Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 Nguyen Thi Loan apologize to Kyle Verzosa and filipino fans over a remark she made a year ago

Miss Vietnam 2016 Nguyen Thi Loan was recently appointed Miss Universe Vietnam 2017. Right after her appointment, there came a controversy which let her to apologize over a comment she made a year ago. Some fans took to social media to show their displeasure about the said comment by her.

A year ago,  Nguyen Thi Loan had commented ”ugly”on Kylie’s photo in swimwear during Miss International 2017. Following the outrage of Filipino fans, the newly appointed Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 expresses her sincere apology to Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa and “Filipino beauty fans.” She blamed her limited knowledge of English for the comment.

She took to Instagram to apologize and clarify her statement.

Dear Kylie and Filipino Beauty Fans,
I would like to clarify a comment that I made last year. Please give me a minute to explain.
A year ago, when I was checking information on social media, I saw a picture of Kylie, Miss International 2016. Just by natural reaction, I thought that it was not a good picture of her and I commented based on my honest feelings. You would agree with me that sometimes, even the most beautiful person, could have a non-really photogenic picture… due to the angle, lighting or a wrong moment. Perhaps, I could have stated things more clearly but due to my limited English I made you all misunderstood me. I want to emphazise that i don’t judge or comment about people just like that. Instead of being more explanative about my meaning, after realizing that I did not use my words correctly, I immediately deleted the comment.
After that, I decided to keep silent because I did not want to cause any more misunderstandings or accidentally hurt anyone’s feelings (including Kylie’s ones if she would have noticed about that).
I am so sorry for any inconvenience caused. I sincerely apologize for hurting Kylie and you by accident. This is a lesson for me and I will take more care in the future.
I wish all Filipino fans good health and happiness… and congratulations Kylie for your successful year term as Miss International 2016. Best wishes for you!!

IWAP Opinion: Time to let go of the mistake she made and move on. People make mistakes. We learn and we grow. A person can”t be judged for remark she made or the opinion she expresses though I would say one should be careful  of the word they use while expressing their thoughts and opinions. I am sure Kylie will forgive her and show the world the grace and warmth of Filipinos. Wish Loan Nguyen the best of luck for her international pageant.

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