Sabina Parvez Warjri from Meghalaya to compete at Mrs Universal 2017 in London

Sabina Parvez Warjri from Shillong, Meghalaya, will be representing India at Mrs Universal 2017 to be held from 5th to the 10th of September 2017 in London, England. The beauty queen from Shillong won the title of Mrs India Universal 2017 during a gala of Mrs South Asia India 2017 held on the 25th of April at the National capital New Delhi.

Sabina is an entrepreneur and works for an NGO – Education Funds for Underprivileged Children. This is not the first time, Sabina has won a beauty contest. She has won Meghalaya Fashion Queen 1993 1st Runner Up, Miss Shillong 1994 2nd Runner Up, Miss Shillong 1995 Winner and Miss North East – Top Five Finalist.

As a businesswoman, Sabina also manages The Zara Residency hotel in Shillong. She has two daughters, Zara and Aliyah. She enjoys cooking, gardening and fashion.

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