Yeray Hidalgo Hernández is Mister International Spain 2019

Yeray Hidalgo Hernández Mister International Spain 2019

Yeray Hidalgo, 25, from Las Palmas, won the title of  Mister International Spain 2019 during the national competition held at the Plaza Mayor of Villanueva de la Jara, Cuenca. He was one of the 52 candidates competing for the title. Yeray will now represent Spain in Mister International 2019.

The new Mister International Spain, Yeray Hidalgo, has an enviable curriculum: Senior Technician in Multiplatform Applications Development, sports monitor, personal trainer, lifeguard, firefighter opponent and Subofficer of the Air Force.

Mario Martín, from Ciudad Real, placed 2nd, while Juan Palacios, from Malaga, ranked 3rd.

The event, organized by national director Cres Olmo and held for the first time, in Cuenca (Castilla-La Mancha).

Yeray Hidalgo Mister International Spain 2019

Photos: LM Gómez Pozo Fotografía

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