Indian and World Pageant Readers choice for Mr International 2016 is Mr India Mudit Malhotra


Indian and World pageant readers have chosen their favourites and their choice for Mister International 2016 is India’s bet Mudit Malhotra. Mudit is clearly a huge favourite for the title and he has gained lots of attention from international fans too. This charming and sexy model from India is trying his best to win the contest which will make him the first from India to win Mister International. Will he bring home the title tomorrow? Only time will tell.

Giving him a tough competition is Paul Iskandar from Lebanon whose popularity has immensely increased ever since he landed in Thailand. He is second in the list of Indian and World Pageant readers’ choice for the title. Russia’s Emilio Fayzulini is third, Philippines’s  Miguel Guia is fourth in the list while Indonesia’s Richard Liem is fifth.


Will the winner comes from one these handsome man? There’s a strong possibility of that. Good Luck to all the contestants and special thanks to everyone who voted.

Here’s the result of Readers’ top 5 :


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