Plutarco Antonio Ruiz convicted of the murder of Miss World Honduras 2014 Maria Jose Alvarado and her sister Sofia Trinidad Alvarado

34-year-old Plutarco Antonio Ruiz – the man who killed Miss World Honduras 2014 Maria Jose Alvarado and her sister, his girlfriend Sofia Trinidad Alvarado has been found guilty of double murder by a Jury in Honduras.

According to the investigators, Ruiz killed his 23-year-old girlfriend after seeing her dance with someone else at the party, and then turned the weapon onto her 19-year old sister.

Plutarco Antonio Ruiz shot the two women multiple times, before burying their bodies on a river bank with the help of accomplices in November 2014. It took six days to find the sisters since they were first reported missing after attending Ruiz’s birthday party.

The hearing of Ruiz’s sentence is expected on June 2, 2017. The sentence could carry 20 years in jail for Maria’s murder and up to 40 years in jail for murdering Sofia, as her killing was recognized as a femicide, a hate crime involving the intentional murder of a woman on account of her gender, which carries a heavier sentence.

This news was one of the saddest news in the world of pageants. The shocking news of Maria and her sister dead united many fans from across the world and gave their tributes.

During Miss World 2014 pageant, first Sunday of the contest was marked by the “Service of World Unity, Love, Thanksgiving, and Remembrance”, in tribute to Maria Jose Alvarado, murdered with her sister days before the start of Miss World 2014.

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Source: Newsweek.

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