Meet the winners of Rubaru Mister India 2018

The 2018 edition of Rubaru Mister India concluded last night after weeks of preparation and pre-finale activities. This year edition had 27 handsome men from different corner of the country competing for various titles. In the end, five finalists were chosen as winners.

Unlike previous years where the winners were given a specific title like Mister Global India, Mister Universal Ambassador India, Mister United Continents India etc, this year only two titles were given i.e. Mister India International 2018 and Rubaru Mister India 2018 winner. The rest were announced as runner-ups.

The Winners:
Rubaru Mister India International 2018: Bala Krish
Rubaru Mister India 2018: Suraj Dahiya
1st Runner-up: Dilip Patel
2nd Runner-up: Kamlesh Solanki
3rd Runner-up: Gaurav Sharma

Mister India International 2018 – Bala Krish

Rubaru Mister India 2018 -Suraj Dahiya

Rubaru Mister India 2018 1st Runner-up: Dilip Amit Patel

Rubaru Mister India 2018: 2nd Runner-up: Kamlesh Solanki

Rubaru Mister India 2018 3rd Runner-up: Gaurav Sharma


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