Janelle Tee crowned Miss Earth Philippines 2019

Janelle Tee

28-year-old television and events host, Janelle Tee, from Pasig City, was crowned Miss Earth Philippines 2019 on Tuesday beating 39 other candidates from all over the country and Filipino communities around the world. She succeeded and was crowned by Silvia Celeste Cortesi. The contest took place in Okada Manila in Parañaque City.

Tee will now represent her country the Philippines in Miss Earth 2019 pageant to be held later this year.

In the question and answer portion, the remaining five candidates were asked which between giving incentives for good environmental practices and penalizing bad eco habits is a better strategy to encourage more people to become environmentally conscious. Tee chose the former.

“I would choose to give incentives because as a productive country we know that we have a lot of communities that truly [need] help in terms of livelihood projects and that’s what I’ve been doing with ABS-CBN Foundation, and that’s why I want to choose incentives because we have to teach them how to fish rather tha just give them a fish for a day because if you teach them how to fish then it would be there for a living and it would be there sustainably in them,” she responded.

Apart from Miss Earth Philippines title, another winner of the night was Karen Nicole Piccio from Maasin, Ilo-ilo who won the title of Miss Philippines Ecotourism 2019.

Janelle court included Alexandra Dayrit (Miss Philippines Fire), Chelsea Fernandez (Miss Philippines Water), and Ana Monica Tan (Miss Philippines Air).

Janelle Tee Miss Earth Philippines 2019

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