Gerina Chanel Ancheta and Kim Bohman​ crowned Miss and Mr Asian International 2018

Gerina Chanel Ancheta​ of Northern Luzon, Philippines was crowned Miss Asian International 2018 and Kim Bohman​ of Stockholm, Sweden, a Thai-Swedish model bagged Mister Asian International 2018 on March 2, 2018 in Jarinthip Grand Hall, Bangkok, Thailand.

Ms. Manila, Philippines and Mr. Medan, Indonesia were hailed first runners-up. Ms. Shandong, China and Mr. Hue, Vietnam finished second runners-up. Ms. Queensland, Australia and Mr. Mumbai India placed third runners-up. Ms. Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand and Mr. Colombo, Sri Lanka were named fifth runners-up.

Ms. Melbourne, Australia was proclaimed as the brand ambassadress of Miss Asian International. Completing the semifinalists for Mister and Miss Asian International 2018 were Mr. Bangkok South, Thailand, Mr. Lop Buri, Thailand and Mr. Singapore, Ms. Bangalore, India, Ms. Guangdong, China.

Mister and Miss Asian International 2018 Special Awards

Brand Ambassadress: Melbourne, Australia
Mr. Upfront Model Singapore: Bangkok South, Thailand
Ms. Upfront Model Singapore: Northern Luzon, Philippines
Mr. Missosology’s Choice Award: Lop Buri, Thailand
Ms. Missosology’s Choice Award: Northern Luzon, Philippines
Most Outstanding Contestant: Ms. Bangalore, India
Ms. Best Skin: Yangon, Myanmar
Mr. Best Skin: Lop Buri, Thailand
Ms. Darling of the Media: Guangdong, China
Mr. Darling of the Media: Bangkok South, Thailand
Mr. People’s Choice Award: Hue, Vietnam
Ms. People’s Choice Award: Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
Mr. Best in Talent: Yangon, Myanmar
Ms. Best in Talent: Visayas, Philippines
Ms. Smile: Northern Luzon, Philippines
Mr. Smile: Bangkok, Thailand
Ms. Crowning Glory: Guangdong, China
Mr. Crowning Glory: Singapore
Ms. Personality: Sydney, Australia
Mr. Personality: Stockholm, Sweden
Ms. Best Catwalk: Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
Mr. Best Catwalk: Bangkok, Thailand
Ms. Photogenic: Melbourne, Australia
Mr. Charming: Mumbai, India
Mr. Photogenic: Moscow, Russia
Ms. Charming: Manila, Philippines
Best Physique: Stockholm, Sweden
Body Beautiful: Beijing, China
Mr. Fitness: Mandalay, Myanmar
Ms. Fitness: Queensland, Australia

Miss Asian International 2018
Best in National Costume: Northern Luzon, Philippines
1st runner up: Hubei, China
2nd runner up: Bangalore, India

Mister Asian International 2018
Best in National Costume: Medan, Indonesia
1st runner up: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
2nd runner up: Colombo, Sri Lanka

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