Mr Real Universe 2016 and Mr Galan International 2017

Juan Pablo Dinho from Uruguay won the title of Mr Real Universe 2016 over United States and Puerto Rico who finished at second and third place respectively . He also won the “best body” award.

The Mr. Real Universe event was due to take place in Miami in October 2016, but due to  Hurricane Matthew, the final contest was shifted to March 5th in Lima.

Mr Real Universe 2016 Juan Pablo Dinho

In the event, the Uruguayan Juan Pablo Dinho was crowned as winner, succeeding the Chilean Cristóbal Álvarez Leiva. He was chosen as the winner among candidates from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Gibraltar, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Ukraine and the United States.

Mr Galan International 2017

For the first time, Mr. Galan International 2017 was held simultaneously  with Mr Real Universe 2016 at the same event where Jomar Velez Rodriguez  from Puerto Rico was declared the first winner of Mr Galan International. Portugal was adjudged 1st Runner Up while Peru took the 2nd Runner Up title.  In all, 8 candidates took part in the first Mr Galan International contest.

Mr Galan International 2017 Jomar Vélez Rodríguez

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