Opinion: Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017 contestants are beautiful and brave


The Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant org recently drew flak from a lot of netizens regarding the 2017 contestants of their contestants. This might not be how they wanted to start the competition but the organizer have stood by the contestants. Although it’s what an organizer should do as it is their duty to protect their contestants, I am glad to see their commitment.

It’s so alarming to see the kind of criticism they get for this year edition specially towards the contestants. What people don’t know is the amount of hard-work the organizer have put in to make the pageant a success. We need to applaud the contestants for coming this far. There is bound to be criticism in whatever one does but that does not give people the right to shame people.

Photo: Singapore Beauty pageant’s Facebook

Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017 contest just started, we should give the girls a chance to prove themselves and let the best one win. We haven’t even seen their transformation yet which usually happens during their training – pre and post the pageant. It’s very easy to speak our mind and might be easy to remove or delete our comments after sometimes but it’s very difficult to take back the venom one spits on other once it is their on the internet.

Pageants like Miss Universe or Miss World in the past has always look for a girl who conforms to definition of westernised beauty i.e. having a perfect figure, facial beauty, height etc. And countries sending their delegates have always conform to this standard. But the world has become smaller, people are realising the diversity of the world and beauty in each form. With these change, international pageant organizers are also changing their views on the definition of beauty and how their winner should be. As pageants try to be more inclusive rather than exclusive, it is welcoming to know they are changing their formats and selection criteria.

The contestants of Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017 are beautiful and at the same time very brave to come out in public to fulfill their dream of representing Singapore internationally and make their nation proud while they bring out the best in them. They are like us who sees beauty in themselves and confident about themselves that they can do something for their country. They have a goal and purpose. And that’s being beautiful with a purpose and confidently beautiful.

People can write what they want but they should think about themselves before they type in their thoughts. They should think that if they are really beautiful enough to call someone not beautiful enough. Be responsible for what you type. Try to look for beauty beyond what you see in magazines, fashion and movies. And yes do not expect every girl to look like Miss Universe or Miss World winners. Everyone in the world is unique and they have their own worth to prove to the world without conforming to the idea of someone else definition of beauty. Beauty is subjective but there is beauty in everyone of us.

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  1. IMHO, some of them looks a bit too young to participate at a contest this type of exponential level. Maybe 21 years above age should apply.


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