Caique Campos is Mister Grand Brazil 2017

Caique Campos has been chosen as Mister Grand Brazil 2017. He will now compete at Mister Grand International 2017 to be held in Manila, Philippines later this year. He is a model from Goiânia and Professor at RFIT Academia.

Mister Grand International pageant has its identity as a pageant for men who are athletic, requiring skills to be competitive in nature, at any given sports.

The main objective of this contest is to produce a winner with high morale, in the affairs of sports. As citizens of the world, it is high time that we take the lead in becoming a great example in celebrating the beauty of men through sports.

This contest has two main concepts namely: Camaraderie, and Competitiveness. The first edition of Mister Grand International will be held in Manila, Philippines. All contestants from around the world will be fetched at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The contest will have the concept of selected sports activities during the pre- pageant as this pageant mainly focuses on sports.

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