is last years winner Paul Iskander. I like his style and looks.

6. Have you checked the contestants of Mister International 2018? Who do you think is your biggest competitor?
I think that all the contestants are big competitors because they all have more experience being a model than I have. But if I have to pick one that would be Mister International Poland Arkady Zadrozny. He is a professional model and I think a very handsome one.

7. What do you look forward the most in Myanmar?
I look most to meet new amazing people around the world and hopefully get a lot of new friends. The only way is up so I will do my very best to succeed and aim to win the competition.

Thank you for agreeing to do this interview. Wish you all the very best for the pageant and may you find success in everything you do.

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Exclusive interview: Divya Shetty, Rubaru Miss India Elite – Top International Model 2017

First of all many congratulations to you for being chosen as the very first Rubaru Miss India Elite – Top International Model 2017 How do you feel about it?
It’s one of the most beautiful feelings. I am very blessed and honoured to be the first Rubaru Miss India Elite – Top International Model titleholder. It gives me immense pleasure to represent my country at such an amazing platform.

Were you expecting something like this to happen?
I believe in the “law of attraction” and I always dreamt of achieving this title. So, yes I somewhere did expect this to happen. I was confident and determined during the entire course of pageant and I knew that something special was going to happen.

Tell us a bit more about yourself.
I was born in the city of dreams, Mumbai and was brought up in Pune, where I completed my education. I am a classical dancer, so that’s where my love for music and dance began. I am a state level basketball player and passionate about acting and modelling. I would describe myself as a person who loves to face new challengess in life. This helps in discovering a new side of mine. .

How has your journey been so far with the Rubaru Miss India Elite Organization? Working with the Rubaru team has been a great experience for me. They have always been so supportive and the organizers are so hard working and I really appreciate the cause they promote for saving the girl child. I am really thankful to the organization that they saw the potential is me and considered me the most deserving candidate for this title.

Soon, you will be representing India at the Top International Model of the World 2017 competition in Bulgaria. What would you like to say about that?
I am very excited and I consider myself very fortunate to get the opportunity to represent my country at an international platform as big as this. Obviously, the Top International Model of the World is one of the finest and well-established international modelling competitions based in the European Continent. I am all set to give my best at the pageant and really looking forward to meet all my new friends in Bulgaria.

From being a software engineer to becoming a model to winning the Rubaru Top International Model India title and now representing India at an international level. How would you describe this beautiful transition that took place in your life?
This journey has been incredible but not that easy. Balancing academic excellence along with a passion to make a mark in the fashion industry was very challenging. My parents always believed in my dreams and always supported me. Since childhood I always loved being on stage facing the camera and that love and belief has got me here today.

How are the preparations going on for the big event to take place in Bulgaria this year?
The preparations are going on in full swing. From regular work out sessions to stay in shape to working on my runway skills and communication skills, I am trying to improve myself in as much areas as I can.

Your biggest support..
My parents have been my biggest support and strength for everything in life without them it would have been very difficult to reach this far.

Your inspiration in life..
My mentor Mr.Abhyang Kuvalekar has been a source of inspiration to me. He is extremely talented, self-made and very positive person and he has always inspired me to be the same. From him I learnt the harder you work the better you become.

Any quote or saying that has profound impact on you.
“Follow your bliss and the universe will open the doors for you where there were only walls” -Joseph Campbell.

Any message for the readers…
Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. So feed it with faith, truth and love.

Exclusive Interview: Rohit Choudhary, Rubaru Mr India 2017 – Top International Model

First of all many congratulations to you for being chosen as the very first Rubaru Mr India – Top International Model 2017. How do you feel about it?
Thank you so much for the congratulatory note, it means a lot to me.The feeling is still sinking in and I am really excited and looking forward to the upcoming Top International Model Of The World pageant starting from 20th September 2017 in Bulgaria. It’s almost like a dream come true when you have been chasing your passion for long and you get an opportunity to represent your country at such a huge platform where the competition takes you to a next level and the best among the lot is coming to give of their best.

Were you expecting something like this to happen?
During the competition I trusted myself and my capabilities. I gave my best and it came up to me as a big return of all my hard work and sacrifices. It took me a while to sink in the feeling but then I enjoyed my moments of glory. It was a feeling that all my efforts that I have put in has been appreciated and loved. Of course, Rubaru Mr India contest is nation’s biggest male pageant and being associated with it is a very big thing.

Tell us a bit more about yourself.
I belong to one of the most beautiful and serene cities of India, Jammu. My Dad was in Army (later retired with CISF), I had an opportunity to travel the nation while he was serving the Indian government. Visiting different part of the country and living in different states of India gave me a great sense of understanding about the different diverse cultures that we have in India, along with all this I made some of the greatest friends and met various influential personalities. I am currently based in New Delhi and working with Ernst & Young LLP, Gurgaon as a Research analyst. Apart from my work, I enjoy regular work out and swimming sessions to stay fit and healthy. I also host events as corporate emcee and have successfully hosted corporate events as I share a fascinating & creative bond with stage presentation and managing events.

How has your journey been so far with the Rubaru Mr India Organization?
The journey has been stupendous and I have learnt so many different things. I would specially like to thank Mr Sandeep Kumar, the president of Rubaru Mr India Org. and Mr Pankaj Kharbanda, the vice president of Rubaru Mr India Org. for showing faith and potential in me of doing full justice to this prestigious title of Rubaru Mr India 2017. Also, I would like to thank all my well-wishers and supporters who were there for me and will always be there to support me.

Soon, you will be representing India at the Top International Model of the World 2017 competition in Bulgaria. What would you like to say about that?
There are no short-cuts, just hard work and persistence with focus. A lot of passion and hard work has gone in preparing for this big event. I am determined to give my best and will surely give my best.

From being a research analyst to becoming a Mr India and now representing India at an international level. How would you describe this beautiful transition that took place in your life?
Honestly, best part about my journey was the transition which has happened while managing both the roles and responsibilities. And by syncing both of them well, I was able to explore the multi-tasking and more responsible side of my personality. The transition has actually given me a sense of accomplishment with satisfaction to strive hard for more, which is yet to come.

How are the preparations going on for the big event to take place in Bulgaria this year?
I would say it’s a series of hard work and grafting preparations with rigorous grooming and physical exercises to put all of my best, physically and mentally both at the competition.

Your biggest support.
My family, friends and the support and guidance from my mentors that I have been getting throughout my preparations. Everything means a lot to me and cheers me up every day when I wake up and step up for the training.

