First Mister Grand Philippines winner Joshua Reginald Banatin has a touching story to tell

Joshua Reginald Banatin, was the first winner of Mister Grand Philippines title in the 8th edition of Mister Philippines last Friday, April 7 2017.

He is 22 years old from Laguna and currently a graduating tourism student at the Laguna State Polytechnic University- Los Banos, and the reigning Ginoong Laguna. Joshua has been joining pageants as a way for him to continue and sustain his studies that started during his first years in college when he represented their school in an inter- collegiate competition, and in return his school had granted him the scholarship he needed.

Life has been difficult to Joshua. During 2013 and 2014 his mom diagnosed with ovarian cyst while his cousin diagnosed with brain tumor. Both needed an operation that left them with debts. But the shocking truth, this cousin being mentioned was all along his half- sister. All the while, his parents made him believed that they adopted his cousin after her mom died many years ago. His mom made the confession on his 18th birthday.

About Mister Grand International:
Being one of the newest international male pageants in the world, the 2017 edition of Mister Grand International will be held in Manila, Philippines on October 8, 2017. Joshua will be competing along with more than 60 contestants from different countries around the world.

Mister Grand International has its identity as a pageant for men who are athletic, requiring skills to be competitive in nature, at any given sports. Camaraderie and Competitiveness are the main slogan for this pageant which will cover different sports activities during the pre- pageants well as the traditional Formal Interview, Swimwear Competition, and Formal Wear

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