Register for Miss and Mister Glam India 2017

CóutuRóll Fashion Hub – Queens & Crowns is one of India’s leading Pageant Grooming Camp, which helped many girls to fulfill their dreams to be a Beauty Queen and have seen tremendous victories within two years of its establishment.

This Pageant Training School is set up to pass the knowledge onto you and excel in all Beauty Pageants and live modeling competitions. They focus on training girls for Femina Miss India and Miss India Universe.

Manoj has completed Masters in Bioinformatics from Germany joined hands with his friend Sujeesh who was a Fashion Designer and decided to form an institute, which not only guides professional models, but also trains fresher’s who needs basic to professional level grooming.

Both Manoj and Sujeesh, the co-founders of CóutuRóll Fashion Hub Pvt. Ltd. are creative, hardworking, highly talented and ambitious in what ever they do. While Sujeesh is mainly involved in grooming the students, Manoj takes care on photography and all other aspects in guiding them. They had successfully hosted Miss Glam India in the year 2016 and their students have also won several regional, national and international pageants.

Mister and Miss Glam India is a national contest for aspiring models which will give them an opportunity to represent India and fulfill their dreams of being called as India at international beauty pageants.

The pride of being known as Mister Glam India and Miss Glam India, carrying hopes and dreams of a billion people, showing the world the diversity and beauty of India at a global platform. Mister and Miss Glam India is one such perfect opportunity for Indian models to feel all of these and be proud of being an ambassador of India.

The first edition of Mister Glam India will happen by last week of August and second edition of Miss Glam India will happen in 2nd week of September at Bangalore. We will have contestants from all over the country competing for the National Title “Mister Glam India 2017” and “Miss Glam India 2017”. The contest will announce 5 winners who will represent India at International Pageants.

Register Immediately:

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