Face of India 2017: Laveena Keswani and Bharat Sainani to represent India at Asia Model Festival 2017

KFL Face of India, Season 3 was held recently at Coco Sushi Bar, Koregaon Park, Pune, Manharashtra. The contest was held to select India’s representative for Asia Model Festival 2017.  Out of the 29 participants, Laveena Keswani from Pune emerged as the winner in female category while Bharat Sainani from Jaipur was declared the winner in male category. They both will represent India at the Asia Model Festival 2017, which will take place from June 22 to June 24 at Jangchung Gymnasium, South Korea. The international event will have more than 27 countries participating in the contest.

Face of India 2017: Laveena Keswani and Bharat Sainani

Laveena Keswani has already won pageants before. She was the winner of Miss Citadel Pune 2015, Max Miss Fashion Icon Pune 2016 and the eventual winner of the Max Miss Fashion Icon 2016. Bharat Sainani is a software developer, model and actor. He was the top 16 finalist of Peter England Mr India 2016

At the same event, Sagar Arora and Pearl Almeida were declared the first runners up and Rohit Nair and Manali Mohite were the second runners up.

Face of India 2017 first runner-up – Pearl Almeida and Sagar Arora

Face of India 2017 second runner -up – Manali Mohite and Rohit Nair

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