Indian and World Pageant Favourite Seven of Mister Global 2017 in Formal Wear Photo shoot.

A day after releasing official swimwear pictures of contestants, Mister Global has released official pictures of the 30 contestants in formal wear. They all look amazing and dapper in in dark suit. Some manage to stand out as usual. After a hard time trying to select the best from the best, here are the seven contestants in formal wear photo shoot. who are the favourites of Indian and World pageant.

Brazil – Pedro Gicca

England – Christopher Bramell

Korea – Sujae Yoo

Puerto Rico – Joshua Rojas Rivera

South Africa – Gerrie Havenga

Tajikistan – Azizdzhon Mirzoev

Vietnam – Thuận Nguyễn

Check out the rest of the handsome contestants in their formal wear.

Picture Credits: Mister Global Org.


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