Angela Ponce is Miss Universe Spain 2018

Angela Ponce - Miss Universe Spain 2018

The 6th edition of the Miss Spain pageant saw history being created for the very first time in beauty pageants across the world. A 25-year-old trans woman, Angela Ponce, was crowned Miss Universe-Spain on Saturday held in August Auditorium, Palau Firal i de Congressos in Tarragona on June 29, 2018 with 23 finalists competing. Angela Ponce is the first transsexual to win the prestigious crown in Spain and will represent her country in the Miss Universe 2018 pageant.

Sofía del Prado of Castilla-La Mancha crowned Angela as the new Miss Universe Spain who will now represent her country in the next Miss Universe edition later this year. Previously, Angela represented Cadiz in Miss Spain World 2015 but failed to get the crown.

Angela Ponce Miss Unvierse Spain 2018


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