Lương Gia Huy wins Mister Universal Ambassador 2017

Luong Gia Huy from Vietnam has been crowned as Mister Universal Ambassador 2017 which recently concluded in Makkasar City, Indonesia. He succeeded Aleska Gavrilocvi from Serbia to win one the most prestigious title of Male pageants. The finale was  televised Live by IBS TV direct from Soldiers Hall of Manunggal Makassar.

Mister Universal Ambassador 2017 : Vietnam – Lương Gia Huy
1ST RU : Philippines – Paul Guarnes
2ND RU : Sweden – Johannes Leonidas
3RD RU : Indonesia – Gilbert Pangalila
4TH RU : India – Rohit Jakhar

In the top 10 were representatives of Uzbekistan, Nicaragua, Hungary, Thailand and Malaysia.

Special Awards:
Mr. Congeniality: Uzbekistan
Mrl Photogenic: Uzbekistan
Mr. Ambassador America : Nicaragua
Mr. Ambassador Asia : India
MR. Ambassador Africa : Algeria
MR. Ambassador Europe : Hungary
MR. Ambassador Ocenia : Australia

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