Your inspiration in life.
My father. He is the person I always look up to. He has taught me not just to challenge my abilities to conquer the toughest times but also to be a calm individual during the time when there comes a need to make some of the most rational decisions.

Any quote or saying that has profound impact on you.
I believe and live by the statement: “The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel, are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events around us.” I believe that we all have the capability to win and feel the uniqueness of our true being. All we need to do is to step out of our comfort zone and see the magic happening.

Any message for the readers.
Dreams do come true if you put all in, whatever you have. If you ever wish to succeed with your dreams, start taking your baby steps and make it a glory.

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Rather than changing anything in me, I would accentuate all that I have – physically and internally: Debojit Bhattacharya, Mister Grand India 2017 (Interview)

Debojit Bhattacharya from Naharkatia, Assam made his state and the northeast proud by winning Rubaru Mister India 2017 where he was awarded the title of Mister Grand International India 2017. He is now ready to make India proud at the Mister Grand International contest. The handsome guy from Assam is one of the favourites to win the contest. He has already impressed everyone with his well-sculpted physique and perfectly-chiseled face. It’s only a matter of time before he impress the international judges.

Here is the interview of the handsome and intelligent, Debojit Bhattacharya with Indian and World Pageant. We wish him all the best and success in his endeavors. And make India proud.

1. How would you describe yourself to the contestants of Mister Grand International 2017 and the world?
Well it’s matter of immense honor for me to represent my country. The saying, “where there is a will, there is a way” is the principle of my life that empowers me to be ambitious, gregarious and optimistic every moment. Hence, here I am today with my titanic willpower and vision to win the Mister Grand International  2017. I am a perfectionist and possess great organizational skills. I have acquired leadership skills and believe in leading by setting examples. I am reliable and like humour and so you can count on me to complete any task and also to spread smiles and laughter. Thank You.

2. How are you preparing for Mister Grand International 2017?
Am currently pursuing my PGDM and therefore have an extremely tight schedule starting from 8am until 8pm. Even with the regime as tough as this one, my vision to win the title determines my mind, body and soul to push my limits and excel. For my body – I follow a very strict and planned diet and regular strenuous gym sessions. For my mind – I read and keep myself updated on what is happening around me and the world. For my soul – I read positive thoughts and meditate regularly

3. You’re one of the favourites to win the title, does it give you any pressure or you feel more motivated?
It’s a matter of massive pride for me to be amongst the favourite to win the title. For me it’s definitely a huge motivation and of course it pushes my self-confidence to the next level.  It will be my endeavor to create a positive and winning impact and make all my well-wishers feel proud of me.

4. What’s the one thing ‘that you’re proud of your country?
There are just too many things to love about my country. My country nurtures people of different languages, religions and race in harmony. India is an integrated country where people show brotherhood among themselves. It is also the largest democracy in the world. It has a civilization that is more than 5000 years old and boast of multiple cultural origins.

5. If you win Mister Grand International 2017, how will you work towards the concept of the organization i.e.  Camaraderie, and Competitiveness?
On winning the title, I’ll definitely prove accountable towards all the responsibilities given to me by my organization. By keeping my spirits high of a friendly fellow being and a cooperative and helpful human being, I will live up to the concept of camaraderie. Talking about competitiveness, yes I will continue to compete on the basis of my integrity , tenacity and will power.

The following five questions are from questions asked in various International pageants, what would be your answer to those questions? Starting with –

6. What has been your biggest disappointment in life? (Mister International 2014)
My greatest disappointment was my biggest pain too. I lost my elder brother who was not only my role model but also a reservoir of my inspiration. I experienced disappointment coz with all the efforts I couldn’t retain him. I lost him at a very intense period of my life and had to take on mammoth responsibilities of my family. It was him who taught me to be a fighter and never to give up attitude. Life moves on, and every disappointment or failure either makes you strong or teaches you something.

7. What do you think is the best thing in your country in the next decade? (Mister International 2017)
A decade from now , India’s integration with the global economy will be even higher with trade in goods and services. It will surpass the stage of slack in economy .My country, being historically strong and culturally diversified, will continue tapping on this uniqueness. Our urban endurance will continue and so will the uplifting of lives in the rural areas. Appx 80% of my countrymen will have access to internet and will be literate. I am very hopeful that our thinking for the future will include planning for outlier contingencies like chemical and nuclear warfare, lethal disease outbreaks, natural disasters, etc. I will say this with conviction that against all odds and challenges , my country has believed and worked Godspeed to move forward. India will be an example for all the growing countries.

8. Do you think being handsome will get you far in life? (Mister International 2017)
Me being handsome is a joint effort of me and my parents (smile ). 50% of how I was born and the rest the way I have groomed myself.  By being handsome we undoubtedly become the centre of attraction however a chivalrous man is far greater attractive and appealing than just a good looking man. looks might fade away but our character and deeds remain forever. Hence a combination of good looks, personality and chivalry is my belief.

9. If you could change one of your physical characteristics, what would it be? (Miss Universe 2011)
I’m really happy and grateful with the way God has created me and I would not change any of my physical characteristics. I am a man who believes and values inner beauty. Rather than changing anything in me, I would accentuate all that I have – physically and internally.

10. What is the biggest problem the youth are facing today? (Miss World 1996)
I think “early maturity” can be amongst the biggest problem as due to the advent of satellite television and internet, kids are bombarded with unwanted information. I’m not saying that these are bad, am indicating that we need to use them wisely. I would also consider “inadequate employment opportunities” and “poverty” can be a serious problem too. Therefore we all should join hands together to eradicate these problems because the youth are the ones who will shape the future of the planet earth.

11. Lastly, your message to your followers and supporters..
I want to take this moment to say thank you and I love you from the bottom of my heart. It’s only because of you that I am here it’s and it’s only because of you that my confidence uplifts eac h day. So Please keep supporting me this way throughout my journey and throughout my life and I promise you that I’ll never let you down. I am confident that I will win your hearts and make all of you feel proud and make you feel that you have chosen the right man as the winner. Thank you so much. God bless everyone. Take care.

I want to become a super model and inspire and motivate people to adopt a healthy and disciplined lifestyle: Sunny Mehrotra, Mister Universe Mauritius 2017 (Interview)

Sunny Mehrotra is a model and businessman. He is from Lucknow, India and will take part in the Mister Universe 2017 to be held in Dominican Republic. He will be representing the Indian Ocean Island nation – Mauritius. Smart and handsome, Sunny Mehrotra is a multi-tasking man. After completing his MBA degree from Cardiff University, England, he joined his family business and took two international franchise of ice-cream brand. Sunny is also into sports. He has played for Uttar Pradesh in U-19 Cricket Tournament. An impressive profile indeed!

