Indian and World Pageant favourites for fbb Femina Miss India 2017

This year Femina Miss India 2017 contest is the most exciting edition in recent years. The quality of contestants is amazing. This being the first time, each state is being represented at the national level, the girls are really strong and very competitive. It’s the battle of states. But the irony is that while contestants are enjoying their time and friendly towards each other, it’s the fans that has taken the competition to another level. Verbal competition among the fans between supporters of one region and another region. That’s bound to happen in any contest. Leaving that aside, the 30 beauty queens were taken to Jaipur where they had their photo shoots and Facebook Live events. It gave us a chance to connect to our favourites and get to know them well.

Without explaining further, here are my favourites for fbb Femina Miss India crown. There are five contestants I personally would love to see any one of them win the crown and represent India at Miss World. Rest of the ten contestants are another favourites without any merit or rank. My favourites are based on how I personally felt about the contestants besides their pre-finale activities. Some of them might not be in everyone list or weak according to others but they my favourites and I will cheer for them.

Favourite five for Miss India 2017 crown (in no particular order)

Maharashtra – Aishwarya Devan is true queen in every sense. Her calm personality, poise and looking so ease in front of the camera gives her an aura of Miss India. Thanks to her acting career downside, she is so captivating in pictures and videos. She is one the few contestants who already has the Miss India vibes in her. The only thing I am concern about her is that when she speaks she makes it very short. Would love to see her explaining a little more when she is asked to speak. Maybe a little depth in her speech.


Delhi – Most of the previous winners of Miss India were from Delhi, Maira Choudhary might feel the pressure of being another Delhite to win the crown, but that’s not even visible in her. She is easy going, fun and very likeable. She is intelligent too. She can speak on any subject and win you over. A lot might have issues with her often hinting about her education from Oxford and achievement at Mt. Kilimanjaro, that’s something she has achieve for herself. Sometimes, listening to the fan is important too. She can share her experiences about the journey and the impact of those in her life.


Uttarakhand – A pageant veteran and an engineer, I think Miss Universe will like her. But she is here in Miss India contest. Being a former Miss Delhi and Miss India top 5 finalist and a 4th runner-up at Miss Asia Pacific World 2014, to come back at here speaks how much she prefers Miss India over Miss Diva. After Aishwarya, Anukriti Gussain is another contestant who has a queenly aura. What I really like about her is that she is much more relaxed and confident now. The only thing she needs to improve is how to conclude her speech. She starts off well when she speaks but her endings are inconclusive. Of all the come-backs, Anukriti stands tall.


Haryana – A medical student from Sonepat, Manushi Chhillar might not be the best in terms of styling or having that pre-notion feel of a beauty queen but she has lots of potential to be a winner and with training and grooming, her transformation is going to be mind blowing. Let’s say she is a beautiful princess waiting to be crowned a queen. Remember, there’s a reason why she won Miss Haryana. When she speaks, there’s sincerity and passion. I really like when she said she would like to be known as a Public Health worker than being known a doctor. I hear a genuine in her voice.

Arunachal Pradesh – Lichaa Thosum came to contest relatively unknown and became a favourite of many once the contest started but is still underrated by many. Having seen her video footage of Miss Northeast 2016, I have full faith in her. She is very determined to win the crown not just for the Arunachal but for the entire northeast. I see her passion as her strong point. Being intelligent is her another quality that will get her through to the competition. Many consider North-eastern candidates to be weak in communications (which is a misconception) since they are not seen speaking much or are very soft or low when speaking. If last year winner Priyadarshini from Guwahati wasn’t enough to prove, here’s Licha to prove them wrong.


The Rest of the Favourites 

Uttar Pradesh – The girl who has travel more than 20 countries. It is said that people who travels (including me 😊) are very positive on outlook of life since they are globally and culturally aware which brings a whole lot of another personality in them. Shefali Sood is that person. Her personality shines through the contest. Not sure if she has visited the Latin countries, but she has a Latina vibe in her. Her Indian look with a Latina vibe will appeal to everyone internationally.


Tripura – Everytime, I watch Rinky, it is an absolute joy. She is so fun, bright and always in a happy mood. Her colleague calls her Rockstar. I get it why! She brings so much of positivity not just around her but also to people who are watching her. Definitely the most popular among the contestants. Though she is very determined to win the crown, but she makes the atmosphere very lively. If Miss India was about personality, she is sure shot for the top 5 but she has to prove herself in the top 10 if she makes the cut.


Telangana – Simran Choudhary traveled by car from Hyderabad to Mumbai with her family for Miss India contest. That’s one adventurous family. I love this personality of her. She is charming and sweet. She looks so fresh all the time. But would that be enough?


Punjab – Navpreet Kaur has got the spark and energy to do well in the contest. She was a top five finalist last year. So she has got the experience to help her through but with the change of format this years, and girls from 30 different states equally giving a tough competition, she might have to prove herself because there are many first timers who are exceptionally well.


Jammu and Kashmir – Every time I look at Sana Dua, I am reminded of those strong independent women who stands tall due to their strong personality. And there’s something very mystical about her I think it has to do with her military background where being discipline and hard work are the keys to success. She has already proven that being a lawyer, model and experience in pageant.


Mizoram – Fresh from the success of winning the title of Miss Mizoram, Rody was selected as Femina Miss India Mizoram to compete at Miss India contest. Her popularity increases manifold. Her sweet aura and photogenic face and poise which constantly looks amazing in photos got her all the attention even before the contest started. She just won Miss Popularity and Talent. That’s says a lot about her. She cannot be totally written off even if she is hardly seen during the contest.


Bihar – Priyanka Kumari made it to many sub-contest, and won Miss Goodness Ambassador and Ramp walk. She was also of the finalist of Body Beautiful contest. When you have one of the best body in the contest, won ramp walk contest twice already and is a winner of goodness ambassador, that’s half a battle won and a Queen in the making. I have a strong feeling she will make it to the top 5 because she speaks very well too.


Manipur – Another Miss Northeast 2016 contest winner, Soibam Kanchan has proved herself in this competition. Her transformation from the time she won Femina Miss India Manipur to the present, has been exceptionally amazing. She did mention in one of her interview that she was going to Bangalore for training before going to Mumbai for Miss India contest. Having said all the positive points, I think she needs to express herself more clearly.


Kerala – Tall and beautiful, Mannat Singh is really lovely when she is on camera. In one of the Fb live video, we learn that she is Deepika Padukone of this year batch. That’s when I realised she did have a unmistakable resemblance to Deepika. The aura, grace and elegance were hard to ignore. Despite the similarities, she stands out on her own. And one thing Deepika don’t have but Manna has is that Mannat can speak better than Deepika.


Goa – A pageant veteran, model and tv actress, Audrey D’Silva is well prepared for this contest. Though the camera might not focus much on her, but she has an undeniable presence and she shines when needed. She won Miss Vivacious award, that means she is making all the right move.

Rising on my fav list:

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