Indian and World Pageant Favourites for Mister Global 2017

With just one day left for Tomas Martinka to pass on the title and responsibility of being Mister Global, 30 handsome global men are hoping to be crowned by Tomas. The contestants are busy touring, attending charity events and activities in and around Chiang Mai, Thailand, only one of them will become Mister Global 2017 and make Thailand his second home.

As usual, Indian and World pageant had come up with its exclusive favourites for the title. Since its inception, the Mister Global title hasn’t gone beyound Asia and Europe. While it is believed that it might finally go to a new continent through Brazil’s Pedro Gicca or South Africa’s Gerrie Havenga, but there some strong contenders from Asia and Europe too. Vietnam could get its second Mister Global title or England’s Christopher Bramell might just win it and keep the title in Europe for one more year. Here are the favourites of Indian and World pageant;

The top 16:

10. India – Srikant Dwivedi

9. Korea – Sujae Yoo

8. Thailand – Nontakorn Amput

7. Puerto Rico – Joshua D Rojas Rivera

6. Czech Republic – Tomas Dvorak

5. Chile – Fabian Vera

4. England – Christopher Bramell

3. South Africa – Gerrie Havenga

2. Vietnam – Thuận Nguyễn

1. Brazil – Pedro Gicca



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