And the winner of I&WP 2016's Best Gown is Miss Universe Thailand Chalita Suansane


So many exceptional gowns with glitters and gold. Some a masterpiece with heavy embroidery and prints, some with feathers like a swan, some with lots of beads that shined like the queen wearing them and some in a simple plain colour. Of all the gown we saw in 2016’s beauty pageants, someone managed to outshine the rest and she stood there like the rest didn’t really matter because the moment was about her. She took that moment and made her own. Everyone were awestruck by her sheer beauty and the strong presence she had on stage. And that’s Miss Universe Thailand 2016 Chalita Suansane.


Chalita wore an incredible black gown that look plain simple for a moment. But what makes this gown brilliant? It is those amazing beads on the gown and layer of fabric over her sleeve that bared her midriff. What’s even more impressive about this gown is a take on how a traditional dress can be beautifully turn into a modern day gown. Everything about this gown was perfect and combination of every adjective that fits together so well. It was simple yet sexy at the same time. It was very traditional but modern.


Chalita was totally a Diva on her own rights. She owned the stage and the dress. The way in which she came on stage and exuded her soft demeanor, subtlety showing her fierce side, she was more than just a beauty queen.


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