Pardeep Kharera is Mister United Continents India 2018

Pardeep  Kharera from Rewadi, Haryana has been chosen as Mister United Continents 2018 during a crownind ceremony held last week by Rubaru Mister India Org. Pardeep succeeded Mitendra Singh as the new Mister United Continents India. He will now compete in Mister United Continents 2018 to be held in November this year in Philippines.

Pardeep Kharera is a professional boxer and an international boxing champion. A student of Delhi’s University, the handsome hunk from Haryana recently joined INSO (Indian National Students’ Organisation) which is involved with student’s welfare. Currently ranked number one in his weight category in India, Pardeep will try to win the international title for India for the second time, the first being Mohit Singh, Mister United Continents 2016.

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