Opinion: Is it justified to disqualify Miss Earth South Africa 2017 Irini Moutzouris over height requirement?

Miss Earth South Africa 2017 Irini Moutzouris has been disqualified from taking part in the finals of Miss Earth 2017 pageant due to height requirement. The international pageant is already in its midway with Miss South Africa Irini already attending half of the pageant activities.

The Miss Earth South Africa organization took to the social media i.e. their official Facebook page to release a press statement about the whole fiasco and mentioned that they are prepared to received Irini home earlier than anticipated due to different set of rule.

Read the statement of the organization below:

“The Miss Earth South Africa organization prepares to receive Irini Moutzouris, the current ‘Green Queen’, home earlier than anticipated. “Our delegate will not compete at the international event, and the decision has been made to bring her home. The international body have a different set of rules to our local programme, their event is governed by rules and requierements on height and weight, and they made the decision to not allow Irini to compete in the final leg of the competition based on the height requirement. We accept this as their prerogative and have decided to rather bring our ambassador back home to support our end-of-year programmes”, says Ella Bella Leite, National Director of Miss Earth South Africa.

She further stated, “As an organization we were aware of these regulations and we took a chance as the mavericks that we are to send our ambassador anyway. It has however not worked out and we have been denied our chance to participate any further in this year’s Miss Earth Event. The team, together with Irini, accept the decision, we understand their stance and we accept this, it was a chance we were willing to take.”

IAWP Opinion: It’s hard to say who is to be blamed for this unfortunate incident. Miss Earth South Africa was aware of the requirements but they took a chance and send their candidate to Miss Earth. I am sure Miss Earth org must have received Irini bio including her height, weight and stats before the competition started. It’s unfortunate this had to happen now with Irini already being in Manila. Miss Earth org. should have let her stay with a reminder that she won’t be able to enter the top 16 come what may because of the rules. This way an embarassment or unnecessary controversay could have been avoided. And also send a strongly worded letters to national franchiser of Miss Earth about their rules.

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