Here’s the detail of the interview of Mister Universe Mauritius 2017 with Indian and World Pageant:

1.     You will soon take part in Men Universe Model (Mr Universe) 2017, What are the things that will make you stand out among the sea of handsome men from across the Universe?
Without a doubt the competition is very tough since these are the most handsome men across the globe but I. I am an optimist. I believe in working hard, staying humble, being patient and then eventually results will be favourable.

2.     There’s a lot of confusion regarding the country you’re representing, some says it’s Mauritius and some leading newspaper mentioned India as the country you’re representing. So, which country are you representing?
I am settled in India and have won pageants in India but I have an ancestral connection in Mauritius an hence I am representing Mauritius.

3.     You’re an MBA degree holder from England and run a family business, what made you decide to enter pageant?
Becoming a model was always an ambition but somehow getting engrossed in higher studies and family affairs it took a backseat. But as they saw if you really desire something you eventually get it and so here I am standing in the biggest modeling pageant in the world.

4.     What was your family’s reaction when you told them you would be joining Mr India contest?
They were cool and supportive. Infact they were proud and finally my regular fitness regime and healthy lifestyle  made sense to them.

5.     Was it hard to shift from a non-glamourous field to a glamourous field? 
It was not that hard because I have always been following the industry but I am lucky enough now that I am a part of it.

6.     How are you preparing for Men Universe Model contest?
I have been working hard on my physique working out twice a day. Attending workshops on ramp walk and giving a great deal of importance to my diction.

7.     What’s the one thing that will take you forward to the contest?
Attitude and self belief.

8.     What are your goals apart from winning the contest?
I want to become a super model and inspire and motivate people to adopt a healthy and disciplined lifestyle.

9.     How confident are you about winning the contest?
I will give my 100 % and there is nothing that could stop from getting what I deserve.

10.   Lastly, any message for Indian and World pageant readers?
Be thankful for struggles you go through. They make you stronger. Don’t let them break you, Let them make you. If you can dream it, you can do it. Never ever give up.

“I am going to give my best and surely would be a tough competitor for others”, Srikant Dwivedi, Mister Global India 2017 (Interview)

With only a few days left for Mister Global 2017 to begin, Mister Global India 2017, Srikant Dwivedi is all geared for the contest and make India proud. His confidence, commitment and passion make him a desirable Mister India. The impressive qualities about him is his ability to judge and understand what is required and needed as he mentioned in the interview about his preparation for pageant before entering Mister India contest. Some people preach but Srikant lives by example as he told us about his ways of making a difference for a better environment. Here’s the exclusive interview of Mister Global India 2017 Srikant Dwivedi with Indian and World Pageant.

1. How would you describe yourself to the world?
I am a passionate person with simple life and big dreams. I love challenges and learning new things. And strongly believe that no matter whatever you achieve in your life you should always remain humble and grounded. This is how I will describe myself. 🙂

2. Describe to us the moment when you were called as Mister Global India 2017?
The moment was much awaited. It was like a dream come true for me. I had worked hard for it and finally it paid off.

3. What has been the best experience as Mister India?
The best experience was the people I met there, the new friends that I have made and my mentors who continuously motivated me, helped me achieving this fleet.

4. What made you decide to enter male pageant?
I had the ideal height but I wasn’t prepared in terms of my physique. So I prepared myself for two years till the time I wasn’t self satisfied that I am ready for the pageant. I had this in my mind since my college days to participate in male pageant.

5. Soon you’ll be going to Thailand for the contest, are you ready to bring home the title?
I am working hard for it. Final few days are left and I am gearing up to represent the country which is again like a dream come true. I am going to give my best and surely would be a tough competitor for others.

6. Last year, India did exceptionally well in male pageants, do you feel any pressure to do better than them?
I won’t call it a pressure rather it’s a motivation for me that India is doing exceptionally well in International pageant. I take it as an example for myself. 🙂

7. What qualities do you think makes a man desirable?
As I mentioned before simplicity, humbleness, passion, respect and hard work.

8. Since, Mister Global works towards ”saving environmental campaign” how do you think you can contribute to this cause?
I would definitely like to give a message to the world that I generally follow to save environment.
Please use water mugs instead of running water to wash your hands and during shaving (specially for men), bucket water when you take bath instead of shower. Unintentionally, we don’t realize that how much water we waste everyday by using running water.
Use public transport or do car pool in instead of using vehicle for own. This will conserve our lot of fuel which are now scarce and also will reduce pollution. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t have any vehicle. I travel in public transport.

9. Who is your favourite Mr India and Mister Global winner?
Favorite Mr. India – Rohit Khandelwal
Favourite Mr. Global – Tomas Martinka

10. What will be the one thing you will look forward to in Mister Global competition?
The winning Title. Haha.. 🙂 and of course lot of friends from different countries.

11. Lastly. a message for Indian and World Pageant readers, please!
Never give up on your dreams. Chase it coz dreams do come true. And always remember ‘No good task is impossible to if the effort made for it is desperate’. So don’t go where your life takes you take the life the way you go.

“Neil Perez is my favourite Mister International winner”,Lew Voon Khong – Mister International Malaysia 2016


Lew Voon Khong is currently competing in Mister International 2016 contest representing the multi-culture country, Malaysia. There’s no one better than him to represent the rich diverse country that truly speaks of Asia. To be able to speak five languages, he is apt to be called as Malaysia in an international platform.

The smart and suave full time manager for centre for languages, is also creative and talented. In this interview he talks about his passions for languages, pageants and films. While Michele Yeoh is his favourite actress, Neil Perez is his favourite Mister International title holder.

Here’s the full interview of Lew Voon Khong with Indian and World Pageant.

1. How would you describe yourself to the world?
I am Lew Voon Khong, you may just call me Khong. I was born in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. I love culture, languages, arts and fashion.

I am working full time as a manager for a Centre for Languages in a private university in Kuala Lumpur. Aula Cervantes de Kuala Lumpur is one of the department under my centre. We work closely with foreign embassies and institutes in organizing cultural activities such as European Film Festivals, Francophonie Week, Spanish World Book Day, etc.

