Global Bachelor Philippines 2018 winners

The grand coronation of  Global Bachelor Philippines 2018 was held atDon Leopoldo Sison Convention Center,  City of Alaminos, Pangasinan on 18th March, 2018 to select Philippines representatives to various international pageants. The title at stakes were Mister Global Philippines, Mister Global Teen, Mister Tourism Philippines and Mister Montage International. 19 handsome man competed for the chance to represent Philippines internationally. In the end, Kristian Nanadiega Sarmiento emerged as the winner and took home the title of Mister Global Philippines 2018.

Mister Global Philippines:
Kristian Nanadiego Sarmiento
Mister Global Teen: Joshua Manansala
Mister Tourism Philippines: John Alwyin Angeles
Mister Montage International: Mark Vincent Mejia
1st runner-up: Patrick John Onia
2nd runner-up: Kristian Allene Gobrin

Kristian Nanadiego Sarmiento Mister Global Philippines 2018

Joshua Manansala Mister Global Teen Philippines 2018

John Alwyin Angeles Mister Tourism Philippines 2018

Mark Vincent Mejia Mister Montage International

Images Credits: Onecho Gabinete Photography


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