Vote: Who should be Indian and World Pageant’s Dashing King of the year – 2018?

Male Pageant winners of 2018

Indian and World Pageant is back with its online poll ‘Dashing King of the year  – 2018’. It’s time for you to decide who is your favourite winner of 2018 Male Pageant and who is the most handsome according to you. So many handsome men who made their country proud by winning international pageant. Who should be Indian and World Pageant readers favourite Dashing King of the Year (2016).

Cast your vote. You can vote as many time as you want. The winner of this poll will be revealed after two weeks. So keep voting.

You’re favourite International male pageant winner of 2018 not in the list? You can add him on the poll by entering his name in the “OTHER” option. This is why we call this poll Reader’s choice.

male pageant 2018 winners

Left to Right : George Reylor de Lumen Mister Universal Ambassador, Jose-Manuel Alcalde Mister Model International, Prathamesh Maulingkar Mister Supranational and Anthony Clarinda Men Universe Model

male pageant winners

Left to Right: Vincent Llorach Manhunt International, Dario Duque Mister Global, Phiratthapong Mooltribut Man of the Year and Seung Hwan Lee Mister International


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