Other than that, I have worked as model for fashion magazines and TV ads. I just love the fact that fashion is a vibrant creature which portrays contemporary culture and arts in human daily life. I have also acted in several theaters, including English, Chinese and French plays. Last year I participated in a filming in Hong Kong.

2. You’ll be meeting citizens from across the world at the Mister International contest. How would you describe Malaysia to them?
Malaysia is a beautiful tropical country, with rich cultural heritage and diverse cultures. We have many beautiful beaches in the east coast of Malaya and Sabah, the UNESCO Heritage Cities Penang and Melaka. Everywhere and everyday you will see different kinds of cultural traces, symbols and motifs mixing together wherever you go.

3. You can speak 5 languages and 2 Chinese dialects. Tell us what are they and what really fascinates you about languages?
I can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Malay and English since I was a child. have been learning French and Italian in intermediate level for two years, but has stopped for the last six months due to busy working and preparation schedule, and they have become rusty. However I make sure that I read a few articles in French everyday.

One of the thing of language which fascinates me is that when one learn different kinds of languages, one will discover that all human communities are actually interacting to each other since ancient time, in many ways, either via migration or trade This connection manifests in language. Interestingly, I’ve found that there are many similar words in Persian and English such as “dar – door”, “setare – star”, “baradar – brother”, madar – mother”. The word for lion is “shir” in Persian and “shi” in Cantonese and Mandarin. Money in Thai is “ngen”, Cantonese is “ngan”. In Korean, to clap hands is called “pakshu”, in which the pronunciation is similar to Hakka. The Malay language, due to Malaya’s strategic location in maritime trade, has imported many words originated from Sanskrit, Tamil, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese and English.


4. Apart from learning languages, you’re interested in becoming an international actor. Which actor inspire you the most and why?
Michelle Yeoh is the most inspiring international actress. Born in small town in Malaysia, Ipoh, she won the Miss Malaysia beauty pageant when she was 20. She represented Malaysia at the Queen of the Pacific 1983 beauty pageant which was held in Australia and won the crown. She was also Malaysia’s representative at the Miss World 1983 pageant in London.

Then she entered into the Hong Kong film industry and finally made her name known worldwide in films like Tomorrow Never Dies, and the Chinese-language martial arts film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Other than that, she is also a successful entrepreneur. Her dreams, courage and ambitions are definitely something to be looked up to.

5. Before being chosen as Mister International Malaysia, you have won Mr Diversity Culture International 2014. Did you know from the start that you wanted to do the pageant?
My pageant journey actually started when I was selected as a finalist for a Malaysian-Chinese fashion and lifestyle magazine. I did not win, but it sparked my interest to one day represent Malaysia in an international pageant. and now, here I am representing Malaysia in Mr International finalé!

6. What makes you “Distinctively Handsome”?
If someone is to be “distinctively handsome”, he has to have qualities which transcend mere good looks and physical attributes. My curiosity and spirit of learning, my management and organizational skills, my creativity and my sincerity in dealing with others and wanting to do good generally, are the attributes which makes me distinct and bring the brand of Mr International to a higher stage.

7. The contest is getting closer. Do you feel any pressure?
Juggling with work, study and pageant really do stressed me up sometimes…

8. Apart from you, who do you think is the strongest to win Mister International title?
I still have no idea yet until I see them in real, and in action! May the best wins!

9. What’s the one thing that you look forward to in Mister International competition?

10. Among the previous winners of Mister International, who is your favourite?
Neil Perez

11. Lastly, what’s your message to Indian and world pageant readers?
Namaste! I love you all and I hope to see you in India one day!

Thank you for giving us your time for this interview. I will definitely look forward to seeing you in India. All the very best for the contest.  

“Miss Earth is more of a cause than just a beauty pageant, I knew my direction and Miss Earth India gave me the perfect platform”, Chum Darang – Miss Earth India 2016 finalist


Chum Darang’s journey from a small town in Arunachal Praesh to a big city is worth admiring. Coming from a remote place, Pasighat, in Arunachal Pradesh, she has always dream big for herself. Her dream of becoming a beauty queen makes her strong, beautiful and confident. She does not believe in losing and looks at every opportunity as a learning experience.  She tried for Miss Diva where she was selected in the regional round but couldn’t make it to the final. Taking it as a learning experience, she tried harder and now she is one of the top 20 finalists for Miss Earth India 2016. Also, she is one of the strong contenders for Miss Earth India 2016 crown.  Failure is beautiful when you fail, you try harder, pull yourself up and always try again to achieve your dream. That’s what makes Chum more beautiful than she already is. Serious about the environment, she is constantly working to create more awareness about the problems of destroying nature, the necessity of clean environment and lots more. To win Miss Earth India 2016 crown is her dream but she knows it is not just about her, but also about where she comes from and the hopes and dreams of people she is representing.

Here’s an exclusive interview of Chum Darang with Indian and World Pageant.

1. How would you describe yourself to the world?
I am a free spirited person, a blend of someone who is Vivacious and Emotional at the same time, I have immense love and respect for the faction of people who worship ‘humanity’.


2. What motivated you to join beauty pageants? Is there any particular moment that inspired you to join beauty pageant?
Passion always triumphs over they say, this was my passion and on top that, former beauty queens around the world have left a big impact on me. I was moved by the sense of rigorous work they do, their love for the under-privileged section of people, for the society, their dedication towards their work, love for nature & animals. All their action speaks!
I was thoroughly inspired by the set of such talented, selfless people, who are not just beautiful outside but inside as well.

3. Why did you choose Miss Earth India 2016 over other national contest?
I tried auditioning for Miss Diva as well, where I was selected from Kolkata but couldn’t get in the finals.
As for Miss Earth, I didn’t choose it, ‘we’ chose each other. Miss Earth is more of a cause than just a beauty pageant, I knew my direction and Miss Earth India gave me the perfect platform.

4. What are the qualities that you think can help you clinch the crown?
Well, I just have to polish myself in a better way, rest my Patience, Compassion and consistency will help.


5. What is your Beauty For a Cause project all about? Can you tell us the reason for choosing it?
I have been working on all the sectors that I think needs serious attention.
I want balance between environment and human life, I want to create a surrounding where mother nature will be seen smiling again. This is what my advocacy is all about.

6. You’re the only Northeastern girl selected for Miss Earth India 2016 contest. Do you feel any extra pressure knowing that you’re carrying hopes and dreams of many northeastern Indian?
Yes, I won’t lie that I am not fenced in anxiety, I am, a little, but after knowing that I am the hope of many and the love and support of my People is in abundance, that “jittery” feeling is into thin air!

