Mister Venezuela Gabriel Correa is Mister Supranational 2017

Image Credits: Mister Supranational

Almost a month after the competition started, Mister Venezuela Gabriel Correa emerged as the best among the 36 contestants and bagged the title of Mister Supranational 2017 at an event, which was held on December 2 in Poland’s Spa Resort of Krynica- Zdroj in the beautiful Malopolska region. Gabriel succeeded Diego Garcy from Mexico and was The newly crowned Miss Supranational 2017 Jenny Kim handed over the winner’s trophy and sash to Correa.

The first runner-up Spain’s Alejandro Cifo Capilla, Brazil’s Matheus Song took the second runner-up title, Slovakia’s Michal Gajdosech and Mexico’s Hector Javier Parga were announced as the third runner-up and fourth runner-up, respectively.

Mister India, USA, Poland, Indonesia and Malta made it to the top 10 while representatives from Afghanistan, Philippines, Netherlands, Chile, Japan, Myanmar, Panama, Puerto Rico, Romania, Suriname were in the top 20.

Gabriel is a former baseball player and model. He studied Industrial Production studies.

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