Beauty With a Purpose continues in California, USA

Continuing the legacy of Beauty with a purpose project, Miss World 2016 Stephanie Del Valle and Miss World CEO Julia Morley were recently at the Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California. The pier at the seaside was a venue for the annual Water Buffalo Club sponsored event – a charity event that helps children in their fund raising cause. One such charity at the annual Water Buffalo Club is Chance for Children.

The reigning Miss World and CEO of Miss World joined 100 children for the event at the seaside. Santa Monica Pier was the location chosen for the annual Water Buffalo Club sponsored event.

Christmas in June was the theme of The Water Buffalo Club event as the children enjoyed their first ever visit to the seaside with free access to the beach amusement park and aquarium. One of the highlights for the kids was the introduction to the reptiles program which brought them in to contact with snakes, frogs and things that slither.
But when it was time to choose volunteer” to hold an eight foot python – the kids elected Miss World – Stephanie!

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“My heart was racing for the first few seconds but the snake was really cool and I really enjoyed learning with the kids about the reptiles. The experience has greatly benefited these children.” said Stephanie.

Miss World CEO Julia Morley praised Chance for Children and The Water Buffalo Club for their outstanding work: “You are providing at risk youth who are facing difficulties the opportunity for a brighter future and encouraging their communities to support them. What a wonderful program.”

Chance for Children Executive Director and Co Founder Tai Collins – former Miss Virginia USA , summed up the mood of the day: “The kids have had their first seaside experience. For some of them it will be life changing. We would like to thank all the members of the Water Buffalo Club for making this such a memorable day and a big thank you to Julia Morley and the Miss World Organisation for coming to support our children.”

Stephanie and Julia also team up with MLMP (My Life My Power) and the Los Angeles Police Department during their visit to the 4 day visit to California. They were introduced to Newton Community Police Station by sergeant Heidi Stocklein before being taken on a tour of the police station. LAPD is a part of a mentor program to support disadvantaged kids in a unique after school program.

After the tour, they met kids as they arrived for their mentor-classes. The children shared their visions for the future with Stephanie, Sergeant Stocklein and MLMP CEO, Daniel Puder (who founded the mentor program).

Source: Miss World


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