6. If you were crowned Miss Earth India, what are the things that you will show to the world about India?
There are so many things that I could actually flaunt about our country India, the rich Flora and Fauna here, The Orchids, The Great Himalayas, The Holy Ganga, Brahmaputra, Yamuna  etc, The Floating Island, and much more.
Another subject to be proud of is that the ‘Cleanest Village in the World, Mawlynnong’ is in Our Country INDIA, These are some few things that I mentioned, there’s  much to show to the world!

Chum 1

7. Who do you think is your biggest competitor in the contest?
I think all the girls are equal competition to me, there is a reason they are in the Top 20!!!

8. Do you have any favourite Miss India and Miss Earth winner?
I have been following beauty pageant from a long time now, all the former beauty queens have set an example in the society with their good works and I believe it will be unjust to take a single call. I draw inspiration from every single one of them.

9. How are you feeling about the finale of Miss Earth India 2016?
I am really excited for the Big Day!!! The journey till now has been amazing, we got to learn so much in the long run, just looking forward to the Coronation Night with much Positivities.


10. You are leading in a poll conducted by Indian and World Pageant for Miss Earth India contest? Any last words for your supporters and well wishers?
Yes, and that’s what keeps me going! The love and support from all over the region is overwhelming.
I am thankful to each and every one for the love so far and I wish it will go on till the very end.

“I really believe in what Miss Earth is working for”, Shaan Suhas Kumar, Miss Earth India 2016 finalist


Shaan Suhas Kumar will be vying for the Miss Earth India 2016 crown along with 19 beautiful contestants. She is quite new to the world of pageant. But her confidence and hard work help her to stand out as an individual who knows what she wants in life. Miss Earth organisation wants someone who really mean what they do and say. Shaan gets the score here along with few contestants of Miss Earth India 2016 finalists. Eco Project which is a part of the contest might be one of the criteria to judge a contestant. That’s not something through which one can judge her. It goes beyond that. She has been doing her bit for Mother Earth for over a decade.  And that’s call Beauty for a cause.

In this exclusive interview, I get the opportunity to learn more about her. And it’s been amazing to know her. Sweet, humble and friendly, she is determined to win the title though she is competing with contestants who have more experience and stronger in terms of what others term as ‘beauty queen material’. But if one has passion and determination, there’s nothing that can stop them. Shaan is her to prove that.

1. How would you describe yourself to the world?
I am a perseverant, grateful and passionate person. I believe in giving back by doing good as well as consistently striving to learn new things and growing as a person.

2. What motivated you to join beauty pageants? Is there any particular moment that inspired you to join beauty pageant?
Beauty Pageants encourage women to be the best version of themselves. There is no particular “moment” but growing up as I watched beauty pageants, I realized pageants are a great platform to hone one’s self, grow and achieve. Moreover, being a beauty pageant title holder expands one’s reach and makes one more credible and influential as a person to drive change, and I wanted to be a part of such an incredible opportunity.

 3. Why did you choose Miss Earth India 2016 over other national contest?
Miss Earth is one of the three biggest pageants in the world and has given me an opportunity to continue to work for causes I truly care about. I think when I auditioned, I was excited to be a part of this pageant and to work for the causes it supports and I hadn’t thought too much about WHY Miss Earth over the others, but, over the past 5 months I have only come to realize that of all the national pageants I could have participated in, I feel like I am truly best fit for Miss Earth.

4. What are the qualities that you think can help you clinch the crown?
I think being true to myself can help me clinch the crown. I really believe in what Miss Earth is working for and it has been my attempt over the course of the National Pageant to learn and do more than I had earlier. It is definitely important that I focus on all aspects including – ramp walk, photoshoots, interview, question-answers and others but I think a lot will be determined by how I present myself and what I have learnt and done in the best way possible.

5. You are quite doing well in your Beauty For a Cause project. Can you tell us what your project all about is and the reason for choosing it?

I have worked in big and small ways for environmental causes over the past decade individually and by volunteering with close to 10 organizations in the field. Most of my work has been based around spreading awareness and working on ground on – Waste Management, Wildlife Conservation, Climate Change and Pollution Control and I have worked and learnt more about these as a finalist at Miss Earth India. I want my work to have sustainable impact on the people I interact and work with, so my advocacy revolves around educating for the environment so that more earth warriors can join me as I go along.

6. If you were crowned Miss Earth India, what are the things that you will show to the world about India?
India is a beautiful country with rich diversity of geography, culture, people, places and wildlife. And I would like to showcase these if I get a chance to represent my country. Furthermore, I would like to highlight positive stories of achievements of our country and of its citizens who have and are working to make a difference to our people and our environment within the country as well as all over the world.

 7. Who do you think is your biggest competitor in the contest?
In the top 20 everyone is gorgeous, smart and confident. In the time I’ve spent working with each contestant, I have realized there is so much to learn from each one of them and their unique abilities. However, if I were to pick one person that I think stands as the toughest competitor as of now, I will say Chum, since apart from the above mentioned qualities, I think her environmental advocacy is really strong too.

8. Do you have any favourite Miss India and Miss Earth winner?
I am inspired by the humility and optimism of Angelia Ong, the simplicity and clear heartedness of Nicole Faria, the diligence and strong environmental advocacy of Dayanna Grageda and the confidence and self belief of Priyanka Chopra. They are my favourites and I aspire to imbibe these qualities they embody.

9. How are you feeling about the finale of Miss Earth India 2016?
I am excited and confident about the finale. I auditioned in February and it’s been a good 5 months of working hard to prepare myself. In the process, the fact that we all have gotten to know each other as contestants and learnt and supported each other through this journey, has made this an empowering experience more than a competition. Moreover, we have seen the Miss Earth India Team work hard with us to give us opportunities to work on ground which has been invaluable. Now I am just looking forward to giving my best for the finale. Of course, there is nervousness for individual events, but I think it’s natural and almost inevitable to feel that way.

10. Last words for your fans and followers…
I just want to thank everyone who has supported me relentlessly through this journey. I feel extremely blessed and encouraged that so many of you have put your faith in me and given me your time. I am very grateful for all the comments, feedback and tips that have come my way which has helped me prepare better. Lots of love to everyone! There is only one month to go for the finale and I need all your best wishes and blessings!

Thank you, Shaan for this interview. Wish you all the very best.

