The journey of an Astro-numerlogist to the beauty queen of Mrs ASIA PACIFIC 2017 & Mrs Universal 3rd Princess -ELEGANCE 2017

Winner of National title Mrs india 2017 & Mrs Asia Pacific-Universal 2017, Shelly Maheshwari Gupta has been recently crownedand awarded as Ms Universal 3rd Princess (runner up) at the international beauty pageant MRS UNIVERSAL 2017 held in London on 8 th September at Richmond hotel.

The massive event was from September 3rd- 8th where woman from all around the world participated representing as winners from their countries. The founder, CEO of this international Universal pageants is the dynamic lady Victoria Hughes & the national director is Richa Singh of Mrs Asia – She is Asia. Shelly Maheshwari Gupta is also a renowned Astro-numerologist, fengshui expert,well known tarot card reader, television personality for various national news channels, socialite, and now as Mrs Universal 3rd Princess & Asia Pacific – Universal 2017 . Yes! a cosmopolitan beauty queen who brought pride to whole India by winning the world finals of Mrs Universal as 3rd Princess -Elegance & representing the entire Asia Pacific continent in the international event in London as Mrs Asia Pacific-universal Elegance.

Shelly has also bagged several awards in 2017 like prestigious iconic woman award given by woman economic forum (WEF) 2017 & felicitated by Loreto college – achievers award 2017 being among the most achieved woman of her college and other awards & titles of popular & influential woman of the year. Brimming with restless energy, she said with sparkled eyes “ dreams are dreams until you wake up and make them real. I hope certainly to make my dream come true by using this platform . I aspire to engage,inform,empower society thereby focusing on woman’s education in the country and helping underprivileged children& also focusing concern on saving Mother Earth from further environmental degradation “Think green& Go green” is her campaign.

Winning the most coveted title was not a bed of roses for her. Unstoppable energy, commitment towards the platform and her focused vision will definitely lead her to excel in all walks of life. Dedication and passion towards smallest of the small task is in her blood. Self-made, she has been a perfectionist ensuring everything is in a proper place and there is a proper place for everything.

Born in Kanpur, raised in lucknow to a business family shelly has been a bright kid since childhood, after MA in psychology she has been practicing tarot/astro and other occult sciences since 15 years. Proud mother of a law student and doting wife of an industrialist Shelly manages home and hobbies very well. From fitness to kitchen, from style to social life from spiritual to smart you will always find her active and enthusiastic. Her charisma continues and we congratulate her as the title holder of Mrs Universal 3rd Princess – Elegance & ASIA PACIFIC-UNIVERSAL. She is confident and has started working on her life changing journey from a housewife to an Astro numerologist & now to a beauty queen of Asia & world with a purpose.

A role model to every woman in this world. Representing the nation globally and making every Indian smile is her goal now. We wish her all the best for her journey as an international beauty queen -an ambassador of compassion,goodwill, harmony and peace.

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