Misters of Filipinas 2017

Misters of Filipinas 2017 finally came to a conclusion a month long activity where the finale was held held at One Esplanade, Pasay City on September 30, 2017 to select the finest men of Philippines to represent the country at various international men pageants. The night ended with the selection of six men as winners of the pageant but Raven-Renz Lansangan was named the grand winner of Misters of Filipinas 2017.  Raven will be representing Philippines at the 12th edition of Mister International competition.

Full Results: 
Misters of Filipinas 2017 – International: Raven Renz Lansangan
Misters of Filipinas 2017 – Man of the World: Clint Karklins Peralta
Misters of Filipinas 2017 – Supranational: Yves Campos
Misters of Filipinas 2017 – Man of the Year: Rubi Kust
Misters of Filipinas 2017 – Ocean: Carlo Pasion
Misters of Filipinas 2017 – Universe Tourism: Ion Perez
Misters of Filipinas 2017 – 1st Runner-up: Jonathan Maniquis
Misters of Filipinas 2017 – 2nd Runner-up: John Joseph Hipolito

Raven Renz – Mister International Philippines 2017


Clint Karklins Peralta – Man of the World Philippines

Yves Campos – Mister Supranational Philippines 2017

Rubi Kust – Man of the Year Philippines

Carlo Pasion – Mister Ocean Philippines 2017

Ion Perez – Mister Universe Tourism Philippines 2017

Jonathan Maniquis – 1st Runner-Up

John Joseph Hipolito – Second Runner-Up

Pictures Credits: Misters of Filipinas


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