To vote for Shaan, click on the link here:


I don’t regret about what did happen because we can’t just go back and change it: Supriya Aiman – Miss India International 2015 (Interview)


Supriya Aiman is a professional model and a beauty pageant tittle holder. Her first experience with pageant started when she won the Princess of Bihar in 2012. In 2013, she was among the 21finalists of Femina Miss India 2013 contest.

She has been a part of many prestigious Fashion Week such as Lakme Fashion Week, Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week, Chennai International Fashion Week, Volvo Coimbatore Fashion Week and for the Gitanjali Group. She has also been a part of Kingfisher Ultra Fashion Tour, International Gems and Jewellery Show. Her modelling assignments include working with well-known designers such as Rocky Star, Gavin Miguel, Anita Dongre, James Ferreira, Tarun and Tejas, Mebaz, Sumit Das Gupta, Anitha Reddy, Abhishek Dutta and many more.

Her journey from a small town girl to becoming Miss India and an established model is no less than a fairy tale. She has transformed herself from a girl next door to an inspiring beauty queen. That’s not all. Her educational background is worth admiring. Whether you’re from a small town or big cities, whether you have the resource or not, if you believe in your dreams and your education, you’re bound to find success. Supriya just did that. An epitome of grace and beauty, dreams and education and hardwork and dedication.

In an interview with Indian and World Pageant, Supriya shares her journey to the world of pageants, her experience at Miss International 2015 contest, her education and her future plans.

1:-You have been a beauty pageant winner and you represented India at Miss International 2015 pageant. Tell us what goes through your mind when you are called as Miss India during and after the pageant?
Representing billion people of my country at International Pageant was an awesome feeling and it is a dream of any girl to become Miss India and that happened to me, it’s a matter of pride to be called not by your name but India. It has given me tremendous pleasure and unforgettable memories, the whole journey of Miss International was unforgettable, I will cheer up these memories throughout my life and  I feel truly blessed and honored to get such a dignified position in society which will make me feel always proud.

2:- Post Miss international pageant, we see you travelling a lot, attending glamour’s events, shooting for ads, charity events and many more. Would you say this is the beginning of a new phase in your life or career?
Yes, ofcourse it is a new phase of my life. Once you become representative of over billion of people you get more exposure and everyone look at you and expect you to be more responsible towards your work and same way towards social cause too and I am just trying to focus and make balance in both my professional and personal life with perfection.

3:- Can you tell us about your experience at Miss International 2015?
The overall experience was a great learning lesson as I had got a chance to meet people of different and diverse culture and the whole journey was like a dream come true. I had enjoyed every little figment of the Miss International platform.


4:- What would be the most memorable moment in Japan during the contest?
The whole journey of Miss International was the amazing experience which I will cherish through out my life.. but if you ask me to choose one moment among all then it was the proud moment when I wore India’s Sash for the very first time and being called INDIA inspite of my name.

5:- Any Misses you were particularly fond of or get along very well?
All the representatives from different countries were so co-operative; they were in positive competition with each other where everyone was aiming to win but not by letting others down. All of them were so lovely and helpful and if I mention any single name it would be injustice to other contestants, I just want to say I got a chance to meet my sisters from around the globe at this beautiful platform of Miss International.

6:- Before you left for the contest, there were some unpleasant incidents with the franchise owner of Miss India International. It must have been hard on you. Did the incident put any pressure on you?
Yes …. a lot of pressure was there on me!! As I have been informed late to represent India just 8 days prior to the pageant, I had no enough time to prepare and I had to manage everything by my own but still I had done all the possible things in such a short span of time to represent my country in a better way at international pageant.

7:- It was heartening to see that you maintained a dignified silence throughout and once the contest started you surpassed people expectation irrespective of the final result. So, looking back, do you have any regrets about the results or do you think a better wardrobe or more preparation time would have helped you get into the top ten?
I don’t regret about what did happen because we can’t just go back and change it, but to be honest Time plays a very important role in success, if I would have had more time and if i would have arrived at the correct time ( as i arrived at Miss International on 4th day of pageant ) at Miss International , definitely I would have done better.

 I don’t think there was any lack of wardrobe or anything else. I believe the biggest reason of not being placed in top ten was my arrival at Miss International was on 4th day of the pageant where I missed the main sponsor’s sessions which is a very important part of any pageant and it really matters. But I still feel proud that I begged 3 awards in such a diver’s situation.

8:- You were awarded Panasonic beauty ambassador and Miss visit japan tourism ambassador and Best National Costume (1st Runner up). Tell us about the role and responsibility you will be playing as an ambassador?
I am really privileged and honored to be the ambassador of Japan Tourism and Panasonic Beauty Products. As we all know the important responsibility of the ambassador is to promote the brand in all ways from social to economic promotion, in a same way i will also do my bit.


9:- You come from a state where education plays a very important role in one’s life. You are aeronautical engineering degree holder. What draws you towards beauty pageant?
Well being educated is need of life and simply you cannot ignore this part. I belong to a family where everyone served the country. So, since I was a child I had a dream to represent India on an international level no matter what that would be whether beauty pageants or sports. As I grew up, I thought about beauty pageants and aimed to represent India on such a big stage . I could say I struggled  hard to achieve my dream and now here I am and can say this, that I have come this long way and still more to achieve.

10:- How big education plays a role in a beauty queen life? Was it hard for you to shift from an engineering background to the world of fashion and pageants?
Education plays very important role in everybody’s life and definitely yes, if you want to stay in competition and achieve what you have dreamt for. Then a good standard of education is required to represent you. Obviously shifting from one phase or field is always harder for anyone because you have to acquire new skills, techniques and knowledge about that certain field and it will take time to have control over everything related to another field. You will be a struggler in the beginning and may come with so many obstacles but you have to trust your journey  and abilities to overcome every problem you face.

11:- what would be your message for the women from the rural areas who want to become Miss India?
Many part of India is still under developed which impedes women from achieving their goals. I have seen a few cases where women are still not able to live their lives on their own but I believe that now a days ours society has become more aware about women empowerment and gradually the position of women is being changed and nowadays many talented girls from rural area of our country are participating in beauty pageants and many went to international platform. Also, they just need support from their family and society .. so keep going girls , you are on right track.


12:- You recently shoot an ad for TVC. Is Bollywood on the card or can we see you again in beauty pageants?
I would like to say yes Bollywood is on the card right now but I am waiting for the right script. Because in Bollywood you need to have a good start and deliver your best in the beginning that people should welcome you in a good way. For now another pageant is not on the list.

