Vicent Llorach from Spain is Manhunt International 2018

Manhunt International2018 winners

23 year old, Vicent Llorach from Spain edged out twenty seven international representatives to become the first Manhunt International winner from his country. He won Manhunt International 2018 contest held in Gold Coast, Australia, on December 2nd 2018.

The new Manhunt International winner, Vincent, succeeded last year winner, Truong Ngoc Tinh from Vietnam. Vincent is a model and educator, from Valencia. He has a bachelor’s degree in Sports Science.

The other winners of the night were Australia in 2nd place, followed by Netherlands in 3rd place, Philippines 4th and Vietnam 5th.

Other Top 16 semi-finalists were Indonesia (popular vote), Belgium, Brazil, China, Japan, Lebanon, Nepal, Poland, Puerto Rico, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Vicent Llorach

Vicent Llorach Manhunt International 2018

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