12 photos that prove Debojit Bhattacharya is the most charming Mr India ever!

Debojit Bhattacharya, the guy who conquered several hearts recently when he won the Rubaru Mister India Grand International 2017 title is a quintessential example of good-looks and magnetic persona. This very handsome Assam boy can make a million heads turn with his heavenly smile and his hypnotic eyes. His well-sculpted physique and perfectly-chiselled face are totally impossible to ignore. His charm and aura are par excellence and can make anyone fall in love with him.

Debojit attained the limelight for his very beautiful deep black eyes that convey a thousand emotions in just a second and for his extremely good-looking face that has a very dazzling and spell-binding smile. If someone wants to know how a perfect Indian man would look like then he/she can simply look at Debojit, he is perfect in every aspect.

Soon, a new chapter of his life will begin as he is all set to make his motherland proud at the international arena in the Philippines at the inaugural edition of Mister Grand International contest. Here are some of his pictures after looking which you will also believe in the fact that Debojit is indeed the best looking and most charming Mr India ever to be elected in the history of Indian pageantry.

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