Amiiee Chaudhary Verma is Ms United Nations 2017

In yet another proud moment for India, Amiiee Chaudhary Verma who represent India at the Ms United Nations 2017 pageant won the crown during a gala held at  at Courtleigh Auditorium, 8 St Lucia Avenue, Kingston, Jamaica. The contest took place from July 1-9, 2017 where Jamaica welcome representatives from different country.

At the same pageant, in another categories, Roshni Hassan had won Mrs United Nations 2017 while Neepa Singh won Mrs United Nations Classic 2017. It’s a first of a kind in pageant history where the representatives from one country won all the three crown in a single night. The three Indian beauty queens are also the first Indian to win the crown in each category.

Amiiee Chaudhary Verma is from New Delhi and is a cabin crew at Air India. She is a certified Make-up Freelancer in “Art of Makeup”.

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