Deshauna Barber and Kara McCullough set a shining example through their hair.

Miss USA 2017 might have created history for District of Columbia for a back to back victory or it might have hinted how the contest is changing under its new owner, IMG. The finale could have been controversial one but the new winner and the outgoing queen made a night more remarkable by being true to themselves.

Breaking the tradition of wearing straight hair or voluminous and  bouncy hair, both beauty queens, Kara McCullough and Deshauna Barber sport their curly natural hair all for a good reason. Kara throughout the competition chose to wear her natural hair without going any hair makeover and Deshauna for her last walk chose to wear her natural to pay tribute to her mother.

Speaking to Refinery29 for an interview, Miss USA 2017, Kara,  explained the reason for sporting her natural hair and how important it was for her to do that. She said, “I decided to embrace what makes me feel comfortable and what makes me feel the best and brightest on stage, but also embrace what other people can relate to,” “That typical, traditional sleek hair with a big tease, not to say it’s gone out the window, but it’s transitioning a lot.”

“When I choose to wear my hair curly, I was afraid.  I didn’t know if people were going to accept it…if anyone was going to be receptive to it at all.”

Deshauna had mentioned before the finale of Miss USA 2017 that she will be wearing her natural hair. On the final night of Miss USA, she sported a new look. It was her hair that made the difference. Deshauna sported her hair naturally in afro.

Deshauna Barber lost her mother to cancer just three months after she was crowned Miss USA 2016. Coinciding with Mother’s day, the first lieutenant in the Army Reserves honored her mother in a way that everyone loved and felt the emotion. She came on stage in a bright yellow gown and wearing her hair in afro as tribute to her mother, who also had an afro.

Both Kara and Deshuana are strong women and achievers in their own field. They truly represent strong independent women. And this steps of theirs to wear their natural hair will inspire girls to be themselves and be proud of their culture and ethnicity. And to be true to themselves. This a perfect example of being “Confidently Beautiful’.”

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