Vietnam’s Trịnh Văn Bảo wins Mister International 2019

Mister International 2019

Model Trinh Bao becomes the second Vietnamese to win Mister International title. The first title was won by Tien Doan in 2008.

Mister International 2017 Seung Hwan Lee of South Korea crowned Trinh as the new winner of Mister International.  Francesco Piscitelli of Venezuela took the first runner-up title. Waikin Kwan of Hong Kong finished as the second runner-up.

Mark Kevin Janda Baloaloa of the Philippines and Jiří Kmoníček of Czech Republic made it to the Top 5.

Mister International

The 13th Mister International Final took place in Manila, Philippines on the evening of February 24. After nearly three hours, the contestants in turn experienced the performances of national costumes, traditional Philippine costumes, swimsuits, vests and rings.

Thus, after the 2008 achievement of Doan Doan, Trinh Bao was the second Vietnamese model to win the Mister International competition.

In 2008, Tien Doan was the first contestant in Vietnam to win the highest position in this competition.In 2009, Vinh Thuy reached the top 15. In 2011, Vietnamese representative Le Khoi Nguyen won the 3rd prize. Last year, model Minh Trung also stopped at the top 5.

Mister International 2019 Trinh Van Bao

Mister International 2019 Trinh Van Bao