Merna Ayman Hosny crowned Miss Grand Egypt 2017.

Merna Ayman Hosny was crowned Miss Grand Egypt 2017. She is 25 years old with the height of 169 cm and a graduate of Pharmacy from German University in Cairo.

Her Hobbies include recycling old stuff, travelling, acting, and helping others. Her talents are doing handmade stuff and dancing.

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She would like to be a very successful person and always believe in the motto “Work until you don’t need to introduce yourself.” She is currently concentrating in the pageant, before that she was working in medical company as a medical representative. Now, she loves to represent country in such an amazing pageant to show all the world the beauty of Egypt.

Merna Ayman Hosny will represent Egypt at Miss Grand International 2017 to be held in Vietnam during this 5 -26 October.

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