Dario Duque of USA is Mister Global 2018

Mr Global 2018 winner

Picture Credits: Mister Global

Dario Duque of USA is Mister Global 2018. He was crowned on July 22, 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand after the final was postponed to a day. The new Mister Global from USA succeeded Pedro Gicca as Mister Global 2018. During his reign, Dario will live in Bangkok, Thailand. More than 40 representatives from different countries took part in the pageant.

Mister Global 2018

Picture Credits: Mister Global

At the same contest, 1st RU spot went to Ahmed Lasheen of Egypt, 2nd RU position was bagged by Poland’s Jakub Piotr Kucner, Dwayne Geldenhuis of South Africa took the 3rd RU title while Thailand’s GameGoh Staporn finished the top 5 as 4th RU.

Albania, Germany, Brazil, Ethiopia, South Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Vietnam were in the top 15 (semi-finalists).

Special Awards:
Mister Congeniality: Afghanistan – Hamid Noor
Mister Photogenic: Switzerland – Betim Morina
Mister Smile: Denmark – Marcus Jørgensen
Best physicist: South Korea – Kang Doo Hyung
Mister Best Model: Vietnam – Mạc Trung Kiên
Best Traditional Costume: Singapore – Dhillon Poh
Mister Popularity: Philippines – Kristian Sarmiento
Mister Talent: Netherlands – Roel van der Bas

Mister Global 18

Picture Credits: Mister Global

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