I&WP 2016's Country of the Year is Philippines!

Philippines Flag

If there is any country that deserved to be on top is the Philippines. Not because they did so well in 2016 but because they send the best of the best representative. The amount of hard-work and training they put in to get the result is worth commendable and following. Despite the intense pressure, their representative would always remain calm and composed besides being so graceful. In 2015, Indian and World Pageant had Philippines as it’s first Country of the Year and this year too Philippines is ready to continue its achievements and take the Country of the year award for the second time. Though there were countries that gave Philippines a tough fight for the spot, this is Philippines moment. We’ll not talk about others but only Philippines. Its representatives placed in all the major beauty contest having won the Miss International title and becoming the sixth Filipino to conquered this crown, came 2nd in Miss Grand International, finalists in both Miss World and Miss Universe, and a quarter-finalist in Miss Supranational.

Maria Maxine Medina – Miss Universe 2016 Top 6

Maria Maxine Medina Top 6

Catriona Elisa Gray – Miss World 2016 Top 5 

Catriona Elisa Gray Top 5

Kylie Verzosa – Miss International 2016

Kylie Verzosa

Nicole Cordoves – Miss Grand International 2016 1st runner-up


Joanna Eden – Miss Supranational 2016 Top 20


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