Aditi Govitrikar – Doctor, Model, Actress and the first Indian to win Mrs World crown.

Aditi Govitrikar, former Gladrags Supermodel and the once hot face of COKE made her debut in movies with the thriller “Soch”. A regular on the ramp and in music videos and ads, this green eyed, leggy beauty is a doctor, and the mother of 2 kids. Aditi was Mrs. World 2001, her contest name being Dr Sarah Muffazal Lakdawala.

Aditi started her career rather quietly. A shy and hesitant medical student who had to convince her parents that she is capable of winning Gladrags Supermodel Contest. Prodded on by her boyfriend (now ex husband) she decided to take part in the contest and went on to win the title. Subsequently she was voted the ´Best Face´ and the ´Best Body´ at the Asian Supermodel Contest in Singapore in 1997.

When Aditi Govitrikar won the Mrs World crown she had a two year old daughter. For Aditi the Mrs World title was not the first title that she had won. It was her ex-husband who urged her to take up modeling and the blue-eyed Aditi grabbed several lucrative modeling assignments that made her a household name.

At the Mrs. World 2001 contest she was asked, “What’s unique about you?”And she replied “I would like to describe in three perspectives. For the world, I am a doctor and a model. For India, I am one of the few ones with light eyes. And for my family, I am the only one who has bungee jumped!” This answer got her the crown becoming the first from India. She had already won Best in Swimwear in Mrs World 2001 contest.

When Aditi Govitrikar won the Mrs World pageant in 2001 she became the fourth Indian to win the title. Modelling assignments were not too difficult and she had done numerous ads and music videos, but fame came in only after the Coco-Cola add with Hrithik Roshan which made her everyone´s dream belle. Coca-Cola apart, hers was also the fresh face one spotted in advertisements for a Ponds product, Rexona and Margo soaps, Dabur Vatika, Clinic All Clear, BPL washing machine… the list is endless. Aditi has also acted in music videos with Govinda, Vikas Bhalla and Anu Malik.


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