Indian & World Pageant top 10 Favourites of Miss USA 2017

The finale of Miss USA 2017 is just one day away. 51 states representative have done their best to stand out from each other. But only one will be crowned Miss USA and will represent USA in Miss Universe 2017 pageant to be held later this year.

I have made up a list of my favourites for the crown. Since, this year there will be only top 10, I have picked my 10 favourite contestants. After the prelims competition, there weren’t much changes to the list except for a couple of delegates. Here are the favourties.

The possible top 10 finalists: Virginia,  North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Utah and Colorado

10. New York – Hannah Lopa
09. District of Colombia – Kara McColluogh

08. Hawaii – Julie Kuo
07. Alabama – Baylee Smith
06. New Jersey – Chhavi Verg
05. Georgia – DeAnna Johnson
04. Massachusetts – Julia Scaparotti
03. South Carolina – Megan Gordon
02. Nevada – Lauren York
01. California – India Williams

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