Robby Voets is the new Mister Belgian 2017

The new Mister Belgian Style 2017 – Robby Voets

Shortly after winning Mister Belgian Style 2017, Robbe Steenssens resigned as Mister Belgian Style 2017 citing “recent changes” in his personal life and busy schedule.

Left – Right: 1st runner-up Andreas Bogaerts and 2nd runner-up Ken Van Acker

First runner-up Robby Voets was elected as the new Mister Belgian 2017 taking over the title and responsibilities. Along with the change in the  main winner, runners up were also changed. Andreas Bogaerts was announced ad 1st runner up while Ken Van Acker as 2nd runner up.

It is not confirmed whether Robby will compete at Mister International 2017.



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