Ms and Mrs Earth 2017 winners. India's Paris Keswani bagged 2 awards.

Ms and Mrs Earth 2017 was held from June 8 -12, 2017 at South Point Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. Around 38 women from different countries competed for the title of Ms Earth 2017 and Mrs Earth 2017.

Robyn Morrison-Charlesworth Mrs Earth 2017

In the Mrs Earth category, Robyn Morrison-Charlesworth from UK was crowned Mrs Earth 2017. Last year winner from India, Priyanka Khurana crowned the new winner. Her runners up included, Anu Alex, Suzin Dent and Natalie Judith Martin.

Paris Keswani Mrs India Earth 2017

Anu Alex Mrs Earth International 2017

India’s Paris Keswani won Peoples Choice and Congeniality award. Another Indian, Anu Alex based in the US was crowned Mrs Earth International 2017.

Kristin Chucci Ms Earth 2017

In the Ms Earth category, Kristin Chucci from the US took the Ms. Earth 2017 title. Some of her runners up were Regina Bailey (Ms. Earth International) and Eloise Anima Dickens (Ms Earth World).

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