13:- So far, the year 2016 has been quite a busy year for you. What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?
You have to deliver your best in life, an opportunity knocks the door once in life, this is my time now I have to be tireless and work day and night to give my best. Still many things left to be done in 2016.

14:- Thank you for doing this interview, any last words for your fans and Indian and world Pageant Readers?
I would like to say Thanks to everyone who have been encouraging and loving me during and after Miss International Pageant. I love you all for being supportive to me all the time.

 I must say you just need efforts, hard work and determination and everything else will fall in place and if I could do it, you can do it too.

To be an achiever you need to leave your comfort zone and take up the challenges: Mrs India World 2016 – Mohini Sharma Mane (Interview)


Mohini Sharma won the title of Mrs India 2016 held on May 22, 2016 at the Hilton Hotel in Chennai, India. Mohini’s win proved that hardwork, passion and determination are the key to success.  The multitasker entreprenuer runs two schools in Mumbai – The Don Bosco High School and Holy Cross High School besides assisting her husband in his respective business. In an exclusive interview with Indian and World Pageant, she talks about favourite designer, her preparation for Mrs World 2016 contest etc.

1. Congratulation on winning Mrs India World 2016! What was your feeling when you were announced as Mrs India?
It was a very mixed feeling. Little stunned, happy and very emotional. My feelings cannot be described in words but yes it was out of the world feeling. I was very humbled to be announced as a winner and there were realization of future responsibilities also.

2. What influenced you to take part in Mrs India contest?
Women influenced me. All the women I came across in my life, I have learned something from everyone and I realized the fact that every woman is great in her own way. I always dream of having at least one quality of every woman and in this process I developed a notion of representing all these women where people look upon me as a representative of all married women.

3. Soon you’ll leave for Mrs World 2016 contest. Can you tell us about your preparations for the contest?
Unlike all beauty pageants, Mrs India and Mrs world not only judge on the basis of your beauty and persona but many other qualities like involvement in society, social work, career and media presence. I can call it a overall package and these are all the fields I am working on.

4. Have you decided on your wardrobes like evening gown, national costumes? Whose creation will you be wearing? Or any wish list designers?
I am still on a shortlisting mode, and yes I have a long wish list. My aim is to display the creativity and the talent of India. I am sure there are couple of designer who would do complete justice.
I would love to wear Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Rohit bal and Tarun Thiliani. These are personally my favorites.

5. Was there any setback for you to participate in Mrs India World contest?
Setbacks are the part of life. To be an achiever you need to leave your comfort zone and take up the challenges. Like everyone even I was nervous and petrified and in-spite of all the setbacks there were people by my side, supporting me day and night. What matters is who supported you during these challenging situations and not the challenges.


6. What advice would give to other married women who want to take part in Mrs India contest but couldn’t due to certain problems?
Being a married woman, balancing personal and public life, being a super wife taking care of husband and in laws and super mother  for their kids itself makes her Mrs India. Every wife and mother is a queen and she doesn’t need a crown to be one. More than being a titleholder I would recommend these woman to take interest in their hobbies and passion because that is something which will last long and make their lives interesting on a long run.

7. If you can change the condition of women in our society, what would you do?
Today the condition of women in our society, I feel is good and fortunately every woman in our society is strong enough to make the changes herself that they feel is necessary. I give credit to every women for all the positive changes that has taken place till today and if I get a chance, I would like motivate them, create a positivity within them and make themselves believe that woman is capable of everything in this world.

8. As a mother and wife besides being a public figure, how do you balance your private and public life?
I am a daughter of a corporator and a school trustee and always looked upon my mother as my role model. She has been one woman who managed her private and public life very well as a mother and wife. She is my inspiration and so being a public figure today following her footsteps and trying my best to balance private and public life.

9. What are the things that you want to show to the world as India representative at Mrs World contest?
One Quality that India is known about and its India’s Diversity. I am sure that on the world stage I wont be a maharashtrian or north Indian but an Indian. I would like to display India’s diversity, creativity, culture and last but most important India’s internal beauty.

Thank you, Mohini, for giving us your time for this interview. Wishing you all the very best for Mrs World 2016 contest!

Interview with Sandeep Kumar (Founder and CEO of Rubaru Miss India Elite and Mister India)


When one speaks of pageant, what one look forward to is who will be the delegate of the particular contest. From the contestant work-out regime to the wardrobe, all eyes are on the country representative. But who is behind the contestant success is something we don’t speak of. From the National Director to the stylist to designer to make-up artist, people hardly see what they have done to make someone stand out in the world of pageants. I have had the opportunity to talk to the National Director of Rubaru Group which conduct Miss India Elite and Mister India for International Pageant. With so many franchises under him, one would think he would be hard to reach. But it’s the opposite. The humble and down to earth ND is here to listen to pageant fans. His hard-work got him the Best National Director in 2014 at the Mister Model International pageant. Besides, he brought the Supermodel International 2016 to India which was held recently. That’s not all. Indian beauty fans will witness Mister Model International 2016 to be held in New Delhi later this year. It’s a proud moment for India and Indian fans. All thanks to him and Rubaru group.


1. You have been awarded Best National Director in 2014 at the Mister Model International and winners of Rubaru male pageants have been doing so well at their respective international pageants especially in 2015. What’s the formula behind this success?
Mantra for success I would say is dedication and determination. If you are determined and dedicated to achieve something then you surely will achieve. But at the same time you have to work hard as success does not come easy, if it came it is hard to handle. Moreover I believe in putting my efforts in the right direction at the right time. With a combination of these entire things one can achieve anything. Surely it feels great seeing our country receiving recognition at an international stage, because when you are competing for any international contest it becomes a matter of the entire Indian nation not just a single person. So I would not say that my delegates are doing great I would say that India is doing great.

2. How do you manage to handle so many international pageant franchises and preparing the winners for their international contests altogether?
Well managing altogether yes it seems difficult but I really feel blessed to have the support of such wonderful people. The titleholders are really supportive, they have worked so hard, the groomers are amazing, they have polished them to be able to represent India at the international stage in the best way they could. And obviously all other supporters and fans that I have not met, have made all the things seem so easy. According me one should take any challenge coming his/her way as a new opportunity to create something better and every failure as a new lesson to work better in future.

3. Recently, you acquired the Mister India International franchise. What draws you towards taking up this franchise? Will you consult previous representatives to prepare this year representative?

