Laura De Sanctis wins Senorita Panama 2017 (Miss Universe Panama) & Erika Parker – Miss Earth Panama 2017

Laura De Sanctis, a social communication student,  was crowned Senorita Panama 2017 and succeeded last year’s winner and Miss Universe 2016 Top 13 Finalist Keity Drennan as Miss Universe Panama 2017 which was held at the Amador Convention Center, Panama on August 25, 2017. 20 years old, Laura De Sanctis Natera was born and raise in Contadora island. She stands 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in).

Top 5 also included Carolina Castillo (Coclé), Darelys Yahel Santos (Panamá Norte), Erika Parker (Colón) and Titi Del Castillo (Isla Flamenco)

Erika Parker representing Colon was 1st runner-up at the same pageant. She was given the title of Miss Earth Panama 2017. She succeeded Virginia Hernandez as the new Miss Earth Panama and will now travel to the Philippines later this year for Miss Earth 2017 contest.

Erika Parker Miss Earth Panama 2017

Señorita Panamá 2017 the 50th Señorita Panamá pageant selected to the Miss Universe & Miss World. The pageant has been split into two contests this year Señorita Panamá Mundo and Señorita Panamá. This will be held the 2nd edition of the renewed Señorita Panama pageant, after Justine Pasek, Miss Universe 2002, and César Anel Rodríguez were named the new directors of the pageant in Panamá.

Senorita Panama Mundo 2017 was held first this year, where Laura and Erika were the contestants. Interestingly, Laura was 4th runner up at the contest which was won by  Julianne Brittón from Taboga. Erika ended with same 1st runner-up spot.

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