Regina Peredo of Mexico wins Reina Hispanoamericana 2019

Reina Hispanoamericana

20-year-old Regina Peredo from Puebla became the second woman from Mexico to win Reina Hispanoamericana  title –  annual beauty pageant celebrating Hispanic heritage, language and culture, with its first contest in 1991. Mexico won its first title in 2008. Regina was crowned by Nariman Battikha Yanyi,  Reina Hispanoamericana 2018, her predecessor.

The 29th edition of the international pageant was scheduled for October 2019 but due to political events happening in the host country, it was postponed.

The other winners of the night were:-
Virreina – Gabrielle Vilela of Brazil
1st Runner-up – Laura Claro of Colombia
2nd Runner-up – Yuanailie Alvarado of Puerto Rico
3rd Runner-up – Ketlin Lottermann of Paraguay
4th Runner-up – Valeria Badell Lillo of Venezuela
5th Runner-up – Katrina Llegago of Philippines

Reina Hispanoamericana 2019

Apart from the top 6 winners, rest of the top 10 were awarded runner-up titles. Spain’s Ainara Cadavieco was sixth runner-up, Franchesca Astier of Dominican Republic was adjudged seventh runner-up, Cassandra Cherry of Haiti was took the eighth runner-up spot and Monserrat Baes of United States finished the top 10 as the ninth runner-up.

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