Mister International is one of the oldest and widely celebrated international male pageants. A lot of people suggested Rubaru Group to take up the franchise. They showed so much faith in us. So I am just trying do my part to be able to fulfil what they are expecting from us, along with trying to make India proud. We (Rubaru Group) would try our best to send a representative to the pageant who can represent India in the best possible way he can. And obviously we have received so much love and support from our supporters like you, so it just encourages us to put our best foot forward. We would try to consult every person who is willing to provide advices to prepare our delegates.

4. In a country like India, beauty pageants especially male pageants though celebrated in a grand scale aren’t as popular as other events. What’s your take on it and how do you see male pageants and Rubaru pageant’s future in the world of Indian pageants?
Well male pageants came into existence much later than female pageants moreover creating awareness about the contest is one of the initial and prime tasks while organizing a male pageant. Yes it does take time and effort to analyse what people are expecting to see and in what way they would like to see it. Reaching to the interested audience is also one of the prime motives. So all in all I would say by accomplishing all these, male pageants can be made as much anticipated and popular as female pageants in India

 5. Many fans in India want to see beauty pageants being conducted like that of Miss USA or Puteri Indonesia where there is wide representation of every region. Will we see that happening with Rubaru pageants?
Conducting region wise auditions is a great idea and we would love to do that in future. But for doing so you have to reach out to the people on a greater scale and have to capture their interest which requires a lot time. So we will surely try to conduct this in future.


6. Are there any causes that you endorse? Please tell us about it.
Yes our causes are “Stop the violence against women” and “Say no to female foeticide” As these are very sensitive issues in the country and we are just trying to do our part to fight for the rights of the individuals who have suffered pain or have been through harsh times for a better future. As I firmly believe in the quote “Live and let live”. We have adopted a village (named Lowa Khurd) in Haryana in association with JJIMS hospital for the noble cause of saving girl child. We are running free stitching classes for the poor girls in Haryana and Delhi. We have also organized many Social awareness rallies at Jantar Mantar, Delhi and Haryana with our contestants.

7. What would be your biggest achievement as the CEO of Rubaru Mr. India and Miss India Elite?
I cherish every single thing I achieve, but seeing our delegates not just my pageants’ but every Indian delegate who goes to an international pageant, perform good and make India proud. That would be my greatest achievement.

8. What would be your advice to those who wants to become Miss India or Mr India?
My advice to all those who want become Mr India or Miss India will be just be yourself and don’t forget when you go for an international pageant, there also goes a hope of a billion people with you. So always try to give your 100%. If someone wins any pageant it does not mean that he/she was better than others at that moment but it means that he/she was at his/her best at that moment. So just try to give your best.

9. Lastly, any message for Indian and World Pageant readers?
Keep loving and supporting us, And if you have any advice which you think needs to be implemented in our pageants then please let us know.

I’m confident that i will do my very best: Elizabeth Thadikaran – Femina Miss India Bangalore 2015 1st Runner up (Interview)


Elizabeth Thadikaran comes from a place called God’s own Country – Kerala. Also known as Liz, she is determined to win the Miss India crown and bring back the Miss World crown for India. Liz is a dental student from Bangalore with an impressive educational background. She has won silver medal in the National swimming competition and bronze in State level athletic competition. As an intern, she has visited many rural areas to provide medical facilities and create awareness about sanitation which she is still doing. Confident, well spoken and naturally beautiful, she is apt for Miss India. Her determination for the crown shows in terms of the work she has accomplished. She has won many beauty pageants. In this interview she tells us about her preparations, what does it take to be beautiful and confident, and lots more.

1. Tell us what was going through your mind when you were call as 1st runner up at the Femina Miss Bangalore contest?
Well, It was like a sudden burst of excitement mixed with the burning desire to control myself from jumping up and down! Hahaha… I was extremely happy and so proud that the Fbb Femina Miss India team saw  potential in me! Very grateful to the team! 🙂

2. With this win, now you will be going for the final audition of Miss India 2016 in Mumbai. Are you excited or nervous? Do tell us about your preparation for the contest.
I’m very excited! I know it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’ve been taking extra care in terms of fitness and preparing for certain pageant requirements.

3. I do believe you will make it to the Miss India contest. You’re confident, has got the spark and besides you’re already a beauty queen winning so many pageants. Is it really tough to look confident and beautiful all the time?
Well firstly, Thankyou 🙂  I believe something is difficult when you have to put on a show of it. I just feel confident when I’m on stage, it’s this feeling that’s , kind of just there. Because my confidence doesn’t come from comparing myself to other girls, it comes from owning the person that I am!

4. What prompted you to take part in Miss India contest?
Miss India at first, was a far away dream. It was always something that was in my head, but too far away to reach. So I started trying to develop and focus on myself , from local pageant to state pageant and so on . And then it sort of came closer and closer. I’m a go-getter by nature, so I guess no matter what I’ll never stop trying! 🙂

5. It is good to see that you’re actively involved in a project for Sanitation and Awareness program in rural areas. Will this project be your Beauty With A Purpose project if you make it the final of Miss India 2016 ontest?
Apart from my Beauty With A Purpose project, there are other programs that I try to implement . The sanitation awareness program will not be my BWAP project. My BWAP is something that is close to my profession. 🙂


6. A national level Silver medalist in Swimming and state level bronze medalist in Athletic, What’s your daily routine to keep yourself fit and active?
Swimming! That’s my go-to exercise no matter what. It keeps me fresh and active!

7. What makes a woman beautiful in your opinion?
Intelligence, confidence and a smile.

8. How has Queens and Crowns Institute, Bangalore helped you in your preparation for Miss India contest? Is it really necessary for beauty Queen aspirants to go for beauty pageant grooming Institute?
I am currently not attending any grooming institute. However, I do know the owner of the queens and crowns institute on a personal level and he has helped me greatly with a lot of pointers and tips along my Miss India journey. I think the decision to enter a pageant grooming school can only help you develop as a person and the more help you get to achieve your dreams, the better it is for you! You never stop learning!

9. How confident are you about winning Miss India title?
I’m confident that i will do my very best!

10. Lastly, any message for your fans and followers?
Yes! I would like to thank them and tell them that I love them!!! Without you guys, and your love and support, I couldn’t have reached where I am and I certainly know for a fact that whatever heights I achieve, it is as much yours as it is mine. Because i strongly believe that the true stars are the people behind-the-scenes or the ones that constantly support you!

Thanks a lot, Elizabeth for this interview. Wish you all the best for your Miss India journey!

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