Interview with Aki Parviainen – Mister International Finland 2017

Aki Parviainen – Mister International Finland 2017 is hard working and an achiever.  He will represent Finland at the 12th Mister International competition in Yangon city, Myanmar in April. He is the first from Finland to compete at Mister International. The distinctively Handsome Finnish man from Tampere is an entrepreneur and a sports coach. Apart from his one year training in the Army, he has earned first degree black belt in Taekwondo. In an interview with Indian and World Pageant, Aki Parviainen tells us about his country, his favourite Mister international, his biggest competitor etc.

1. How would you describe yourself to the world?
I am an open minded Finnish man who wants to help and inspire others like so many people have done for me. I love all kind of bodyweight training and currently train parkour and streetworkout very intensively.

2. What are the great things about your country, Finland?
Greatest thing in my country is definitely nature. For instance, in Lapland, we have beautiful forests and lakes and of course animals like reindeers and bears. Other great thing is our social and health security system. Meaning everyone has right to get some kind of health and social care. We also support education a lot and we have free education system. We are also known from our technology industry and sports. Nokia is probably one of the best-known company in the cell phone business. In sports we are known greatly in ice hockey and also in Formula one (F1).

3. You have achieved so many things in life like earning a black belt degree. What’s that one achievement you’re most proud about?
I have to say that it is my first-degree black belt test and more importantly passing the test. Test was more of a mental test. Idea was that will you keep pushing yourself forward even though you know that you can’t win. And by passing the test I know I can achieve anything if I keep pushing forward regardless how tired I am.

4. You’re the first from Finland to compete in Mister International. How are you preparing for the contest?
I really don’t have much experience of being a model so I am working together with my agency Studio Face and Nordic Beauty Organization to get more experience through fashion showcases and modeling course. Also Mister Finland organization is helping me to get ready.

5. Who is your favourtie Mister International winner?
Favourite winner is last years winner Paul Iskander. I like his style and looks.

6. Have you checked the contestants of Mister International 2018? Who do you think is your biggest competitor?
I think that all the contestants are big competitors because they all have more experience being a model than I have. But if I have to pick one that would be Mister International Poland Arkady Zadrozny. He is a professional model and I think a very handsome one.

7. What do you look forward the most in Myanmar?
I look most to meet new amazing people around the world and hopefully get a lot of new friends. The only way is up so I will do my very best to succeed and aim to win the competition.

Thank you for agreeing to do this interview. Wish you all the very best for the pageant and may you find success in everything you do.

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