“To me, feminism means equals to both genders,” Mary Khyriem, Femina Miss India Meghalaya 2018

Mary Khyriem is here to make her state proud of her achievements. After winning Miss Shillong, she took part in Sunsilk Mega Miss Northeast 2017 winning the crown. She is now ready to conquer Miss India which she says is her passion. Calm and composed, she is in a every true sense a beauty queen. It isn’t just her beauty and brain everyone finds attractive in her, but also her captivating personality.

1. How has your life been post winning Femina Miss India Meghalaya 2018 title?
After post winning FBB Femina Miss India Meghalaya well a simple 20 year old wanderlust has responsibilities to her State, especially to represent it with it’s fullest potential, filled with Diversity.
Being a part in the East Crowning has been nothing but enlightening and enriching; learning  and in taking so much from each and every aspect during the whole process.
And the life of a college girl has now elevated  to a point where she is blessed and honoured with a chance of encouraging people, which is indeed and overwhelming and honourable feeling.

2. How would you introduced yourself to the world?
A 20 year old wanderlust, seeking to experience, to learn new things in life and embracing the adventures life has to offer with her roots and values closely intact.

3. You’re not just Mary now, but also Miss Meghalaya. How does it feel to be called and known as Meghalaya in a national pageant like Miss India?
Firstly it’s a big honour to be represingting the Abode of clouds, Meghalaya , a place I call Home. Meghalaya is filled with diversity and to enculcate  that, well, in a platform as big as Miss India, well honestly it’s terrifying. For a girl who was just a part of it, Now is representing the State itself gives immense pleasure but mostly filled with Pride .

4. How would you show Meghalaya to the rest of India’s state representative and to the world?
As I said with it’s diversity there are certain things that I would like to highlight. But if there’s one thing that strikes most is it’s matriliniel system, where woman carry on their generations;  which signifies the life they have carried and brought to existence which indeed is a beautiful aspect of life . Both  woman and men are given equal opportunities and rights.  And I have experienced it first hand and there’s nothing  more beautiful then being able work together hand in hand.

5. What are the good things about Meghalaya that you would like impart to your competitors?
There are certain things I would like to highlight and impart to my fellow contestants, that is to stand out in the crowd and say what I am because of my roots and values . Being from Meghalaya where  it’s diversity prevails, all I  do want to say is never lose the person you are because it’s our diversity that is with us that distinguishes and makes us different from the other. Never lose it because not everyone can be you so celebrate it.  My state celebrates it’s diversity

6. You’ve been crowned Miss Shillong and won Mega Miss Northeast 2017 title. Are you ready to conquer the hearts and minds of India?
Miss shillong was an emotional cherished journey where my elder sister had been crown before me. Sunsilk Mega Miss NorthEast is something I ventured ahead.  But when it comes to Miss India it is the passion, the hidden force inside of me that pushes me and says yes I am ready, ready to push my zest and push my limits .

7. Which India winner do you admire the most and why?
Honestly, all the representatives have touched millions and I am one such life who has been touched .  As I haven’t met all of them, but was fortunate enough to have met Pooja Chopra my Mentor. Although our interaction was a short one but was enough to captivate and inspire us and i strongly believe  my fellow contestants would agree. An amazing personality ,with an impeccable aura, one who has guided and will be guiding us and one who showed her real self to all of us . It’s admirable because she did not just show me Miss India herself but the genuine person that she is. And meeting such a dynamic and genuine soul inspires me .

8. Feminism has seen a revival since a couple of years and has been misconstrued a lot. Do you regard yourself as a Feminist? And do you equate pageant like Miss India as a part of Feminism movement?
Feminism has varied definitions, to me feminism means equals to both genders.  To share something that I have experienced first hand, I come from  a state that men and women are given equal rights and opportunities. To say I am a feminist would be wrong but depending on my beliefs I am a feminist who believes in equality . And to talk about Miss India if taken with what I believe in, I would say Yes, because it empowers women; giving them an opportunity to fully encouraged them to take chances and grab opportunities of a lifetime .

9. The #MeToo movement has become a worldwide phenomenon. Do men and boys have a different role to play than women and girls in fighting sexual harassment? If so, how? If not, why not?
No, Men and woman do not have different roles to play in fighting sexual harassment. I strongly believe charity begins at home and no matter what the crime is, all of us including men, woman and children needs to fight the same battles of awareness by keeping ethics in mind ,by knowing our values , being alert to our inner consciences and most importantly not to steal the innocence of a child; only then will a child grow up to keep his or her values firmly  intac .

10. Can you tell us about your Beauty With a Purpose project for Femina Miss India 2018 contest?
I haven’t started on it just yet only because there are many issues I want to work on. Frankly having a hard time deciding so, but all I do is, if once I initiate on it I will continue to work on it  even after the competition. I believe in working for something you believe in and for the right reasons .

11. You’ve impressed many fans with your beauty and intelligence. Does that give you any pressure?
I grew up watching beauty pageants and I use to think it’s all about  beauty and intelligence and to tell you the truth , there’s more than what meets the eye. There are 29 other fellow contenders eyeing for the same crown; lead by the same dream and inner passion to live the opportunity of a lifetime to represent the country . So henceforth  tell me if you feel the pressure?

12. Thank you, Mary for giving Indian and World Pageant your time for this interview. Wish You all the very best for the contest. Any last words for your fans and supporters?
To everyone who’s been constant and also supporting and guiding all throughout Thankyou. It is through all of this that I get constant encouragement and motivation. I can’t thanked each one of  you enough  but you all are in my prayers and I strongly believe prayers work miracles and the best gift one can give. And please do keep supporting and praying for me.

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