5 reason why Sana Dua should represent India at Miss Grand International 2017

Sana Dua from Jammu and Kashmir was 1st runner-up at the 54th Femina Miss India 2017 which was held on on the night of June 25, at Yash Raj Film Studio, Mumbai. She becomes the first from the state to be in the top 3 of Femina Miss India and win 1st runner-up title. Although it is not confirmed whether she will be representing India internationally. It is likely that she will compete in international pageant. But nothing is confirmed yet. Since the last 2 years Femina has changed some of its format and some runner-up did not take part in any international pageant.

With the totally new format and changes in the way Femina Miss India contest conduct ed the pageant, I hope the two runner-up represent India internationally. As for Sana Dua, I hope she gets to compete in Miss Grand International 2017. Here are the reason why she is perfect for Miss Grand International Pageant.

1. “Stop the War and Violence campaign” of Miss Grand International

Sana Dua comes from a trouble area of India which has been going on since ages. The issue of Jammu and Kashmir is an international issue too. As one of the winner of Miss India, she has already brought some happiness among the people of her region. And as a public figure now, she can bring in the issues and sufferings of victims of war. It’s highly appropriate that she can talk about this in Miss Grand International and share with many other contestants coming from war torn countries. A great platform indeed!

2. Her Name i.e. Sana Dua

Her name is interesting and well meaning that shows India’s diversity. Sana Dua comes from one of the minority religion of India i.e. Sikh but her first name – Sana, is Muslim. Although India’s majority of population comes from Hindu religion, the name Sana Dua could be from Muslim and Sikh, but the name represent India’s multi-religion and ethnicity that live in peace and co-exist together.

3. A Law graduate

The beauty queen studied Law from Punjab University in Chandigarh to understand the extent of crime against women. She hopes to create awareness among women about their rights which they might not be aware of as a citizen of the country. On a larger scale, if elected as Miss Grand India, she can bring in her expertise and talk about human rights, international relations and plights of the victims of war and violence.

4. Military background

I don’t need to mentioned further much about her military background. Reigning Miss Grand International Ariska Putri Pertiwi perfectly sums up about coming from a military background during the top 10 of Miss Grand 2016. She said, “War, suffering, death, these are the work that had more than 30 million children victims of war. They suffer as a result of intolerance and wars around the world. I come from a military family. My father is an Indonesian military officer. I have been taught since I was a child that war destroy everything. The victims of war are suffering. Families are separated or killed. They don’t have safe place to live. They have to escape from death. I want to ask you one question “what are we fighting for and why?”. Please, look at them; look at the victims of war and the children. They lost their dreams. We should live in peace. So let’s come together as one in unity. Let’s come together to make this world a better place because I believe, with the heart, sincerity and hand in hand, we can give them hope and with hope and walking together, we can stop the war. So please, stop the war and choose peace.”

5. She is an achiever.

An achievers are those who never give up on their dreams. Though she studied law with a mission to understand human rights, she later took part in beauty pageants which has been her dream. Winning Miss India title was her childhood dream. She has won Femina Style Diva (2016) and was a first runner up at Senorita India 2016.  She was also Campus Princess finalist. With a strong personality and exotic face, the beauty queen from Jammu & Kashmir will surely impressed everyone wherever she goes.

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